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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 13th

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It's all fun and games until someone gets arrested...  Yes, this incident is almost 10 years old, but serves as a cautionary tale that in the digital age, images of one's flopping willy can last forever.

This particular streak took place during an NFL preseason game with the Lions vs the Browns.  Anthony Saveriano, a Cleveland Browns fan, made his way onto the field and yanked down his drawers.  He was soon regretting his moment of exposure when he was arrested, and charged with criminal trespass.

The judge fined the then 20 year old, banned him from the First Energy Stadium for life, and sentenced him to 40 hours of trash collecting for tailgaters at four football games.  He also had to write a letter of apology, however I'm not sure to who as most in the stadium seemed to find the incident more humorous than upsetting.

If you have a Youtube account, you can watch a video (age-restricted) HERE:

Horror Hunks: Michael Blodgett in The Velvet Vampire

She's Waiting to Love You... to Death

This post was inspired by TCM and comedian Mario Cantone.  I love me a little Mario, and the brilliant comedian was gracious enough to take part in a little interview in the site's early days. (HERE:)  I tend to watch TCM in waves and really haven't watched much the last several months.  I tuned in again recently, to catch Mario on Monday nights Horror film marathon which is running the entire month of October. 

Although 1971's The Velvet Vampire didn't air on a Monday, watching had me looking, and setting recordings for other horror movies I thought I might like.   I LOVED The Velvet Vampire, not because it was so great, but because it introduced me one of the hottest studs from the seventies, actor Michael Blodgett.  

FH readers know I love 70's cinema, it's horror films, it's softcore flicks and all of those favorite hunks from the 70's.   Blodgett is the ultimate seventies hottie to me with his great body, handsome face and especially his floppy head of hair.  Not sure why guys from the 1970's turn m on so much, but from movies to models and Playgirl hunks, so many of my favorites come from the 70's/

In The Velvet Vampire, Blodgett plays Lee Ritter, a married man who attracts the eye of the mysterious Diane LeFanu. (Celeste Yarnall)  Diane invites Lee and his wife Susan, (Sherry Miles) to spend the weekend with her in her secluded desert estate.

The young couple however, are unaware that Diane is in reality a centuries-old vampire, but soon realize that they are both objects of the pale temptress's seductions.  The 1971 film, directed by Stephanie Rothman has been describes as an  intriguing slab of erotic vampire horror.  

The movie was not an instant hit however, with audiences thinking there wasn't enough horror, nor enough skin to be a considered an exploitation film. It has since become a cult hit, showing up at festivals and film retrospectives. 

Although there wasn't a lot of nudity in the film, there were a few scenes, some in Diane's dreams, featuring Blodgett's beautiful butt.   Enough, to leave me wanting to see more of the hot young actor.  Researching Blodgett was a lot of fun, especially due to his eclectic film resume.  You can download the scene above on SendSpace HERE:

The Velvet Vampire wasn't the only film in which the actor is lusted over and chased by another character. In at least two cases that I found, Blodgett is obsessed over (and tied up) by two rather unique male characters, one being his prison guard.  Check out those scenes, one a nude scene and one with Blodgett in a pair of leopard skin briefs on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

On the Day of the Shoot: Chris by Unlimited Male

'The outfit in this set was actually what Chris wore on the day of the shoot. We just started out with that and went from there.'

When the focus is on the nude male form, it often doesn't matter what a model chooses to wear on the day of the  photo shoot.  With some shoots, and some photographers, fashion is immaterial, and whatever clothing the model arrived wearing, are quickly stripped off and put on a chair or scattered on the floor.

With many photographers however,  most of their shoots begin with the model's clothing on.  In some shoots, the wardrobe is supplied, but in many cases, the model is asked to bring their most comfortable, or favorite pieces of clothing.  Many photographers have shared they like to begin their shoots with the model clothed.  A rapport can be built and a trust established before the clothing comes off.

Personally, I love when photographers include clothing in their shoots.  I like the contrast of seeing a model both dressed and undressed.   I also love a good reveal, as sometimes the removal of clothing, leads to some of a shoots hottest and most creative images. I think this is one of the reasons I'm so drawn to the work of Jay from Unlimited Male.  

In shoots, Jay uses the clothing to both cover, and uncover the model he's shooting.  The uncovering is not only about exposing skin, it's just as much about showing sides of the model's personality.   One of my favorite shoots that I featured from Jay was his work with Matt, and Matt's favorite green shirt. (HERE:)  Matt considered the green shirt his 'sexy' shirt, and I think many of the great shots that Jay captured would not have happened without that particular item of clothing.

I feel the same way about this series with Chris.  Chris is clearly incredibly hot, with a great face and body that the camera certainly loves.  Beyond this however, is his mischievous smile which lights up when he's tossing his shirt in the air.  When Chris walked into the shoot, comfortable and confident in his turquoise, diamond t-shirt and light denim jeans, Jay knew he had to incorporate them into the shoot.

Jay uses the clothing in the same way he uses lighting, to highlight Chris's beautiful body.  The clothing doesn't distract, instead the t-shirt and jeans serve to draw attention to specific parts of Chris's body.  His torso and stomach look extra fit as he pulls of his shirt and his jeans serve to only heighten the viewers desire to see what's underneath.  Chris appears very comfortable in his clothing, something that makes him even hotter, once the clothes come off.

How did you first connect with Chris? 
I initially connected with him through the Model Mayhem site back when that site was actually worth using. 

Do you remember what you first noticed about his look? 
He had a great "boy next door" look which I have always found very appealing and is what I am drawn to, not just when looking for models, but in my personal life as well. 

How did discussions about the shoot go? Were nudes a given? 
He was actually very easy to communicate with. We did discuss nudes but I think that, judging from the portfolio that I had on Model Mayhem at that time, he knew that nudes were pretty much a given. He was totally on board from the start. 

How comfortable was he with nudity? 
Chris had no problems with the nudity. Honestly, he was one of the least modest people that I have ever met, which made the nude modeling easy for him.

What was Chris' modeling experience? 
Chris was fairly experienced when we met. He lived in New York for a time and worked as a model while there. He had been photographed by Rick Day and appeared in some ads for the Score underwear brand. 

Had he shot fully nude before? 
He had posed nude for a couple of other photographers but the nudes that we shot were the first that were ever made public. 

I love the shots of  Chris throwing his clothes  at the camera. How did that shot come about? 
I have done the throwing clothing shots with a few models, but Chris was actually the first. It was just an idea that I came up with while we were shooting, to have him throw the shirt at the camera. It took several tries before we got something close to what I had in mind and I still had to do a bit of editing on that shot. 

As hot as these shots of Chris taking off his shirt are, you don't think I'd leave out Jay's even hotter shots of Chris taking off his jeans...  Check much more of Chris on the NEXT PAGE HERE: