Sunday, June 14, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 15th

Charles by Revolt Visuals

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The Hot Seat

Couch Cushions

A Crack in the Couch

Classic Playgirl: Jamie Bales

Playgirl: Jamie Bales
Man of the Month: April 1994
Playgirl's Most Wanted Man
Photography by Greg Weiner

Jamie, a 24-year-old maintenance worker confesses that it was his girlfriend's idea for him to enter our manhunt. She heard about the contest, he relates with a laugh. 'and she said, 'Go for it, so I did!' The 5'10", blue-eyed heartthrob says that he couldn't have been more surprised-or more pleased= that he did.'

Yon González in Mentiras y gordas

'A group of boys prepares for what is going to be the summer of their life, between secrets, lies, flirting, sex, confusion and revelry. Most are not aware that once this initiatory journey has been undertaken, there is no going back and that lying, as it grows, can have dire consequences.'

Although there have been some powerful American gay themed films, my introduction to gay cinema, and some of my favorites, were usually foreign films.   In part, when Blockbuster was around, they were easier to find.  The foreign section often had more gay themed flicks than the entire rest of the store.

They were also 'safer' to rent, especially when still in the closet, or when living in a small rural town.  Although I'm sure the salesperson behind the desk knew, with the title not in English, one could pretend they were renting high brown foreign fare like 'Pride and Prejudice' .  Even Golpealo en el trasero (Bang him in the Butt) sounds classier in Spanish...

Although I have no issue with sub-titles, I don't think I used, nor needed them when I first saw 2009's Mentiras y gordas .(Sex, Party and Lies)  The visuals were so beautiful, and told the story so well, I understood exactly what was happening, without fully understanding the specific words.  I should watch again however, with the subtitles, but the main cast are completely watchable whether they're on or off.

Although Yon's frontal was certainly a highlight, my favorite nude scene of Yon's from the film was the scene below.  I loved how while having sex, even when interrupted by two of his friends with questions, Yon's character Rico, never misses a beat, and continues on as if his friends interruption was no big deal.  All in a days work...

Of course the threesome scene was a highlight, and a turning point in the relationship between Tony and Rico.  Although the female may have been the intended focus, when Tony and Rico's lips come together, everything stops, and everything changes.