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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 5th

Jason by GLiMPSe visual
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Happy Birthday today October 5th

Happy 28th to Jesse Eisenberg!

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Just Because: Tristan MacManus

It seems to me Nancy Grace is one of those personalities most people love or hate. In my ever growing need to buck trends I can't seem to muster up more than indifference towards her. I remember quite liking her on Larry King during the O.J Trial and respect her passion, but at the same time although I cannot bring myself to actually dislike her, I cannot watch her show as she annoys the shit out of me.

I am not however on the fence about her DWTS's partner Tristan MacManus. I watched my first few minutes of the show last night and am firmly a smitten kitten over the hot Irish dancer. MacManus has been on stage dancing, acting and singing since the age of 18 in productions of Simply Ballroom and Dirty Dancing and the producers of DWTS were wise to bring in this talented and adorable dancer.

Tristan in Ella Enchanted

Blast From The Past: Tony O'Dell

I was about 10 when Head Of The Class hit the air. Back during the shows run situations comedies filled the network schedules and this small but steady show did not have the flash, or garner the attention fellow sit-coms like Perfect Strangers, Full House and Married With Children were getting. This was the era of the sit-com, the big Prime Time soaps were starting to die and Family Ties, Cheers and of course The Cosby Show were dominating the ratings.

WKRP's Howard Hesseman got much of the attention when the show first began. Although he did not remain with the series for its entire run (Billy Connolly stepped in during the shows final season), Hesseman was arguably the most well known of the original cast. Hesseman, and the show itself, were soon overshadowed by co-star Robin Givens and her marriage to Mike Tyson.

I am not sure whether Given's drama helped or hurt the show, but it was rarely written about again without a mention of the drama. This was too bad as the show had a stellar cast of young actors (and did not need an overhaul and addition of Rain Pryor). I guess actor Brian Robbins would have been the requisite hunk but for me the most appealing male cast member was Tony O'Dell. O'Dell's Alan Pinkard was the tie and sweater vest wearing member of the special class, preppy and generally annoying the less traditional brain stereotypes in the group. For the mid eighties, O'Dell was ahead of his time with the metro sexual look, smartly dressed, well groomed and perfectly feathered blonde hair. Although Alan was supposed to be about 16, O'Dell was 26 when the show first premiered.

O'Dell was no stranger to television, he had previous roles on Dynasty and Otherworld as well as guest stints on most of the shows of the era, Chips, Family, Eight Is Enough and more. He was also known to movie audiences for playing Jimmy in the first two Karate Kid movies. Tony was most recently seen The Disney Channels 'Shake It Up.'. You can check out Tony's facebook page where he personally checks in to answer questions HERE:

Below: two more recent shots of Tony

GLiMPSe visual: Freezing Movement

'I am truly motivated to portray the beauty of the male "architecture". The male form is perfect and I strive to enhance it in all of my work.'
Gregory Lindeblom

In many of the profiles I have done featuring artists of the male form, architecture is often a theme. In many of those cases, architecture is used as a way to showcase the body with location and as part of the images itself. For photographer Gregory Lindeblom of GLiMPSe visual, architecture is not a part of his work, it is the work.

David Lange

I am not sure that in the 70's and 80's and 90's, photographers who shot for Playgirl or Playboy knew they were taking more than just beautiful pictures of beautiful bodies. In the case of Playgirl, when I use shots from decades gone by on FH I am continually impressed at how the artists chronicled more than just a naked body. Hair length, body hair or course, fashion, jewelry, muscle tone even skin color and texture tell you as much about what was going on for men of the time as you could find through writings.

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The term movement in the Freezing Movement title of this post does not just refer to the movement of the body, it more directly refers to the movement of time. Everything on this planet is moving at such high speeds, technology, landscapes, urban and rural architecture and the human body. Gregory Lindeblom captures these moments, to seek to reveal the divine in the mundane, through the use of color, contour, light and most of all form.

'I believe that we photographers have a rare gift to see beyond the surface to reveal the true underlying wonder that is all around us. Whether it is a breathtaking landscape, a perfect architectural detail, or an exquisite human body, I strive to show it in all its glory and depth.'

'My work has three primary themes – architecture, landscape/nature, and male figurative – with one common root. All my work is inspired by my search for elements of enduring beauty and romance in this increasingly transitory world. Whether it be a brilliant sunrise, the intricate geometry of a building’s design, or a serene nude, I try to capture images that remind us all of the world’s wonders and splendor. Essentially, my reason for shooting is the same today in my 50’s as it was when I was a child.'


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Luis R Mendez lll

Mike Brackett



Below: Ziggy_Z