Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 20th

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Seasonal Sightings

Bells on bob tail ring

Instagrams that Inspire: Donta Norman

'Why Not Laugh About It?'

Many FH readers might remember Donta Norman from my 2015 feature on his modeling work. (Putting On His Best Smile) Like most of us, Donta is on social media, but unlike many models, his main focus for his Youtube and Instagram page is not to promote his modeling work. Donta uses his Model Mayhem as the main showcase for his modeling work, saving his other social media pages for more personal focus.

As we all know, news and politics has funnelled it's way into every aspect of media, especially on the net. I don't follow stump in the White House on Twitter, and get annoyed when others that I follow re-tweet his crap. I try schedule when I am going to focus on the 'real world', and hate when it bleeds into the time I want to escape and focus on more pleasant and worthy subjects. I avoid friends on social media whose pages have turned into places which only regurgitate the latest headlines.

Donta too was also looking to create a place, a safe space where talented human beings don't have to worry about racism and hate, being judged or ridiculed. Donta's Black & White themed Instagram is a place for smiles, his Youtube, a place for laughs. No hate, no politics, no putting others down. Although we can't totally escape the realities of the world, in order to stay mentally healthy, we certainly need as many breaks and vacations as we can possibly get!

Erotically Seductive: Shawn Andrews by Stephen Kahrs

'Shawn's greatest feature, hands down, are his eyes. Light blue and erotically seductive, Shawn's eyes seem to draw you into his deep erotic fantasies.'

The purpose of great art is to communicate. To provoke an emotional reaction from the viewer. When it comes to imagery focused male form, there is also a second, but equally important goal. if the viewer feels a connection to the model, to the image and artist's work, an added bonus occurs when the viewer's reaction is not only emotional, but physical as well.

I have been featuring the work of Connecticut photographer Stephen Kahrs since first discovering his imagery in 2012. In the over two dozen pieces we have worked on together, the focus has varied. Stephen has shot a lot of models looking to break into the industry with fitness and fashion as the focus. Every so often though, Stephen works with a model whose goal is to provoke desire, erotically seducing the viewer with both their eyes and their body. As Stephen noted, model Shawn Andrews has the eyes down pat, but he also has the most seductive way of posing and the incredible curves he creates with his body. With Shawn, it is not as much about how much you see, but how much you want to.

I first noticed Shawn's eyes, and his curves, back when I spotted his images on model Mayhem and featured his work on FH in 2015. (Only Young Once) Stephen too noticed Shawn on model Mayhem and luckily, happened to live close to where Stephen lives and works. Stephen reports that Shawn was receptive to working together and they were able to easily schedule a shoot. Stephen was unaware of Shawn's work in the adult film industry when he first contacted him, but Shawn's experience and professionalism made him a natural in front of the camera, allowing Stephen to capture some beautifully risqué and iconic images.

'Having experience in the porn industry as well as experience dancing, Shawn was a natural in front of the camera and helped create an amazing body of seductive images that should make any gay man immediately grab themselves in pleasure. His eyes, along with his boy toy looks and charm will seduce many a daddy into a self satisfying moment!

12 Days: Sam Page in Mr. Christmas

The first time I took notice of actor Sam Page was back during his time playing the perfectly named character 'Stone Cold Fox Boy' on the show Popular. Although he was shirtless, and wet from the shower, Sam's winning smile is most definitely one of his sexiest features. Sam's talent and smile went on to appear in film and on television in shows which included; Desperate Housewives, Greek, American Dreams, Mad Men and Switched At Birth.

This year, Sam took on the role of Tom in Mr. Christmas (The Perfect Christmas Present) To be honest, it was Sam's presence that had me tune in, but the movie and story wasn't strong enough to hold my interest all the way through. It did inspire me however, to hunt down some shots of Sam for a 12 Days piece. While looking for images, I was surprised to learn Sam appeared in The Brotherhood, by David DeCoteau, a director known for shedding the clothes off the actors he casts.

It is not surprising, Sam's role in The Brotherhood is not widely known. First off, the movie's initial title was 'I've Been Watching You'. Secondly, Sam was credited as Nathan Watkins for the film. Although DeCoteau did eventually show a bit of nudity, The Brotherhood was filmed during the time they were still trying to market his films to a mainstream audience, hiding the fact they were aimed mostly for a gay audience by adding one female cast member, and featuring her on the movie's DVD cover. Sam did however, have a 'brief' homoerotic scene in his white boxer briefs.

The only other skin scene I could find was his role in the 2006 TV movie 'Filthy Gorgeous'. I tried all my usual haunts to find a copy of the film, to download or buy, but without any luck. Thankfully, my go to site for clips, Scenes of Male Skins, had a clip, a piece of which I included below. The clip is longer on the site, but I like the scene with Isabella Rossellini giving Sam the 'once over', taking a peek down his undies, then determining he badly needed a little ass waxing.

Popular (1996)

The Client List (2012)

Filthy Gorgeous (2006)

Clip from Scenes from Male Skin

The Brotherhood (2001)