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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 27th

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In the Kitchen


Christmas Colors

'When Karl lost his virginity, Franz spontaneously ejaculated.'

When viewing images of Luke and Harry Treadaway in their Christmas colored undies, (Luke in red/Harry in green) you might not instantly think they're from a play. Over There focused on identical twins, Karl and Franz, who have been raised on opposite sides of the Berlin Wall. But Mark Ravenhill's 2009 production got great reviews, for both the story, and for Luke and Harry's performances.

I have covered both of the English brothers over the year son FH. Harry for his role in Penny Dreadful, and Luke for his skin baring role in Clapham Junction.  Although I'm a little late to promote 'Over There', didn't want to pass up a brief look back.

A McGregor McDouble

'Fargo showrunner Noah Hawley actually seems interested in making the famously physically confident McGregor uncomfortable in his own skin, and the man on display in the season premiere is much more vulnerable than the typical McGregor character.'
Vanity Fair

Ewan McGregor is no stranger to being naked on film. He has had nude scenes in over a dozen movies, at least four of which included frontal. It was interesting then to read the talented actor was a bit self unconscious about his bathtub scene in last week's season premier of Fargo. In the shows third season, McGregor plays brothers, the successful, and thinner, Emmett Stussy, and his down on his luck brother Ray.

Velvet Goldmine 1998

After filming Trainspotting 2, co-star Jonny Lee Miller urged Ewan to start running and the Scottish actor says he reached the best shape of his life. But Fargo showrunner Noah Hawley wanted wanted him to pack the pounds back on to play Ray, and get naked to boot. It wasn't getting naked that bothered him, but in the past, when he was due to get naked on screen, Ewan would get his body ready in order to look his best on film. For Fargo, the nude scene was more about showing Ray at his worst, something it took Ewan a minute to get his head around.

Fargo 2017

Regardless of the prosthetic, wig and the extra pounds, almost 20 years after his daring nude scene in Velvet Goldmine, Ewan's backside is still an attention grabber. Fargo always manages to write incredible characters and am looking forward to the McGregor McDouble, the rest of the season.

WillOh: Unmasked / Unabashed

Below: Willoh by Menphotographylondon

'I first modelled when I was doing my undergraduate studies at university. The first piece I was involved with there was a performance art installation so it involved me standing buck naked in the middle of an art gallery with people coming and staring at me. Those people included my classmates and some of my tutors.'

Next three shots from Aidan Orange at LoveSkinCanvas

The moment I saw one of WillOh's modeling shots, I knew I wanted to feature him on FH. Incredibly hot body, not to mention that great body hair. A strong handsome face with beautifully intense eyes that immediately grab your focus. WillOh also seemed very natural and comfortable in front of the camera, something he confirmed in his response to my asking about a feature on the site. 'How would you want to curate it – clothed to implied to frontal, or chronologically, or a showcase of the best dick pics?'

I went for the 'implied to frontal', but knew from WillOh's response, he was creatively open to anything. WillOh's comfortably with being naked, and with having his nude body viewed, and enjoyed, by others, began with that University project he described in the quote above. WillOh went on to share that although he was completely naked, he was wearing a mask and although he was sure most of his teachers and classmates knew it was him, the mask made him feel more comfortable while he was out there naked, and on display for so many sets of eyes.

I have always been fascinated by naked performance art, especially the courage and vulnerability required to be completely bare in front of a group. For many, this would be an ultimate nightmare, for others, it provides a satisfying rush of erotic adrenaline. For me, the scenario is a interesting one to explore. Public nudity, especially if you're the only one naked, is a familiar fantasy for man, and a situation used in many erotic stories and movies, not to mention the focus of many on-line sites.

Next two shots from JR Photography

Although the first, this certainly wasn't WillOh's last experience with performance art, or being nude in a clothed group of people. Soon after his University project, WillOh was involved in a shot-by-shot re-shoot of the shower scene from Psycho, with WillOh in the Janet Leigh role. It is also something that forces a model to get quickly comfortable with taking off their clothes for a work situation. After being naked in front of a group of classmates, friends and strangers, working one on one with photographer or artist would seem a like a piece of cake!.

'As far as the nudity, working in the arts I think most employers are fairly open minded. I guess with my initial experiences being performance and life modelling, it felt very much part of an artistic pursuit rather than anything with overtly sexual overtones, which I think tends to come more with photographic modelling. Taking it all off feels very natural to me, and I actually feel more self-conscious being photographed with my clothes on. I suppose I have no shame about my body, but also I don’t see my nudity as something which is necessarily sexual, that’s an association our culture teaches us.'

Next three images from Dynax7000

After finishing school however, WillOh stopped modeling for awhile but then in his early thirties, decided to try life modelling to earn a bit of extra cash. WillOh says that he hasn't looked back since! The first photo shoot he did, was a series of life modelling poses which he wanted for use to promote himself with artists and drawing classes. He then signed up on a few portfolio websites, including Model Mayhem and posted some of the shots. That's when the offers from photographers for professional and more formal photo shoots began.

'Model Mayhem is a fantastic platform and I have got a lot of good work and met some really great people through it. I’m quite open minded, so perhaps some of my experiences would be considered strange by others. I did a promo video and photo-set for the dominatrix Governess Elizabeth, where I was restrained in various ways and was lightly electrocuted with a TENS machine. I suppose that’s the most unusual shoot I’ve done, but it was really fun and very professional. Again my open-mindedness might make me a poor judge of what might be considered strange.'

Through his on-line portfolio, WillOh says that he has already had the opportunity to work with some great people, but there are still many other photographers. A few on his list include; Town Crier Photos, Andrew Bowman and Superchargedguys, who are all London based. Further afield, if he ever got the chance, WillOh would love to work with Paul Sixta (summertimecowboy) and erfotografo. In the meantime some of his favorite experiences continue to be with life modeling and performance art.

Remaining images from Doppel-V

'I enjoy performance modelling, either life modelling in character or doing performance art projects. I was recently involved in a project by choreographer and artist Robert Hesp called Bathe which was presented as part of the Tempting Failure festival in East London. I was one of several performers who took turns sitting in a bath for twenty minutes in a gallery, illuminated by a light sculpture, while members of the public stood or sat around and watched. Most of the performers chose not to acknowledge the presence of the audience, and that’s how I started out. However, at one point I lifted my gaze and met the gaze of a woman in the audience, and we both started to giggle a bit. From that point I decided to look at each member of the audience in turn. Some met my gaze and there was a certain comfort and acknowledgement sharing the moment, and those moments were electric. Others looked away and couldn’t meet my gaze; I don’t know if that was because they felt uncomfortable with my nudity or if they simply didn’t like connecting in that way with a stranger'

'I guess I would say that my eyes are my standout feature. They kind of look like a wolf’s eyes. The iris is green and grey with a really dark grey rim which makes them stand out. I would say I am pretty happy with all parts of my body, as they are still functioning well. I’m not particularly vain, and my fitness comes from rock climbing, Pilates and yoga rather than hitting the gym regularly. I want my body to be fit for something, rather than just looking good in photos.'

WillOh is all about expression, trying new, crazy and expressive themes in front of the camera.. Getting paid is important, but so is collaborating creatively and the London based model is currently keeping an eye out for interesting projects, maybe involving cosplay or narrative if he can find the right project. In the meantime, WillOh is due to appear in the next issue of meatzine, (which I will preview soon!) as well as modeling nude for a life drawing open event on May 18th at the The Glory in London as well as regular nude modelling for the LGBTQ hen/stag party life modelling agency Starkers. Keep your EYES open!