Friday, July 29, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 30th

Shhhhhh.... Bens Back!
Benjamin Godfre by Carl Proctor
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Happy Birthday today July 30th to:

I don't watch The Mentalist but I do keep an eye on actor Simon Baker who turns 42 today! Check out more of Simon on FH HERE: & more of today's birthday boys HERE:

Favorite Click of the Day:

YVY Mag showcases an incredible shoot by Thomas Synnamon of model Raymond Zommer
for James Tudor Underwear. With all of Synnamon's amazing work I think this shoot just might be one of my all time favorites!

Prime Time Goodbyes:

Two reality cuties departed their respective shows last night.

I only began watching Big Brother a little over a week ago (with the announced departure of Dick) but with the Dominic's departure last night the only reason to keep watching, walked out the door. This season is just a rehash of the past several years (and not the good parts) and I, like the only eye candy of the season, am gone.

I am not exactly sure what show the judges watched on Wednesday but Jess' hip hop was my favorite of the night. He always brings a smile to my face! There was emotion elsewhere but none of the others drew me in like Jess.

And... I like Gaga well enough but as talented as she is she can certainly come off as a wackjob at times...

A Thousand Images Later: Benjamin Godfre by Carl Proctor

It is always a pleasure to work on a post featuring the work of Carl Proctor. When I first profiled Carl's work earlier in the year, (Visual Stimulation) I touched upon Carl's journey through experiencing fantasies to now capturing them through his lens. I am sure that capturing the scorching image of Benjamin Godfre is a fantasy many of us share.

Benjamin continues to strengthen his Benjaminion Nation, something I wrote about a couple of weeks ago in a story featuring his work with Jon Seneca (The Serious Case of Benjamin Godfre).

'I LOVE my fans and they mean a lot to me. It’s not even work, it’s play. I like to cultivate relationships and I want to see how huge we can grow as a group! Everyone should be having a blast right along side with me!'
Benjamin Godfre

Carl and Benjamin recently met up for an intense two day marathon of shooting. Carl's ability to skillfully capture moments, and most beautifully moments in motion, is creatively and erotically front and center in his recent work with Benjamin. I thank Benjamin for once again helping out and supporting FH showcasing his work. Benjamin loved not only working with Carl but the results of their two days together.

'Carl is a great guy. He is efficient and professional. He also has a great vocabulary and a kind soul.'

Benjamin flew into Atlanta from LA to meet up with Carl for the two day shoot. Carl says when he got to the airport it was no surprise to see Benjamin walking towards him with skateboard in hand. 'He's a skateboard-aholic. Must go with the California lifestyle!' After checking into his hotel the two got right to work and it was no surprise to Carl that Benjamin was sporting his trademark Timoteo's. Carl says that Benjamin always keeps his fans and supporters in mind when working and does all he can to ensure he gives them his best.

'His extensive modeling experience and high energy, coupled with an unrivaled sense of humor made the 2 day shoot go by very quickly. Over a thousand images later, I dropped him back off at the airport for his evening flight into the sunset back to La La Land.'
Carl Proctor

I have not seen all one thousand, but thanks to Carl, have seen quite a few, and look forward to presenting much more of his work with Benjamin over the next few weeks!

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