Monday, July 20, 2009

New Face of the Day: Danny Michael

23 year old model Danny Michael was born in Kansas and then Lived in Germany for 15 years. Danny then spent some time in New York before settling in Florida. Both photographers featured in this post, Mark Chin-Sang and Studio R9 Tampa have that Florida feel with the sun, water and brightness which suits Danny well.

First 6 images in this section by Mark Chin-Sang (MiamiPhotoGuy). Mark has been featured on the DNA Website, if you search you can see more of his great work. Mark has shot some of the hottest guys in the business including Michael Fitt, Michael Churchill and Philip Fusco.

Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 160 lbs
Shoe size: 10.5
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Hazel
Skin color: White
Experience: Some Experience

Below: Danny by Studio R9 Tampa

Import Of The Day: Manuel Broekman

You must agree 22 year old Dutch actor and model Manuel Broekman is a hottie! He is also a very talented actor. After working on a few television series (Dylan in 'Voetbalvrouwen' and Floris in 'Sprint') has been working in features since his first starring role in a the short film 'Los' in 2007. Broekman started his acting career at the age of 15 in the critically acclaimed series "Onderweg naar morgen", about a lesbian couple.

I could not find a site for Manuel, but I did find his page at Group Models which you can find HERE:

hair: hazel
eyes: blue
height: 6'1''½
bust: 38''
waist: 31''
hips: 38''½
shoes: 9½-10
jacket: 38
ethnic: european

Manuel in 'Voetbalvrouwen'. Dutch version of "Soccer wives" follows several hot footballers of Heros, an Amsterdam top team and their family lives

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 20th

Another great shot from Tony Gibble.

Happy Birthday Today July 20th to:

Happy Birthday today July 20th to:

Model Dado Dolabella turns 29 today.

Rugby's Cedric Heymans turns 31 today.

Still one of my favorites from American Idol, Elliot Yamin turns 31 today.

Race Car driver Alex Yoong turns 33 today.

Simon Rex turns 34 today.

Josh Holloway turns 40 today.

Porky's 'Pee Wee' Dan Monahan turns 54 today.

Stage Hunk of the Day: Bryce Ryness

Even with co-stars Gavin Creel and Will Swenson in the cast, my favorite guy from Broadway's 'Hair' has got to be Actor and Musician Bryce Ryness. Firstly, he is magical on stage, with a killer grin and talent that has you watching him even when he is not front and center. Bryce has been seen on Broadway in 'Legally Blonde', 'On The Town' and toured with 'Rent'. Bryce is also the lead singer and guitarist with the New York based group RYNESS (see more below). You can check out more of Bryce at his Myspace page HERE:

Below: Bryce as Woof in 'Hair'

Great Interview ith Bryce courtesy of found HERE:

Age: 28
Hometown: Danville, California
Currently: Singing of the joys of “Sodomy” and nursing a crush on Mick Jagger as Woof, the soulful hippie in the hit Broadway revival of Hair.

All-American Boy: Growing up in Northern California, young Bryce concentrated on athletics. “If I wasn’t playing baseball, I was playing soccer,” he says, beginning a litany. “If I wasn’t playing soccer, I was playing basketball. And if I wasn’t playing basketball, I was practicing baseball again. I loved sports, to the point that in my senior year I was a starter on the water polo team.” Everything changed when an errant pitch fractured Ryness’ thumb, dashing his hopes of winning a spot on one of the University of Southern California’s world-class teams. “That’s when singing and artistic endeavors took a greater presence in my life.”

College Sweethearts: While earning a business degree in entrepreneurial studies at USC, Ryness joined a campus a cappella group called the SoCal VoCals. In his junior year, he took a musical theater workshop alongside a freshman lyric soprano named Meredith Anderson. “She got up and sang and I thought, ‘Hel-LO!’ and I got up and sang and she thought, ‘Hel-LO! Who is this?’” he recalls with a laugh. By the following semester they were dating, and they’ve been married since 2005. Next up: parenthood, with an August 31 due date. “We hypothesize that the baby is a girl because my brother has two girls, but we want to be surprised,” he says.

The Musical Man: After graduation, Ryness joined a singing group at Disney’s California Adventure theme park and provided backup vocals for the likes of Josh Groban and Roger Daltrey at the Hollywood Bowl. His first paying job in a musical? “The illustrious 2004 production of Annie at the La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts,” he quips. “I was the third guy from the left.” A year and a half later, just as he’d been tapped to join a company of Blue Man Group, he won the role of Roger in the Rent national tour. “That was a big break and came at a huge career crossroads,” he says now. Newlyweds at the time, he and Meredith agreed to figure out a way to see each other at least every three weeks, “and if either of us called and said, ‘I need you right now,’ we would do it. We only utilized that trump card once.”

Blonde Ambition: Another break came when Ryness, now living in New York and struggling to make ends meet, auditioned for the ensemble role of Aaron in Legally Blonde on Broadway. “Meredith and I were in a financial place where we were literally on our knees praying to God, ‘If you want us to stay here, you’ve got to give us a sign.’ Within a week of that prayer, I booked my first Broadway show.” Around the same time, Ryness formed an eponymous rock group, which has booked a gig at Joe's Pub on July 20, his night off from Hair. Though he loves the band, it's taken a backseat to Broadway for now. “The business administration side of my brain says, ‘The music industry is in shambles,’” he admits, “so I’m writing songs and we’re recording, but we’re doing it in our spare time.”

Hair! Hair! Hair! Tracing Hair’s journey from a weekend of concerts in 2007 to Central Park in 2008 to a triumphant Broadway opening in March 2009 (and a Drama Desk Award nomination for his performance), Ryness says, “I feel like the show has grown and matured in a very methodical way. I have to give so much credit to [casting directors] Jordan [Thaler] and Heidi [Griffiths] because they were able to assemble a real tribe—interesting people who could sing—rather than looking for ‘names.’” The camaraderie continues the Al Hirschfeld Theatre, thanks to the diversity of the cast: “On Saturday night, you could ask, ‘Where’s everybody going?’ [after the show] and get 26 different answers, from ‘I’m deejaying a gig’ to ‘I’m going to an art gallery,’” Ryness marvels. “Friendships have formed, but not in a Mean Girls way. It’s a very inclusive cast.”

Take It Off: We’ve gotta ask about the nudity in Hair, right? Ryness takes a spiritual view: “Ever since I got married, I haven’t had a problem being naked in public because the one person I actually care about seeing me naked, my wife, has seen me.” Because of the communal nature of the production, disrobing is just one element of what Ryness calls an ongoing “dialogue with the audience.” He explains, “It’s like having a conversation, and although the nudity is comfortable for me, it never gets rote. It’s always a balancing act to find the best way to do it so it’s not exploitive or pornographic or overly confident on the one side, and not sheepish or cowardly or with any trace of shame on the other side.” In the end, he says, “The richest moment in the show is one of the simplest: when I turn to the audience and say, ‘I love you.’”

Below: Bryce with RYNESS

From the official RYNESS website found HERE:

RYNESS is a 5-piece New York City-based rock outfit striving to connect with the transcendent in Music, Passion, and Spirit. Formed in the later part of 2007 the band is led by singer and guitarist Bryce Ryness whose diverse musical background spurs on the equally manifold talents of lead guitarist Jeff Washburn, drummer Robin Lai, bassist Jae Ko, and keyboardist Ben Roseberry.

Focussing on the transcendent in everyday life in the City, RYNESS writes songs that focus on the tension between good & evil, love & lust, pain & ecstasy, heaven & hell. Harkening back to the days of Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, and U2, RYNESS' live show is not to be missed; full of passion, excitement, and energy, each song takes on it's own shamanistic movement brought forth by a new light in the darkness- RYNESS.

Their first studio album, A FIRE IN THE NIGHT, was released May 18th. Additionally, the band released a live album in 2008 recorded at the world-renowned Joe's Pub.