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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 8th

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Happy Birthday today October 8th

Happy 67th today to Michael Dudikoff

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All About Alessandro

I'm not sure what she was thinking!  On a recent episode of Naked Attraction Italia, the female contestant had 5 hot men to choose from.  Although they all were great looking, for me, it as all about about 22 year old Alessandro.  He came in second, but he was #1 in my books. 

Admittedly I couldn't understand a word he was saying, but I still enjoyed hearing him speak.  Even with the volume off, Alessandro could speak volumes with that beautiful face and smile.  His beautiful body wasn't so bad either....  I couldn't find a last name, which meant finding him on social media was impossible, if anyone knows, shoot me a line!

Horror Hunks: Christian Mousel in Dead Boyz Don't Scream

'Male Models should be seen... and not heard.'

The Country's top male models are turning up naked and dead during a cowboy mountain photo shoot.  No, its not a Playgirl shoot gone awry--- it's Dead Boyz Don't Scream, the latest movie from the producer of Leather Jacket Love StoryDead Boyz Don't Scream is literally crammed with top models and centerfolds from the pages of Playgirl and Men's Workout.

Behind the Scenes

Get ready for gratuitous nudity, politically incorrect violence, and token lesbians and guns.  Watch as fearless agent Tess Oster and her forest-ranger girlfriend Belle Van Dyke struggle to stop the hot-model slaughter before there are no models left to photograph!  You'll never believe how dark the dark side of male modeling really is.  Gore never looked so good!

Early in FH's run, way back in 2007, I first featured some caps from Dead Boyz Don't Scream. (HERE:)  At the time, the focus was Playgirl model and centerfold Reid Hutchins who co-starred in the softcore slasher flick. The red-headed Reid was a favorite of mine when I first flipped through the pages of Playgirl magazine as a kid, and wanted to see more after seeing caps from his shower scene in the film.

'We need a fluffer out here.'

When I did that piece back in 2007, I hadn't seen the movie though, just images and a few clips from the film.  Recently, I decided that with Halloween approaching, it was time to give it a closer look. The film is bad, I mean really but, story and acting wise, but bad in a very good way.  The film featured almost a half a dozen male models, all fully and gratuitously naked  in the film.  My favorite, Playgirl model Christian Mousel.

Christian Mousel plays... well Christian in the film.  Not sure if that was an accident, or an easy way to get the beautiful Mousel to know when his character was supposed to say lines.  I don't mean to insult Mousel, I enjoyed him immensely in the role, but he is not a great actor.  Not that the script required a skilled thespian to run around naked in the silly scenarios.  The silly scenarios are though, a big part of the fun!

One of my favorite scenes is near the end and involves a completely naked Christian running away to escape.  He ends up, who knows why, jumping into a vehicle, only to then, try to jump out.  When he tries to get out the back, the window pins him in leaving his beautiful naked butt fully on display and open and ready for anything the killer might have in mind....

The film is indeed silly, but also a lot of fun.  As someone who's not especially into hard porn, I love a softcore flick where there's plenty of male flesh on display.  I really wish there more films like this, softcore flicks with the men in focus.  It was also a great way for  Playgirl to promote many of its cover-boys and centerfolds. 

Specking of Playgirl, if you want to check out some of my favorite shots from Christian's Playgirl shots, head on over to the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Let's Shoot It! Taylor by Campbell Photography

'Taylor is one of a handful of models that is so laid back and go with the flow he's just fun to shoot with.'

I'm always on the hunt for great models and artists to feature, and love discovering eye-catching images that inspire.  I didn't exactly find the work of Campbell Photography, it was more a gift that found me.  Thanks to a follower on Instagram, who sent on a few the photographers images, I headed directly to photographer Bryan Campbell's site to see more. 

I was instantly drawn to how the Alabama based photographer framed and lit his subjects. I liked to dramatic feel to the way Bryan captured the men in front of his lens.  Through his use of light, color the focus was is solely on the model's physique, and heir statuesque and classic poses.  I was also attracted to the beautiful selection of hot men Bryan had shot for his site.

I had so many favorites in fact, it was hard to narrow down just one model to focus on.  That took care of itself when I saw a couple of shots of Taylor that Bryan had posted on his Twitter.  Taylor was wearing a cowboy hat in the shots, an in addition to his beautiful body, I loved how the hat really focused attention on his beautiful face and facial structure.

Bryan's artistry at capturing the male form comes from years of experience.  He got stated in photography working at a printing company.  At the time, they were working on a sports magazine and due to the small size of the company, everyone had to go out and shoot games in order to ensure all of the teams were covered.

'Sportraits got me into playing with light and seeing just how many ways you could light a subject from there and many free shoots later the most fun interesting thing to shoot was the male form guys are never worried about make-up, hair and all the other bs you get with girls, they just want to look "swole or buff" as possible and my lighting style does just that.'

You can both see and feel Bryan's experience with Sportraits in his work with Taylor.  Bryan shares that Taylor was both a football and baseball jock in high school, so it totally made sense to shoot him in football and baseball gear.

'Taylor is one of a handful of models that is so laid back and go with the flow he's just fun to shoot with. Some models won't do some poses but Taylor is a model that could care less and just has a "let's shoot it" attitude. Taylor was an instant hit with the fans along with his handsome looks and well rather large.... cock & balls! '

Although many photographers of the male form have gone OnlyFans route, Bryan has chosen to set up a subscription area on his site in order for those who enjoy his imagery to support both his work and the models he works with.  Although he shares he's certainly not getting rich from it, it does allow him to put some cash back into his art, and offer his models a little extra income.  There are three different levels of membership which includes soft work images all the way up to erections and videos.  The VIP membership is a bit higher in order for Bryan to pay the models who do video work a little extra.