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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 13th

Oliver by PhotoRSH
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Happy Birthday today October 13th

Happy 40th to boxer David Haye!

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Horror Hunks: Lee Hudson in AHS Freak Show

'I've never done it with a Viking God before...'

I was looking forward to this seasons American Horror Story.  Although the shot has been hit and miss the last few seasons, I always hope for the best.  I mostly skipped last seasons instalment, but was looking forward to Sarah Paulsen and Evan Peters both returning for the upcoming season.  Due to the pandemic, shooting was halted just as pre-production began, but is scheduled to start up again in the new year.

My favorite seasons were the first few, and although I hated the mass shooting which climaxed the show's forth season, up until it's violent and graduates ending, I did for most the most part, really enjoy Freak Show.   Peters, Paulsen and Jessica Lange all had meaty roles to dig into and there were great turns from the supporting cast as well.  

Next two shots from thesergiogarcia

If you watched, you may remember that AHS regular Dennis O'Hare played Stanley, a con-man who wants to kill and sell freaks to the Museum of Morbid Curiosities.  When he wasn't trying to murder, stuff and pickle bodies, Stanley did like to have his fun, especially with a blonde hunk credited in the series only as 'Viking Hustler'

The tall blonde Viking Hustler was played in three episodes by model turned actor Lee Hudson.  Freak Show was Hudson's acting debut, but he quickly went on to appear in several films and on television in  episodes of Claws and NCIS: Los Angeles.   I always find acting debuts fascinating, and Hudson's Viking Hustler is certainly one of my favorites.

Lee and Denis O'Hare

Experiential Compositions: Oliver by PhotoRSH

'I started photographing the nude male form partially in voyeurism but mostly in learning how light formed shapes with the body, and the different shapes on different bodies'

They say you can't judge a book by it's cover, but so often, the form of contact is a visual.  The word 'judge' often gets a bad wrap, it's so often connected with being judgemental.  Being judgemental is about being constantly critical, but to judge, is simply to form an opinion,  Of course we shouldn't form opinions based only a visual, we also need context and most importantly, we need information.

It's the need for information that motivates my desire to include story along with the visuals I present.  It may not have you liking them any more, but for me, the enjoyment of an image is enhanced by understanding the creative process.  I'm not just taking about how a model and photographer connected, or the lighting and editing techniques uses.  I'm talking about the artist's vies, and the life experiences that play a role in their work.

I came out fairly late in life, I was midway through my twenties.  I think supressing my natural sexual desires, especially during my teen years, led to a more defined focus on the male form when I got older.  I don't, or maybe more specifically I can't, just look at a great body without being curious about the person and their story. 

Whenever I see the work of Ross from PhotoRSH, I think back to the stories he shared the first few times I featured his work.  Ross also experienced being in the closet until his college years, struggling with a religious family and the conservative small town that he grew up in.  It wasn't until college, that that opportunities arose through life drawing classes, to explore both his sexuality, and his passion for the nude male form.

It also isn't a surprise when I see the models that the Illinois based photographer chooses to capture.  Although Ross shoots a array of different body types, so many of his images feature fitness models.  Ross' original field of study was Athletic training, before a few challenges he experienced with the department, led him to change his degree to art and photography.

His focus on fitness remained, and you can see within his images not only his passion for athleticism, but a knowledge and understanding of the male form and how best to capture the dedication and hard work of the men and women he shoots.  I've seen many images of fitness models that come across as cold, stiff, and devoid of any eroticism or elements of emotion.  This is not the case with PhotoRSH who always manages to ensure that although the body is the focus, there is so much more to explore, well beyond it's cover.

Now Oliver clearly has a stunning cover, and Ross' images certainly invite the viewer to pick it up in order to see and find out more.  Oliver's story however, is one that has to remain a bit of mystery. Although many viewers may have seen images of the stunning model before, he no longer models.  Before leaving the business, he and Ross shot together several times and Ross describes each of those shoots as great experiences.

For some reason, I was drawn to the completeness with Oliver's poses, especially his arms and hands.  It wasn't only because of their beauty and appearance, but because of how they seem so purposely they're placed in each of Ross's shots.   Some models struggle with where to place their hands and arms, but Oliver clearly has a connection with every part of his body and uses every inch and body part beautifully within his body movements and poses.

If you want to see more of Ross's work with Oliver, you can see much more on his OnlyFans HERE:

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