Thursday, September 7, 2017

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 8th

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Bottom Line

A Derriere Duet by Suntown Photography

Media Men: Brandon Myers

Most people first got to know Brandon Myers when he appeared on the MTV reality series, Ex on the Beach. Not necessarily because they watched the show, but because Brandon garnered a ton of attention on social media, especially his wonderful habit of posting hot images showing off his extraordinary body, and body parts.

Showing off his bod wasn't new for Brandon, he had previously appeared naked on a couple of UK based adult websites including English Lads and FitYoungMen. Brandon has an incredibly body, beautiful blue eyes and a really strong face, and nose which I find incredibly hot. It would not be fair to discuss Brandon's looks without mentioning his penis, more specifically, it's length.

If you check out some of the images below, you will see what I mean, and below those budging undies and shorts, he does not disappoint. I didn't include any nudes as I am not sure the Snapchat images were posted by Brandon, or leaked by someone he sent them to, but if you can google, they are not hard to find...

Brandon is returning to reality TV this month in the new British reality show Bromans, featuring eight 21st century lads who are transported back to the Roman Empire to see if they can cut it as gladiators. Although I don't think Bromans is going to unleash Brandon's penis, some of the preview images from the show do seem to indicate we may get some butt shots in addition to the gladiators spending quite a bit of time in the black briefs. Check out the preview video above.

A peak at a younger, and darker haired Brandon on FitYoungMen.

Quaternate: Brett Kiellerop


I have a long list of artists on my Quaternate list so decided I really need to start posting them on a more regular basis. It was back in 2014 after coming across an image of model Brad Gosney that led me to contact photographer Brett Kiellerop. I loved Brett shots of Brett hanging out, running and dancing along an Australian beach. When diving further into Brett's portfolio, although Australian beach frolickers were a staple, I also found images and shoots weaving uniquely creative concepts, ideas, poses and angles.

Brett's images of Daine were some of my favorites, with themes from playful and erotic, creative body painting, and dark and disturbing. You don't often find these themes blended so beautifully together in the same shoot. Since then, Brett has generously shared images from each of the themes, and from the many models he shot for his book, Aussie Gods, as well, some of the models Brett has worked with since. Below are some of the multi-themed stories that I have enjoyed featuring thus far.





Brett Kiellerop
Brett Kiellerop on ModelMayhem

Another Kick at the Bucket: James by Brett Kiellerop

'With his shaggy blond hair, handsome face, and inability to stay clothed, it was a no-brainer to hire him as an Aussie God.'

Given today's Quaternate post featured the work of New Zealand photographer Brett Kiellerop, I wanted to share some new images not previously featured on FH. Some of you might recognize James, a model I featured back in 2014. (Bucket List) I loved that getting naked for a photo shoot was on James' bucket list, and it made the perfect way to theme the piece. One of these days I'll have to start a category on the site for bucket lists as I am sure there are many guys out there who have it as something they would love to try.

Of course I also love James' shaggy and hair and and handsome face, but it was not his face that had me first interest in featuring his work. A few weeks before featuring James, I did a Halloween themed story on the blog featuring a hockey masked, Jason Voorhees themed piece featuring a naked model wearing the infamous killer's favorite fashionable face ware. (A Butchered Bared)

So... when I short while later, I saw some images of a penis poking through the eye of that hockey mask, I assumed it was Tim, the model from the Halloween themed post. I should have taken a closer look.... Although both have appealing appendages and both un-cut, Tim's was slightly thicker. A side by side comparison was certainly in order!

Although Tim wore the mask on his face, James only wore only on his penis, and I included those images the first time I profiled his work with Brett. In this set of images, Brett gives us a great variety of looks, from James on the beach and in the pool, to studio shots, and of course full body shots. He also ensured there were a couple of images featuring James' big beautiful smile!