Saturday, November 3, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 3rd

Above: Have you experienced Direct Desire recently?
If not head on over to The Direct Desire Project Now!

Happy Birthday today November 3rd

Happy 55th to Dolph Lundgren.

Check out more of today's birthday boys HERE:

Congratulations to Jamie Bell & Even Rachel Wood

Congratulations to two of my favorite, not to mention two of the coolest actors working today, Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood. The wedding, conducted by Evan's father, the wonderful Ira David Wood was held this past Tuesday in California. Best Wishes Always!

Kudos to Days Of Our Lives

Although it took the daytime drama awhile to get Will out of the closet, they are not backing down. Will and Sonny's scenes are romantic, full of touching and kissing and incredibly hot!

The eXcess Factor

I have sort of half watched the audition phase of season 2 of The X factor. Season 1 was a hot mess but was I curious to see what Season 2 might bring forth.

Simon Cowell obviously had his finger on the pulse on what America wanted to watch 10 years ago but he has obviously lost touch. The start of the live shows this week proved it was not Steve Jones or Paula Abdule that were the problem, it was Simon. Maybe it was partly Sandy's wrath, but The X Factor learned nothing from it's ratings struggles last season. It remains a loud, overly produced mess of excess noise, excess dancers, excess costumes, excess stage lighting, excess pushing of drama and look over talent. Mario Lopez and especially Khloe Kardashian just highlight the desperation to make this mess a success. It was an easy decision to remove this 3 hour waste of time off my DVR list.