Friday, August 27, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 27th

Not sure these glasses will stop any passes...
Great new shot of Chris Durrant whom I profiled earlier this week!

Magazine Cover of the Year: Nick Ayler by Richard Gerst


I say the year, but this shot, the cover of the new DNA might be the shot of the Decade!!!

Photographer Richard Gerst has outdone himself with his recent work with FH favorite Nick Ayler. Richard has Officially declared this Nick Ayler Weekend so be sure to celebrate by picking up your copy of DNA!

Be sure as well to head over to Class Your Man and give Nick a little love by voting for him. Nick is currently in 5th place, but it should not take long, especially with the DNA cover, for him to shoot to the top!

Flashback of the Day: Dayton Schlosser

The shot below of model Dayton Schlosser is one of my all time favorite photos. Given the attention this shot received, Dayton did not appear to model extensively beyond his work with Abercrombie and Fitch. There was his spread in Out Magazine and a few other campaigns but most of the talk about Dayton at the time was his being an English teacher and how his modeling work would effect his ability to be taken seriously in front of a classroom.

According to Dayton's friend Meg, Dayton left teaching and currently works in MA as a graphic designer. Whatever he is doing, Dayton and his modeling had an impact on my early days surfing the net with his incredible face and body. You can check out more shots of Dayton at my previous post HERE:

Glee: Season 2

The Emmy Awards which air this Sunday are the official start of the new tv season. Not sure about the rest of you but this summer flew by quicker than any I remember. I do love the fall, but as I am still on vacation am not quite ready for summer to end just yet.

Besides the cool weather I am looking forward to new episodes of some of my favorite shows, especially Glee. Here are the cast putting together the official cast shots for season 2.

Season 2 of Glee premiers September 21, 2010 on Fox.

Heather Morris and Mike O'Malley become series regulars.