Friday, September 23, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 24th

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Happy Birthday today September 24th

Happy 36th to French actor and filmmaker Aurélien Wiik!

Wiik in Kitchendale (2000)

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Regretting joining your Father and his buddies as they celebrate his 63rd Birthday at a nude beach, especially when 'uncle' Albert pulls out the camera....


I haven't had time to catch any Days in a few months, but when I heard Paul Telfer was back, and shirtless, on Monday, I checked out the episode on-line.  The soap sadly wasted the actors talents in his first (or was it second) run, and sadly seem to be doing the same thing again.

Between his accent, those intense eyes and those killer abs, Telfer oozes a powerfully pleasant odor of sex every time he hits the screen. Although the show smartly got his shirt off, what they really need to do is write his character Xander a decent story, and sign him to a long term contract.

At The End Of The Day: Ash by Mark Leighton

'That feeling, usually at the end of the day, work is done and you're home. Your shoes, and often your clothes, are off and on the floor, and you're free from the stresses of the day... Even if just temporarily, for the next eight, ten or twelve hours you're time is your. The sensation of both beautiful relaxation and erotic freedom.'

In February of 2015, when I featured Joel with At The End Of The Day, I thought it was the last piece in the series. I had been featuring the work of Mark Leighton for many years, and I had loved that point of total freedom and relaxation hMark so beautifully captured with so many of the models he had shot.

When looking into new themes to explore with Mark's work, I was excited when the Lagos based artist shared that he had shot some new work to support a revival of the theme. I was especially thrilled that one of the models Mark sent on was 22 year old UK model Marquez Ash. I had seen Ash's first shoot with Mark and loved his look. Incredible body and face and the most beautiful blue eyes you could stare into for hours. I had actually contacted Ash last year about a piece on FH, and his response came right in the middle of his second shoot with Mark.

'Tye, I'm writing to you here from not so sunny Portugal with Mark. Although my tan looks incredible, the weather has been dreadful today, we will be shooting bedroom sensual and sexy shots in the next few days... wink.   I'm sure the images will turn out super hot and fiery!'

In order to have a truly exhilarating and relaxing end of a day, one must exude a lot of energy the previous 12 hours. Ash is a hard worker, pushing himself both mentally and physically in the journey to achieve his goals. Ash has worked hard to achieve the fitness results he wants, through intense training and sports like rugby league, various other athletics all the way to capoerira dance. Fitness is not just a goal but a passion for Ash, and modeling and training are both challenges, and part of the path to his future as a qualified personal trainer. With all of the energy Ash exudes throughout the day, the release is even more intense when he's finally home at the end of his day.