Friday, October 5, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 5th

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Succulent Selfies

Big Brother UK's Sam Giffen

Nick Mesh: Sweet September

'Try to remember the kind of September
When life was slow and oh so mellow'

Yes, I know we're now well into October, but I wrote this piece last week as September was coming to a close.  September is such a meaningful month to me, it became a central theme when I was thinking about calendars and the significance of each of the 12 months of the year.

What I remember most about September, besides school starting and summer ending were the changes in our stores.  Halloween decorations were out in August, but September meant the first hints that Christmas was coming.  Although most stores held themselves back from actually putting up their decorations, those first few Christmas isles of decorations and gifts were starting to be stacked.

September was the month the Christmas catalogue usually arrived and the countdown to Christmas and the end of the year was on.  Thoughts of an year ending are linked to year on the horizon, meaning calendars were also starting to fill the shelves.  kittens and puppies, dolphins and whales,  nature scenes and pretty much every possible subject and passion were chronicled in 12 month visuals to tempt both

I loved calendars, especially those TV & Movie themed calendars and the calendars featuring hot hunky men.  Since calendars made great gifts, it was safe as a kid to buy them, commenting of course how much your aunt was going to love it as you paid at the cash.

Today, Calendars bring just as much pleasure, especially their filled with incredible images from a favorite artist.  Whenever I spend time enjoying the work of photographer Nick Mesh, I am always impressed how erotically creative his images are of the male form.  Nick has put together some of his favorite images, of some of the hottest men he's shot into a collection of Posters, Photo Prints, Stickers, Greeting Cards, Spiral Notebooks Covers and of course Calendars!  Although Christmas is still a few months a way, it's never too early to start window shopping!  Check out all of Nick's products on his Rebubble site HERE:

Wet Dream: Kurtis by Suntown Photography

'From highly stylized urban fashion models, new models, life and artist models through sexy un-manscaped natural men in the great outdoors. I have fortunate to be able to share the work of Suntown Photography for close to six years now.

Anyone who read Playgirl remembers some of the hottest images in the magazine were sometimes found in the 'Real Men' section.  Although I loved many many of the featured models and centerfolds, there was something incredibly hot about some of the guys who sent in their nudes.  Most were not edited and featured the model as they naturally look, without make up, editing or excessive primping and manscaping.

Although Kurtis certainly could be featured as a centerfold, he looks in these shots like a real man I'd love to find wet in my shower.  Suntown Photo hasn't shot too many TV personalities, but recently had the opportunity to  shoot the The purpose of the shoot the  Ex on the beach contestant to get some shots for a new book by B.G.Thomas

I spent some time recently on Suntown's OnlyFans site and there were so many models and shoots I wanted to feature.  I decided on Suntown's work with Kurtis, but Suntown's recent postings featuring his work with Luke, a model he's going to be posting more of in the next few weeks, made the choice a hard one. 

Suntown's was posting less in September, but now that he is back posting on a regular basis wanted to thank his loyal viewers, and welcome new ones, by cutting his monthly access fee in half to just  $4•99 until the 1st of December.   If you haven't check out the site, now is a great time to take a peak!

Real Men:

'All he needs is a great smile and a hard body.  All you need is a camera!'

Working on the piece featuring Suntown's work above had me on the hunk for some of shots of those 'real men' who appeared in Playgirl over the years.  I always suspected some of those real men weren't so real, as more than a few seemed to end up in spreads in future issues.  I think some were 'test' models the magazine tried out on readers to get their feedback before deciding on a full spread.

Many however were real guys who's pictures were sent in.  The magazine tried to promote the page as a place for wives and girlfriends to send in shots of their husbands and boyfriends and never acknowledged that many of the 'real men; in the images were actually readers of the magazine.

This selection of 'real men' come from issues of Playgirl from the  1990's and 2000's, but if FH readers want to see more, I found many more from the magazine's earlier issues.