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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 3rd

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Happy Birthday today April 3rd

Happy 38th to actor Matthew Goode!

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April Showers

Rick Wolfmier

Let It Rain

The Domino's Effect: Matt by Male Model Photography

'Matt arrived at our shoot with a leather harness, which he was anxious to wear, along with his black briefs. It was clear we were going to have a fun session.'

One of my favorite parts of working on FH is getting meet and enjoy, the incredible variety of different men who work in front of and behind the camera. There are many stereotypes about the type of men who shoot the male form, and the men who bare all to be photographed.  Since starting FH over nine years ago, I continued to be surprised at how diverse and unique the men who create the images I feature truly are.

One of the reasons story is so important to me, is to ensure each person I feature, whether in front of, or behind the camera, is seen as a unique human being, not just a body, or the combination of body parts.  Since first featuring the work of Hugh, the man behind Male Model Photography last year, the Florida photographer has introduced FH readers to a variety of different men including Dusty, a worker in a gourmet pet/gift store and Mike, the sexy anesthesiologist.

Today, Hugh generously shares his work with Matt, a man whose job, has been a part of many people's fantasy's.  Many photographers and film makers have created a variety of sexy scenario's involving someone opening their door, and finding a hot hunk like Matt delivering the pizza they had ordered.  The story usually ends the same way, with that pizza, usually warm or most likely cold, by the time it finally gets eaten.

'I saw Matt on-line and was taken by his clean cut good looks. His profile pic stood out from the usual.  I reached out to him with my usual offer - 'I do male model photography. I'd love to photograph your handsome face.  Not a scam, not porn, a legitimate offer. I'll give you the pics for free.'

With a bit of research, Hugh found out that Matt worked at the Domino's Pizza close to where he lived.  Although Hugh didn't order a 16 inch pie, he did set up a time to get together with Matt for a shoot.  Hugh shares that Matt was very comfortable in front of the camera which made it easier for him to attend to the technical details of lighting, exposure and focus.  They started, as Hugh usually likes to, with just some close up headshots.

'I believe Matt had done some other modeling in the past, which put us both at a great advantage. He knew how to address the camera, which poses put him in the best light, and what made him look good. Since I work in a makeshift studio in my garage, when it came to props, I just used whatever I found on the walls - a step ladder, extension cords, tool belt, heavy chain, tools. Matt was very comfortable with the props - and with being naked.'

One of this things that drew me to Hugh's work with Matt was the erotic sensuality in many of the images and poses captured.  Matt exudes a sweltering and sultry vibe through his beautiful eyes and way in which he positions his body beside, and with the props that Hugh provided.  I especially love the images that Hugh captured of Matt leaning seductively on the stool.  The combination of his body position and facial expression is incredibly sexy and effective.

Hugh says that he used the simplest of lighting;, and in a few shots, just a bare bulb for some side lighting.  I've learned that you don't have to have a lot of money invested in tons of equipment to get a good shot.  For Hugh, his work with Matt was both fun and successful resulting in some incredible images.  Matt has since moved Florida, and Hugh is glad that he 'snagged' a shoot with pizza driver while he was still doing most of his delivering within his neighbourhood.

Matt too, equally enjoyed the experience and his work with Hugh.  Matt describes the shoot as seamless and not a bit awkward or forced.  He also shares that their collaboration resulted in images that have become his favorites, and the best images that he has seen taken of himself.

'Hugh just knew how I should pose, and the pics, as you can see, came out great!'

Blast From The Past: The Eighties

I am not sure how many of you watched CNN's The Eighties on Thursday, but for me, it was the ultimate blast of my eighties past. I watched much of the television that influenced my early life in the eighties, and entered my teen years about the time the 80's were ending. It was still a time of 3 networks and for most of it, our house was still without a VCR. Although we ended up buying one, after much begging and pleading of our parents, it was a Betamax, and a machine I wasn't even allowed to touch until the 90's rolled around.

I have written a few times about my affinity for the prime time soap Dallas. I didn't really watch it so much in the 80's, but I have intensely emotional memories of watching my parents watch the show. Friday nights were really the only night, they both sat down and watched television. I remember at first, I was ushered off to bed before the show started at 9pm, but after a few years was able to stay up and watch with my parents.

I didn't actually watch the series, this time paying attention, until years later when it aired on the old The Nashville Network (TNN) and subsequently on DVD.  The show, though dated, it a great window to the greed of the 80's and the first six or seven seasons were fun to re-watch.  I loved me some Sue Ellen and Lucy Ewing and the many men who went in and out of their.... lives.  One of Lucy's main loves was Mitch, played by the talented and beautifully blonde, Leigh McCloskey.

Mr. Lucy Ewing on Dallas (1980)

Mitch didn't stay on the show too long, maybe because Leigh didn't always fit in with the rest of the cast.  I am sure he got along ok with them, but the actor and artist always seemed a little too serious for all the silliness that surrounded him.  With CNN's The Eighties, and it's focus on Dallas, and television of the decade, in it's first episode, I thought April might be a good time to look back at some of those 80's hunks who introduced me to the wonderful world of men.

Battle of the Network Stars

Leigh & Gregory Harrison

Cruising on The Love Boat with James McNichol and William R. Moses

Leigh's only nude scene, mooning with Matt McCoy in Fraternity Vacation (1985)