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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 4th

Shawn by RealPhotosFlorida
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Happy Birthday today March 4th

Happy 59th to Adrian Zmed!
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Biotch, We hardly knew ye!

Note: The post below contains casting spoilers for Season 4

What is going on in Downton Abbey! Is the set that horrible to work on? This week, a third cast member announced they will not be returning for season 4. Actress Siobhan Finneran will not be returning for a forth season of salivating over Lady Grantham and making the lives of all her fellow servants as miserable as possible. It is really hard to find an actor who can make a villain so damned watchable. Larry Hagman did it, and after losing our beloved Sybil and Matthew, I am not sure I can handle the loss of Sarah O'Brien!

Ms O'Brien spent most of the first two season lurking and scheming along with Thomas. Their targets were many, but ole Mr. Bates was usually the prime one. In season three, the villainous duo turned on each other, with Mr. Bates siding with Thomas to ensure he kept his job. 'Her Ladyship's Soap' was all it took.

I wrote earlier that I am already annoyed with talk of a new love for Mary. The producers don't seem to always understand, for many of us, it was Mary and Matthew that primarily kept our attention, even enduring all those scenes with Bates in Jail and the boring saga of poor Ethel. Actor Ben Cullen is certainly fetching enough, but pushing Mary too quickly, (it took two years to get her to Matthew) to another character is going to push me from the television.

Below: Ben in Weekend.

Favorite Clicks of The Week:

A few of my favorite clicks from the last week!

I have finally gotten into Spartacus: War of the Damned and has caps of last weeks show. The hottest Roman father and son duo on the series both dropped their robes this week! Australian actor Christian Antidormi is an especially delicious addition to the show.

You know I love me some Chris Pratt and over at Dreamcaps, xander7 posted some great caps of Chris (and co-star Jeremy Allen White) from Movie 43.

I have been following the path of model and DJ Nick Ayler since the early days of the blog. Not sure how I missed this video, shot by the incredible Richard Gerst. Check out the editorial clip for Stefano Guerrini Italia below!

Nick Ayler by Richard Gerst, editorial clip for Stefano Guerrini Italia from Richard Gerst on Vimeo.

Schizophrenic Jester

'I've always wanted to be one of the beautiful people.'

The first image I saw of Shawn was this past Valentine's Day. The image was a really strong nude, full of powerful sexual energy and attitude. What made the image so fascinating was that it was not not actually Shawn... That is when I knew featuring Shawn's work wasn't something I hoped to do, it was something I had to do!

23 year old Shawn describes himself as a Business Man, Model, Singer / Songwriter, Music Producer, Actor, Violinist, Painter, Swimmer, Runner, Videographer, Photographer, Marketing, Advertising and Comedian. Schizophrenic enough for you?

The story of actress Lana Turner being discovered is part of Hollywood mythology. Although rumor has it happening at Schwab's Drug Store, she was actually discovered while skipping school, having a coke at a Malt Shoppe. Regardless of where, it does make a hell of a story! Since most stores today, especially drug stores, have long gotten rid of their food and soda counters, that leaves the mall as the place to be seen. Many models and performers that I have featured on FH have shared being discovered while at the mall.

Next 4 images: Shawn by Starbrust Media

It was back in 2008 when a woman approached the then 18 year old Shawn with the line, 'You should try out I know you could win one'. Shawn's initial response was curiosity as to what that 'one' actually was. When he found out it was a modeling and talent contest, he quickly entered. The show, which took place right there in the mall of his town, involved walking up and down the run way and playing his violin for the two or three hundred people in attendance. What Shawn ended up winning was a 2 year contract with the company 'Model Productions'.

'Shawn was great to work with - a natural! Very motivated, talented person in many ways'

After the contest, modeling wasn't something Shawn continued to pursue. He went on to graduate high school, followed by a move to North Carolina to further his education. Music was always his main passion and last year, while working with a good friend to create images to promote his music, modeling again arose. The images turned out great and yet another woman, this time Shawn's friend Scarlet, thought he should pursue more modeling and entered him another competition. This time however, he lost. After pursuing other jobs, including work at a call center, which Shawn says sucked the life out of him, he again decided he had to take another stab at being in front of the camera. Shawn headed to Miami and was signed this past December!

Shawn by Manuscript

Music however remains a focus, one which started when he was still in school. While in the 10th grade, Shawn was caught mixing a track in class. He was caught because the class he was in was not a music class, but 10th grade History. His headphones were a little too loud and his eyes glued to the laptop screen. Shawn's history teacher was clearly one of the great ones, and instead of giving him a detention, insisted on taking a listen. His response was positive, Praising Shawn's music and encouraging his work saying that Shawn should seriously consider pursuing it as a career. In 2009 Shawn's 1st record "The Carnival" was born and published world wide and he is now on his 10th single and 5th record!

One of my favorites is Tell Me Better Lies, very haunting lyric and melody. I also love the song titles Shawn creates, especially Schizophrenic Jester. As soon as I read it, knew it would make the perfect title for the feature. Shawn's Youtube channel is massive, with not just music, but also video's about himself, his work and some of his routines as a stand up.

So, back to that first image of Shawn I saw last month, the last image in the set by RealPhotosFlorida below. Under the image, Shawn wrote; 'This is my alter ego, I call him Logan Lockhart; he's the guy that's after your 18 year old daughter.' Some of my favorite models are performers, men who can create a character through movement and expression.

Logan by RealPhotosFlorida

'Back in high school there were these jocks right, I always wanted to be one of them. Smirk on their face, Careless eyes, Cut throat hair & an ass that wont quit lol So I invented this wanna be punk jock, Logan to kind of live out my fantasy of being a popular guy. One day on a shoot the photographer (RealPhotos Florida) said he needed some attitude, I put on Nasty Boy by Janet Jackson and it was Logan Lockhart who came out on set. Now multiple photog's are asking "When can Logan come out to play?"

Three For Shawn:

1.If you ever got the cover of a magazine which one would most represent who you are?

GQ... I've been buying GQ mag's for years, I am always inspired & my creativity in fashion is always uplifted when I crack one open

2. What would be your Dream Shoot?

I would love to do live body art/sculpture exhibit in the gardens of a museum in Paris or Ireland. I think the video/pictures would venerate a classical or modern art.

3. Strangest ModelMayhem offer?

The very 1st job offer I was offered was some kind of faceless porn where I'd have to slowly let my cum drip into a blindfolded guys mouth while people watch it live in a "gallery" setting. I polity hung up the phone & went about my networking lol.