Thursday, October 16, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 16th

Beautiful model Jason Ray. I love Jason's look, but could find very little on him on the net. Anyone have anything more?

Favorite Birthday Boy for October 16th Frederic Michalak

French rugby union footballer Frederic Michalak is one of the hottest guys to come out of the Stade guys. Frederic turns 26 today.

2 Other Favorites Celebrating today October 16th

I love me some John Mayer who turns 31 today.

I have always thought Randall Batinkoff is one of the best looking, talented actor who never got the credit for his talent he so richly deserved. Hopefully there is a great part for him in the future. Randall turns 40 today.

Favorite Hair of the Day: David Boals

Although he has since cut his beautiful blonde locks (Last pic), Model David Boals wore it well!

Favorite G Magazine Guy of the Day: Hercules Hercules!

Would not it be great to be sitting on your front porch watching this in the driveway next door. Hercules Mataveli is such a cutie with his adorable face et all.