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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 17th

Kenny by TR Pics
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Happy Saint Patrick's Day! ☘️

☘️ Happy Saint Patrick's Day! ☘️

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Magically Delicious!:ūüé© Kenny by TR Pics

'May the leprechauns dance on your bed and bring you sweet dreams.'

Earlier this month, I introduced FH readers to the enchanting and sexy Kenny., and his work with Tom from TR Pics. (Using What Was Given) Whether in character and a costume, or in nothing at all, Kenny loves to embrace his time in front of the camera, and have fun with whatever he's doing.  Kenny certainly seems to enjoy getting his green on, and then of course, getting it off!

Cole Wagner: Bein’ Green

'It's not easy bein' green 
It seems you blend in 
With so many other ordinary things'

It was Kermit the Frog who said it's not that easy Bein' Green.  Given he's a frog, he been garbed in green since he was just a wee tadpole.  Poor Kermit bemoaned being the same color as leaves, tree's and other ordinary things.  In the end however, he remembered that green was also the color spring, and that so many people look forward to the leaves and tree's turning a brilliant green each year, in many places, beginning around St. Patrick's Day.

It's also not easy bein' green when the green is military green, and you have to wear it every day for work.  That's one of the reasons model Cole Wagner loves to model on his off time, channeling his creative compulsions into his work.  FH readers got to know Cole when I previously featured his work with RMark Photography. (HERE:)  

For St. Patrick's Day, Cole got creative with his military green, shooting these self portraits to celebrate the color of spring, and the color of St Paddy's Day!  Cole also has his own connections to the holiday, including the Irish necklace he's wearing in the black and white image at the top of the post.

'The necklace was given to me by my wife. The necklace has two symbols, one on each side. This side in the photo is the Tree of Life, a universal symbol in Irish culture. The other side is the Wolf Fenrir. It represents the Nordic faith. My annual St. Patty’s Day film is The Departed. A common tradition is I will make an Irish stew with Cajun fusion to add extra flavor. Back in the day, I used to down a decent number of boiler makers in one setting, but I enjoy my beer in moderation these days.'

Cooks Photography: Giorraíonn Beirt Bóthar

'Two Shorten the Road'

Two shorten the road is common meaning of the old Irish proverb, Giorra√≠onn Beirt B√≥thar. The direct translation of the words are 'beirt' meaning 'two people' and 'b√≥thar' meaning 'cow path'.  The phrase embodies the sentiment that as long as you have someone by your side, any journey taken will be easier when there are two people on the path together.

Thankfully, today most of us are now walking down paved roads, and not dodging and weaving in order to avoid cow shit on muddy path.  The sentiment applies regardless, especially on holidays.  Although St. Paddy's Day isn't as family focused as some other holidays, in Ireland it is a national and cultural holiday focused on the feast of St. Patrick.  No one wants to sit down to 'feast' alone, especially a meal of corn beef and cabbage.

Although we weren't Irish, my mother used to cook corn beef and cabbage on March 17th when I was growing up.  When I got older I grew to enjoy, (tolerate) the meal on occasion, but I certainly didn't like it as a kid. I was happy to have my dog sitting on the floor beside me, on the path with me, to eat most of the food that I quietly slipped him.

For this St. Patrick's Day inspired shoot, Hal from Cooks Photography brought together Michael and Tracy.   Tracy is the model with body art, and Michael, despite my close inspection, appears not to have any tattoos on any visible body part.  I saved an image of Michael and Tracy awhile ago, and Hal kindly sent on the rest of the shoot for me to share on this St. Paddy's Day.  

I loved the sense of erotic touch, and the poses Michael and Tracy created.  It reminded me of the old FH proverb that, no matter how hard you try, it's difficult to tickle oneself.  Although self pleasure is wonderful, it's pretty much impossible to trick our own mind.  When we touch ourselves, all of the sensations are completely predictable.  It's pretty hard to surprise our own genitals with a sneak attack from our own hand.  Since our minds can't as easily predict the behavior of another set of hands, the sensation, and therefore the road, is often more erotic.