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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 6th

Deano by Chris Teel
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Happy Birthday today January 6th

What a difference a few years make!
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We Were On A Break!

I am sort of regretting all my posts over the last several weeks declaring my love for snow. Whenever a celebrity chooses to publicly bestows their love for another by jumping on couches or announcing how happy they are on the cover of People Magazine, you know they are just setting themselves up for a fall.

I have fallen... After having to shovel about a half a dozen times the last couple of days and literally falling on my ass in the grocery store parking lot this afternoon I am officially on a break from the white stuff! I am sure, given the depth of my love for the stuff, it will not last long, but for now I am off the powder!

Partners: Deano by Chris Teel

It is interesting to me how certain words take on different meanings depending time, circumstance and where you are in life. When I was a kid, partner only had one meaning to me.  The only thing I connected to the word was that of two people bonded together in some sort of business relationship.

I remember distinctly when I first heard the word used to describe one's significant other. It was the early 90's, I was about 14 or 15, on what was one of the last camping trips I ever took with my family. We went tenting pretty much every summer, usually with another, or several other families or relatives.  This ended when my siblings and I were old enough to rebel and refuse to continue to go.  On one of the last trips, we were all sitting around the fire and a female friend of my mothers referred to someones husband as their partner. Once the word was uttered, a slew of giggles followed, not just from every child, but as well from a few of the adult males within the group.

What followed the giggle was a lecture, one that annoyed most everyone, but impacted me greatly. Although I too 'acted' annoyed, when my mother's friend scolded the group about our laughing, she went on to inform us how 'partner' was a respectful way of identifying a significant other of any sex or of any sexual orientation.  It was a powerful moment that hit me hard. I think it was the first time in my entire life that I heard someone connect someone who was gay with a term that was anywhere close to being respectful.

Since that day, my feelings toward the word have been mixed. In many ways it is great to have a word that can describe someon, that is not based on gender or sexual orientation.  Like many words however, it's overuse can become annoying and it's power or meaning become less effective. Time has also brought more acceptance, and using partner today can almost be a bit insulting.  Why wouldn't a man call his partner boyfriend or husband if  married.  And of course when not in a relationship, any word to describe a significant other can become gag worthy.

At its core, without other meanings thrust upon it, the word partner indicates a connection.  A bond with someone who shares a common interest and works along side you in achieving a common goal. During the course of working on FH, I have been a bit blog tramp, working with multiple partners to bring readers the best images of the male form I can find. I can't name them all, but there are a handful of incredible artists who have routinely partnered with me and shared their work and stories.

One of the first photographers who I began working with on a regular basis was Toronto's Chris Teel. 2013 marks the 5th year FH has worked with Chris, showcasing his images in well over 50 features over those past 5 years. Beginning with model Sergio Hiram and continuing with dozens of other models and dozens of shoots through last weeks pieces with Claudiu and today's with Deano. I look forward to many more incredible collaborations and a second Model Search which we will hopefully be unavailing soon!

Chris Teel On ModelMayhem

Marco-Paulo: Inspirer

Over the years on FH I have profiled and written about many male models. I have also attempted to examine dissect the different types of models including those with a focus on fashion, commercial models and models who serve as inspiration for works of art. Most recently I have profiled several artists who use the human form not to sell something, but as a source of creative inspiration.

Although all models may be capable of eliciting certain reactions from others, the ability to stimulate, arouse or promote an interest in a product, not all models are able to actually inspire. There are many models, fitness models in particular, who attempt to gain a following by inspiring others in fulfilling their own fitness goals. Although many of them may have the body, or look that others strive for, not all have the talent, knowledge or passion to skillfully act as an agent for change.

All of the models in this feature have appeared and be written about on FH. Each of them for different reasons caused me to pause, even if for just a moment, when viewing their work, and take some time to find out a little more about them. Some are well known fashion models, some are Playgirl models and some are new models, dancers or singers looking to find a foothold within the business. They have all also acted as an inspirer for French artist Marco-Paulo.

Paris artist Marco-Paulo describes himself as an infographist. He has presented his drawings and paintings in various exhibitions and has used his talents in the creation of CD and book covers, illustrations for games, tarot cards and website design. Marco-Paulo likes to use different techniques to mix traditional drawings, pastels, watercolors and acrylic paintings with design and photoshop effects.

Although the artist began drawing at about the same time he could talk, when he got older it was psychology that became the focus of his studies at La Sorbonne in Paris. Not fully content, after graduation, he was was again drawn back to illustration and the creative expression it allowed. Through his drawings, Marco-Paulo was able to combine his love of art, incredibly beautiful men along with aspects of psychology by creating pieces which capture not only the physical beauty, but the emotional core of his subjects as well.

It is fascinating to me how the artist's focus is both the visual and the psychological . Psychology is the study of human behavior and aesthetics, also a scientific term, stems from a branch of philosophy dealing with the nature of art, taste and the appreciation of beauty. On their own they can be quite powerful, but not especially inspirer worthy, unless blended skillfully together.

Marco-Paulo on ModelMayhem
Marco-Paulo on tumblr