Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Model of the Day LEO D

Ok this post has been long in coming. I hate just posting pictures without knowing a bit about the model and photographer. I saw some pictures of Leo a year or so ago and saved them but had no way to identify his name or the photographer. That was until last week when I saw that strong, sexy face again, this time photographed by Rick Day. Rick had the pic labeled Leo for Genre magazine and off I went to research. Leo, is Leo D who I think was at Nous for a time and Major Models, but now is represented by Front Model Management. From what I could gather Leo might also have worked as a fire fighter, but since his career took off has been working steadily modeling, including a editorial in Vouge. I have read Leo is a favorite of the clients he works with.

Marlon Bolton, formerly with Front Management says "Leo is a charmer, and clients adore him, take notice, He is a Star in the making."

Leo is certainly someone who needs some attention. Although I am sure many of you have seen his pics, you, like me might not have been able to identify this amazing guy!

Height: 6' 2"
Waist: 31"
Shoes: 11
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Suit: 41"
Suit Length: L
Shirt: 15.5"
Inseam: 33"

Leo D Polaroids

Leo by Rick Day

Got to thank Rick Day (I actually thank Rick Day almost daily!) for finally helping me to find out Leo's name. It was some of his shots that finally helped me with his identification. Rick has photographed Leo for a number of projects including his appearances in Genre and Pref Mag.

Leo for BUTCH, Spring-Summer 2007

Leo and model Felipe Von Borstel for Butch, Spring-Summer 2007 Butch: Website: Facebook Page:
Photography: Dean Isidro

Thanks to Dean Isidro for assistance with this post!

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 28th

T.J. Wilk by the great Bruce Weber.

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One of the hottest guys in the Australian rugby league, Nick Youngquest turns 26 today.

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