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Favorite Pic of the Day for December 6th

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Happy Birthday today December 6th

Happy 74th to actor James Naughton!

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Above: Naughton with Ron Harper in Planet of the Apes (1974)

Quaternate: The Third Eye

'Prior to his retirement, Rick was a social worker.. His years working with people in need, honed both his caring and his listening skills. So many of the men and women who ended up in front Rick's camera were looking for more than just quick cash, Many seemed in need of a purpose and a connection. Many just needed someone to listen to their stories.'

The quote above is from my first piece featuring the incredible imagery of The Third Eye.  I knew from the first image I saw, that I was seeing, and experiencing, something special.  FH is rooted in story, and Rick is one of the best story weavers I have encountered.  I never feel that Rick is shooting models, Rick shoots people, real men, with real stories.  Stories that are evident from the imagery, without any words from me.  Or course I do add words as Rick so respectfully shares additional details from the stories, details that only adds to the enjoyment of the visuals that inspire them.

2016 / 2017



Life Elevated: Lake Powell IV by Gordon Nebeker


'Another trip to Lake Powell with four new handsome models and the fine art photographs to prove it,!'


Last weekend, I had the pleasure of presenting the fine art proof from this year's Lake Powell photographic adventure.  Every year, Mike Tossy, StudioMGphotography and Gordon Nebeker come back with thousands of pieces of visual evidence, some of which I'm always thrilled to present.  In addition to capturing memories, images are also a visual form of confirmation that what we remember, what we experienced and what we saw, was actually real.

No matter how many on point adjectives someone might use, I'm not sure anyone could describe Lake Powell's visuals as well as an image.  The color and landscapes are one thing, but the textures and incredible detail in each rock formation are virtually impossible to describe.  I've always thought the area had both a timeless, and even unearthly feel.

The landscapes are reminiscent of of distant planets, and more than a few science fiction films and television shows have been filmed in and around Lake Powell.  The location was used in 2013's Gravity, and both the 1968 and and 2001 versions of Planet of the Apes.  The naked male bodies not only provide a sense of depth and perspective, they also provide evidence the images are current, and that what your're seeing is strikingly real.

James & Mo

Of course those naked male bodies do more than elevate the location, their form, their poses match the visual beauty of their surroundings providing magnificent results.  Over the past several years, Gordon Nebeker has put together his visual evidence in a book featuring hundreds of images from the trip.  Moments both planned, and unplanned in Muscles and Mountains: Lake Powell IV, a book sure to satisfy the male art aficionado who appreciates male nudes in the Great Southwestern landscape.

Muscles and Mountains: Lake Powell IV is available in both print form and ebook, and both would make exceptional Christmas gifts!  I've already got my copy, but if your're still searching for just the right gift, check out and preview this, and past editions,on Blurb HERE:

Steven & Mo

Filling Santa's Sack

George by Lights on Studio

'For it is in giving that we receive.'

It's that time of year for giving, bringing pleasure to another, or giving pleasure to oneself. I used to love shopping, especially in book, music, video and drugstores. Now.. not so much. Today, except for a few craft fairs and local businesses I want to support, I do most of my buying on-line.

If you're a lover of the male form, and I assume given you're visiting FH,, there are a variety of gift buying options, all available to be purchased easily on-line. Whether for yourself, or for that special someone, most can arrive at your door before Christmas, or arrive in your in-box in just a matter of minutes.

Almost all of the artists and models that I feature have perfect gifts for that special someone. Almost every artist I feature have prints for fans of their artistry, or the models they capture.  If you see an image, or a shoot on FH you like, contacting the artist about a print is easy.  Some, Like photographer Nick Mesh, have their own Redbubble page, full of calendars, prints, mugs and more that are perfect for stuffing the stocking.


When I was a kid, my favorite gifts were always books. I may not have always appreciated books as gifts at the time, but now that I'm older, those books, along with the personal messages from the giver written on the first page, are truly treasured. Most artists offer great hard and soft cover books you can wrap and give in person, or lower cost digital downloads to enjoy right away. I have featured all three volumes of expose from photographer Anthony Timiraos, including his latest, exposelove.

In addition to hot naked models, some of my favorite book focused on the Male form, also offer glimpses into places I dream of visiting one day.  Lake Powell is certainly on my list, but Mark Leighton's work always has me dreaming of the beaches of Portugal. His latest book featuring Terry (above) features the lushness of both model and location.

I have been fortunate to feature many of studioMGphotography's book releases, and Mark's images, in addition to being visually stunning, always have me (temporarily) crushing over his subjects. I know Mark's work with Greg, (above) is a favorite of many, especially given how many times I've seen Mark's shots pop up on-lie.  I know I'm not the only one who became infatuated with Jasper, Andrew, Yorgen and Renn and the many men from Mark's most recent book Bedtime Stories.


New Manhattan Studios produces not only books and private portfolios on your favorites models, the studio has it own magazine, Captured Shadows as well as customized calendars featuring the model of your choice. The only issues is who to choose... Bond? Alex? Norm?  Dustin? Dylan? Dimitriy?  So many men, so little time....  Check out them all under Publications on NMS HERE:

If books aren't you're thing, and you want more instant gratification, with hot new men on a weekly basis, maybe a subscription to your favorite site is the perfect way to gratify your needs.  One of my favorite new sites, with some of my favorite new men is Bodytorium.  If you're a regular reader of FH, you've seen some of the many men on Phil's site, but each model has galleries with hundreds of images to enjoy!

KB by macpics

When in doubt, how about an Onlyfans subscription?  I know for me, a few months of one of my favorites would be the perfect gift! Many of the photographers and models I have featured, including KB (above) and photographer  Richard Rothstein have regularly updated OnlyFans with content even too hot for FH!

Richard Rothstein