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Favorite Pic of the Day for February 4th

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Happy Birthday today February 4th

Happy 32nd to model and actor David Gray!

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En Route': Elvis Bogdanovs by JBDI Photography

'This was our second time shooting together, and we always come up with fantastic ideas. He's extremely professional and talented with his work. The shoot with Jon was brilliant. - Always is!'

Sometimes you spot images of a model and they just have that 'it' factor. It stems from not just their look, but their skill and creativity with knowing how to use their look to create imagery that is both dynamic and memorable. 20 year old Elvis Bogdanovs is one of those models and as soon as I saw my first image of him, I knew I wanted to feature his work.

In addition to his great look, and incredibly hot body, Elvis knows how to create powerful and erotically charged images and using his body, face and beautifully piercing grey eyes to connect with both the camera and the viewer. Elvis never back down, nor disappears behind a pose, a prop, or the structure and composition of a shot. Regardless of whether he's shooting fashion, fitness or full nudes, Elvis usually looks directly into the camera.  There is a a strength and a power that's incredibly compelling and displays both his experience and the passion for creating great art.

When I went through Elvis' portfolio, I began choosing some of my favorite images I hoped to use for the piece. I noticed that some of my favorite shots were from Jon from JBDI Photography. Some of my favorite past pieces on FH featured Jon's work with Jack, Beau Michael and Marc-Williams and I had been looking forward to having more of imagery to spotlight. I contacted Jon at just the right moment, he and Elvis were due to shoot again the following day and offered to send on images from their latest collaboration for FH readers to enjoy.

Jon first spotted Elvis on ModelMayhem and was immediately struck by what Jon describes as his lean aquiline looks.  Elvis' location in Aberdeen made organizing a shoot difficult, but after they connected on Instagram and and communicating back and forth, Elvis seemed keen on fitting in a shoot on his way back from London to Aberdeen, so a stop was planned at Jon's Manchester studio en route.

'Elvis was great to work with due to his own interest and expertise in photography and determination to achieve some top quality images. Our first shoot produced some amazing shots - from classy black and whites to mythic shots with chiffon and swords.'

'During our second shoot, I felt that he had become more confident with posing nude since last time (although he didn’t lack confidence before) and he seemed to position his body more sinuously and sensuously. We just threw together disparate props from different ends of the studio to start off with - pink top hat, glittery jackets, racing jackets, ropes etc'.

Jon needed a venue to feature his nude work, especially with the random, and often illogical censorship on sites like MM and on social media.  After seeing that some of his models set up Onlyfans pages, Jon recently set up his own to showcase his work. (HERE:)  Jon wasn't sure he was completely satisfied with the site however as from a photographers point of view', there was a demand for regular updates of XXX material.and Jon wasn't sure he had enough XXX material to satisfy viewers who wanted more regular updates.  Jon has however began to build the page which now includes almost 300 images of the models he's worked with.

Although Jon's OnlyFan's page is going well, he decided to set up another way for viewers to check out his model portfolio's at a lower price and without the need and demand for monthly payments and updates.  Jon began a new site, Man-Pics, a website devoted to Jon's work with male models that he's worked with over the last few years.  There is a focus on the nude shoots, many of which have themes based either on costumes, props or locations.

If you check out Man-Pics you'll see that you can join for free to see some ports, and in addition, there is a nominal charge for access to the 18+ galleries.  Anyone interested in Jon's photography, and the models he shoots then have full access to the galleries.   If you're interested in joining Man-Pics Jon has implemented a 50% discount on all membership levels for the whole of February, so head on over and enjoy!

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DC's Men of the Moment

Both Zach Tinker and Michael Mealor have been getting a bit of attention on Y & R lately.  No better reason to find a silly and  gratuitous reason to get them shirtless together in a scene.  Thanks to Soapy Sunday's on  DC's Men of the Moment, you can check them out HERE:

Isn't It Romantic

I love Rebel Wilson, but lately, had sort of grown a little tired of her on screen. The Youtube trailer for her new romantic comedy 'Isn't It Romantic' however, looks really good.  A shirtless, and incredibly hot Liam Hemsworth is sweet icing on the cake.


I have been looking forward to seeing actor Robert Sheehan in The Song of Sway Lake since first reading about the film last year. Thanks to Casperfan's gifs and caps, (HERE:) I am looking forward to it even more!


Last year, I posted about actor Jack O'Connell's turn as Brick in the National Theatre Live production of Cat On A Hot Tin Roof.  (HERE:)  I had posted that the stage production had been filmed and was due for a release last February  Thanks to some generous posters over at DreamCaps, both caps, and and a few clips from the production were shared.