Thursday, September 8, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 9th

Jason by Shax Carter
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Taking One for the Team:

 His team may have lost, but a few spectators certainly won

Comp Beast!

The last few years, I've started Big Brother each summer, but usually stopped about mid-July.  This year, I stuck with it mostly due to houseguest Michael Bruner.  I don't usually get invested in gay reality contestants, especially on Big Brother, they're casting decisions are often questionable usually lean towards stereotypes.

Big Brother doesn't have a great history with LGBTQ houseguest, with casting or with editing.  They virtually ignore their only gay winner, Andy Herren, and I don't believe have ever brought him back.  Yet... there are some others, (Jeff anyone???) with a history of homophobic comments, who've been brought back multiple times. 

I think Michael might just break their poor track record.  They would be foolish not to bring him back for an All Stars Season, or hook him up with Taylor for The Amazing Race.  Michael is a comp beast, breaking 16 year old competition records and currently holds the record for most vetos won in a single season.

I didn't pay much attention to Michael at the beginning of the season, I was too busy crushing over Pooch and Kyle.  I even did a piece earlier in the summer on ole  Pooch. (HERE:)  But.. Pooch left early and if you watched the show, you know what happened with Kyle...   I do think Turner's adorable, and Joseph and Monte are hot, but each made some questionable game moves that made it hard for me to really route for them.

Michael's personality and comp wins made him the one to watch, and made him hotter and hotter as the season progressed.  I was really hoping for a Taylor and Michael final two.  There are many Taylor fans who were hoping for Michael to leave, and last night they got their wish.  I love me some Taylor as well, but as good a player as she is, it can't be denied that Michael's wins have helped her get where she is in the game.

With Michael gone, I'll be routing for Taylor, but a Brittany or Alyssa win wouldn't bother me.  Brittany worked her tail off for Michael and Alyssa, she hasn't done much other than have sex with Kyle, but if she slides into the final 2 next to Turner or Monte, I'd give her the cash.  I'll miss Michael, and given the show is only on a few more weeks, will most likely just read the message boards until the final.  Look forward to seeing more of Michael in the future!

FaVorites: Ramon


Dirty Blond: Jason by Shax Carter

For this shoot, photographer Shax Carter began the shoot in an outdoor location, contrasting Jason's beauty with natural beauty and colors around him.  For the remainder of the shoot, they shot inside and utilized the natural light at the side of the bed.

Artistic Origins: 
I became interested in filmmaking at an early age and when I was 10, I started making short little films with my friends. This led to taking photography and journalism classes in high school, and in college I majored in motion picture production, with a minor in photography/photojournalism.

First Models:
I often used my roommates/friends as subjects for lighting/photography, which led to doing nudes as well. We were friends and comfortable around each other so the nudity was fun and never awkward. Something I still do to this day when photographing a new model nude is to create a bond/friendship with them before shooting to hopefully relax and let them feel completely comfortable.. 

Remote Locations:
A few weeks ago I did a shoot with a model at a location that was so remote, (no cell signal or wireless) that every time the model and I went into town to get food or supplies, we got lost while returning, and had to drive around aimlessly until we found the location again - to the point that it became a joke haha. While there, we were frequently interrupted by local wildlife, including deer, and even enormous snapping turtles, but thankfully no bear! 

As with their first shoot, I love the mood and atmosphere Shax created, aided by the light and muted colors and sensual poses Jason creates.  I also loved, also featured in their first creative collaboration, that Shax ensures to focus on Jason's beautiful back and backside.  

I love Jason's the sprawling branches on Jason's back tattoo and how they spread from the middle of his back outwards.  I equally enjoyed the beautifully overt eroticism with Jason's sprawling poses and the spreading his legs in the last few poses.