Friday, April 9, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 10th


Happy Birthday today April 10th

Anyone else remember this beautiful fuzzy butt from their early days scouring the Internet?

Check him and more of today's Birthday Boys out HERE:

Covered / Uncovered

Under the Dome 

FaVorites: Augusto Moares

Usually when I'm on the hunt for images of a new model, I end up on a lot of different sites, checking out images from many different photographers.  Sometimes... I end up going back to the same place, and the same photographer over and over again.

With Brazilian hottie Augusto Moraes, I continued to return to the page at Brazilian Male Models and Augusto's work with artist and photographer Filipe Galgani,  Filipe knows exactly how to capture the brown eyed beauty, his face, eyes and luscious lips, and the sensual curves of his beautiful body. This series of images was shot by Filipe for BMM.

Augusto Moraes: Stats
Height : 1.87 
Chest : 95 
Shoes : 43 
Hair : Brown 
Eyes : Brown 
Country : Brasil

Actors & SKIN: Jonathan Bailey

'Anthony Bridgerton leaned back in his leather chair,and then announced, "I'm thinking about getting married '
The Viscount Who Loved Me 

Many Bridgerton fans are in a tizzy with the news that actor  RegĂ©-Jean Page (Simon Bassett) is not returning for the second series of episodes.  Page was without question the shows break-out star, powerfully hot, and a great actor to boot.  It's a loss he's not returning, even for a guest appearances.

Readers of the book series however, weren't really surprised.  Simon only briefly appears in The Viscount Who Loves Me, the second book from the Bridgertons series.  I'm sort of on the fence about it, I loved Page, but to be honest, given their focus in the fist series, I was getting a little tired of Simon.  Like Daphne I'm sure, his constant pulling out at the climax, was verging on the frustrating.

Speaking of Daphne, I also never really got caught up in the Daphne and Simon romance.  I think it's because I wasn't a big fan of the casting of actress Phoebe Dynevor in the role.  She was fine, if she'd had a supporting role like her sisters had, but as the romantic lead, I found her sort of lacking in charisma and sex appeal.  I was never really sure what Simon saw in her.  The initial fascination with the game of fooling everyone about their relationship I got.  After that.,,,not so much.

As hot as Page is, I was equally drawn to the mutton chops and hot ass of Anthony, played by actor Jonathan Bailey.  Anthony was a lead character for sure, but his story always played second to Simon and Daphne's, having me craving for more.  This should be remedied in the second series which currently being filmed.

Off The Hook (2009)

Bailey's been working steadily since the late 90's, and his been a fixture on British television, appearing as a regular in over a half dozen comedies and dramas.  A few of them flashed us Anthony's ass before his 19th century baring in Bridgerton.   One of my favorites is this 2009 episode of the British comedy Off The Hook.  Although Bailey doesn't show much, he looks adorable and it's a cute scene.

Broadchurch (2013-2015)

It was just a flash, but Bailey bared his butt again, this time, in an episode of the British crime drama Broadchurch

Crashing (2016)