Thursday, July 16, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 17th


Happy Birthday today July 17th

Happy 34th to actor Brando Eaton!

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Eaton with Seann William Scott in Balls Out, Gary The Tennis Couch (2009)

Christmas in July: Liam Payne

Why, given it's July, is Liam Payne wearing a Santa hat in the shot above...  Well, I began this post on the former One Direction member two years ago as December 25th was approaching.  I put it off as I kept finding new images of Luis that I loved.

I finally had to stop!  Between his underwear campaign, and posting hot image of his butt crack, I would have never finished if I waited for Luis to stop posting hot images.  I finally went back in the blog and inserted the piece, featuring some of my favorite shots.  Check it out HERE:

Blast From The Past: Rick Moses

William R. Moses

'Were you aware of his HOT older brother Rick?!! He was definitely a junior high lustful crush I had even though I never actually got to watch his show "Young Dan'L Boone"!!'

I've had a crush on William R. (Billy) Moses since seeing him in 1988's Mystic Pizza.  I've also caught some old episodes of Falcon Crest on DVD, especially Billy's shirtless scenes.  I wasn't aware however of his 'hot' older brother, until a FH readers sent me a message with the quote I posted about.

Great genes obviously were passed down from Billy and Rick's father, executive Richard Cantrell Moses, Sr. and their actress mother Marian McCargo.  Billy and Rick also have two other brothers, Graham, a composer and Harry.  Harry, who most closely resembles Billy is also an actor but has also recently become a minister.

Rick, the oldest of the four brothers, got his start on stage in the late 60's.  By the time the 70's came around, Rick was appearing on television on shows including; Room 222,  The F.B.I and Mission Impossible.  Most television watchers at the time, know Rick from his stints on General Hospital, and in the short lived CBS series Young Dan'l Boone.

Young Dan'l Boone

I'm too young to remember ever seeing Rick on TV, but there are a ton of clips form his television appearances on YouTube.  He was obviously big for a short amount of time, as he has many fans, especially from his work in Young Dan'l Boone.  Moses basically left acting after his turn on General Hospital, but has recorded several albums, and one of his songs, If I Could Just Fall in Love, was a huge hit in Germany.

General Hosptial

Unchapped: Riley by JW Johnson


Well hung
To most people: An oft-made claim by gentlemen.
To a farmer: Meat that has been hung and left to mature after an animal is slaughtered.