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Happy Birthday today October 3rd

Happy 20th to actor Aramis Knight!

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Boy on the Side

Classic Soap Star: Tom Eplin

'We know how far he'll go for money... But how far will he go for love?'

I've previously written how 'Another World' was my introduction to soaps, and soap hunks.  The NBC drama was my mother's 'show', and I would watch it, (often without really watching) with my mother after school most days.  Without evening paying attention, I knew the Hudson's, Love's and Cory's and continued to watch on and off even after my mother stopped making it a daily event.

My interest in the show ended pretty much when Anne Heche left the show in the early 90's. I loved Heche's turn as twins Vicky and Marley, and had little to no interest in watching her replacement, or the show, once Heche headed to Hollywood.  Those last few years however, both twins were wrapped in various romances and relationships, most notably with Jake McKinnon.

Tom Eplin played Jake, the bad boy of Bay City who's unhealthy relationships with both twins was a central part of the show when I watched.  I wasn't so much in lust with Jake, or Tom, (Ryan on the other hand...) but was in awe of Eplin's incredible talent.  Eplin was acting powerhouse and like Heche, I was sure he was headed for stardom beyond the afternoon hours.

It didn't happen, but not due to a lack of talent, besides a brief turn as Jake on another soap, Eplin's acting career seemed to have puttered out after Another World was cancelled.  I don't wish for one minute that I had the internet when I was a kid, but I do wish there were more of Eplin on the net.  Given most people at the time taped the show on VHS, there are very few great caps of the various hot scenes Jake was involved in.

Eplin & Anne Heche

Eplin & Ellen Wheeler

FaVorite FiVe: Cole Etgen

-FaVorite FiVE-

Height: 6'2"
Waist: 28"
Inseam: 32"
Shoe: 9.5"