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Favorite Pic of the Day for December 16th

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Happy Birthday today December 16th

Happy 52nd to actor Daniel Cosgrove!

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All My Children

Van Wilder (2002)

Baby Blue & Winter White

Some of you may remember Cody from my previous piece featuring the Toronto model and dancers work with Chris Teel. (HERE:)  It was obviously much warmer on the day Chris shot Cody as he was out on his balcony wearing little to nothing as the sun shown through the patio doors.

Cody's not wearing a whole lot more in these images he shot himself just this week.  After I saw one on Cody's Instagram, I quickly got in touch and Cody generously sent on a few more from his snowy shoot.

12 Days: Mykelti Williamson in The Holiday Stocking

'New angel R.J. returns to earth as a stranger and has the chance to help his sisters to reconcile, something he didn't accomplish in his lifetime.'

Hallmark recently debuted their new Mahogany banner, a new brand of films and television shows with the first being the Christmas themed, The Holiday Stocking.  After seeing that one of it's stars was actor Mykelti Williamson I quickly set the the DVR.   

When I was growing up in the 80's and 90's, it seemed almost every second movie that I either saw at the theatre, or we rented to watch at home, featured Mykelti.  Some of his most well known films from the time include; Waiting to Exhale, Con Air, Wildcats Primary Colors, Heat and the Free Willy movies.  Of course he is probably best know as Tom Hanks best friend Bubba in 1994's Forrest Gump.

Wildcats (1986)

I enjoyed The Holiday Stocking, but unfortunately, the credits were a bit misleading.  Mykelti really only had a cameo in the film, with only a few scenes, most at the beginning.  His character Robert has recently died, but has some unfinished business before he can walk through Heaven's pearly gates.  For that Robert needs an Angel his family doesn't recognize, so the Angel RJ is played is by actor B.J Britt.

Forrest Gump

'Hey Forrest, there's something I've been thinking about, I got a very important question to ask you, how would you like to go into the shrimping business with me?'
Bubba Blue

Despite not seeing a whole of Mykelti in the film, it did have me looking to see if he'd ever shown any skin on screen.  I believe his only nude scene was his butt baring scene in 1996's Soul of the Game.  Although it's his one and only nude scene, with his magnificent backside, it's certainly a memorable one!

Soul of the Game (1996)

Wintre's Eve: Nico by JDT Photography

'What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.'
 John Steinbeck

According to the calendar, winter is still a few days away, but for many of us, it's arrival was both unwanted and early. In many areas, especially in the central and eastern parts of the country, the long, warmer than normal fall, transitioned a few weeks ago., In it's place, heavy winds, rain and snow followed, forcing a quick Autumn exit. 

Before the season officially changes, and location photographers head indoors, I wanted one more taste of Autumn, one last set of visual with crisp fall leaves and one last gasp of green.  I couldn't think of a better series to close out the season than this beautiful series of Nico by Jesse from JDT PHOTO. 

Of all the photographers whose studio is the great outdoors, Jesse is one of my favorites. I'm sure most FH readers are familiar with the work of JDT Photo as I often feature his incredible visual to celebrate and kick off th start of many seasons. (HERE:)  Today however, Jesse's images of Nico are all about celebrating Autumn's End. 

Given that Jesse shoots primarily outdoors, he doesn't really shoot much in the winter.  Based in Georgia, Jesse's natural outdoor studio is mostly dead during the winter with brown being the primary color.  Given he heads into the woods for most of shoots, Jesse does the majority of his shoots in the three more bright and vibrant seasons. 

Some of you might recognize the striking Nico Coopa from his film work with Next Door Studios.  As challenging as adult film work can sometimes be, filming is a picnic compared to sliding naked into a cold creek on a chilly Autumn day.  Nico took it all in stride though, and as you can see the cold water didn't do anything to diminish his energy and enthusiasm.