Sunday, September 9, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 10th

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Just Because: Clint

I still like ya Clint! I don't agree with your politics, but your 82 with a long history of movies that I have enjoyed both as an actor and especially as a director. You deserve to be cut some slack.

All Wet

'Kiss me in the rain, And make me feel like a child again,
With the feeling that I get, I don’t even mind if we get wet'

As I sit on my front porch today, rain heavily pouring down, I am drifting again to the past. I guess I am at the age that is common. I had a birthday earlier this month and although still years from forty, they are less than the years from thirty...

I have never really been a big fan of most of the women commonly considered gay icons. My music tastes tend to lean more toward alternative and classic rock. Except clips on television, and a half viewing of The Wizard Of Oz when I was a kid, I have never seen anything Judy Garland related. The closest I have come is the tv movie with Judy Davis and Rachael Blanchard (who was amazing). (I have the movie on DVD and promise to finish it one day!) I like Cher, especially her work in Silkwood and Mask. I don’t really like Bette Midler and I although I like some Madonna music, can take or leave her. I only recently heard a Kylie song and LOVED but am sort of over Gaga’s unrestrained take over of American pop culture.

Last week, while visiting my family, my mother was on a kick to purge her house of stuff. I was browbeaten into going through boxes and crates to take anything and everything. With my mother, you don’t really say no, you just sort of do it. Most of what I piled in my car I knew was going straight into the garbage, my goal in taking it all from her house was strictly about her wants, not mine. the old stereo, the large wooden one everyone had with a record player, cassette player and place for albums ,there was among the Neil Diamonds, the K-tel compilations and Beatles a few old cassettes that I wanted to give a listen to.

My mother loved Barbra Streisand. Although of course I am familiar with her music, my biggest connection was through her film work and the songs associated with them. Streisand will always be ‘the voice’ but I liked her in movies, especially A Star Is Born and The Way We Were and wished she had passed on being a Focker.

I had of course listened to these soundtracks a lot growing up, but now, in my thirties, Guilty and Wet, although dated, are also kind of new. Guilty was a huge hit for Streisand and Barry Gibb, but Wet, which includes her duet with the late Donna Summer doesn’t seem to have made as big a splash. I am sort of astounded Streisand’s Kiss Me In The Rain was not a bigger hit. I think I will get the CD’s of both, Streisand, unlike so many who are compared to her, knew her voice was special and anything special needs careful attention.

Whitney had a great voice, but in the end, it paled to what it was. Mariah and Christina are still lauded for their vocals, yet I can’t be the only one who hears theirs have too lost the magic they could once generate. Britney was never about voice, she didn’t have one, she is about song and movement. As I sit on the porch, myself getting pretty wet, with old cassette player in hand, the music brings back memories of the thousands of concerts I gave as a kid, in my livingroom for an audience of no one...and they loved me!

Tělo Boha: Klimak by Chris Teel

It is hard to believe it was almost two years ago that Matt Eldracher was crowned the winner of photographer Chris Teel and FH's first Model Search competition. Chris and I have been discussing taking another kick at the can this fall so keep checking back for details!

In one of his most recent shoots, Chris shoot 28 year old fitness model Klimack, yes, say it again, Klimack. The bodybuilder and fitness trainer hails from the Czech Republic and has won various competitions including first place at the European Fitness Championships.

Klimack began modeling about three years ago by accident, but has taken to it like a fish to water and exhibits a strong presence in front of the lens.

Check out more of Klimack on ModelMayhem and at his official site HERE:
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That Time Of Year: Alexandre Flanquart

Every year at this time, organizations and photographers ready a new crop of calendars to be unveiled over the holiday season. The days when Dieux du Stade dominating the market are over. The past couple of years the calendar, and video, have gotten a bit too artsy for it's own good with less skin and music that had me watching the 2012 version with mute firmly pressed.

One player who continues to draw my interest however is Alexandre Flanquart. Alexandre has been featured the past few years, and below are images from the 2012 video and calendar. I haven't heard much about this years project, but am curious to if the makers have listened to any of the feedback from fans.

Above with Jules Plisson