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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 29th

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Shower Scum

'Fear isn't so difficult to understand. After all, weren't we all frightened as children? Nothing has changed since Little Red Riding Hood faced the big bad wolf. What frightens us today is exactly the same sort of thing that frightened us yesterday. It's just a different wolf. This fright complex is rooted in every individual.'
Alfred Hitchcock

John Gavin with Janet Leigh pre-cleanse

When it comes to horror movie character deaths, the shower scene from 1960's Psycho remains one of the most iconic scenes ever.  The amount of cuts, the usage of point of view, the music and sound.  It was also something that at the time, had never been seen before.  It broke all the rules of cinema at the time.  Although spoilers today would most likely ruin in, never was the female lead so brutally murdered so early into a film which caused shock and surprise from audience members.

Although brutal shower deaths are not a staple of FH, hot men in the shower certainly are.  Check out my Ode to the Psycho shower scene, FH style of course, on PAGE 2 HERE:


If you're a fan of hot hunks in tiny costumes, check out FH's annual Costume Parade 

Is that a Sickle in your hand or are you just Happy to see me?

You can be a king or a street sweeper, but everyone dances with the Grim Reaper.
Robert Alton Harris

Mummy Dearest: Hansel by Lights On Studio

'Silent strength is the quality of all good men and most mummies.'
Theodore Roosevelt

Silent strength may be appreciated by ole Theo, but we can't blame our mummy for letting out the odd moan or two. Who could really blame him! Those of us among the living, often wake up, after just six or seven hours sleep, at full salute. I can only then imagine, the morning wood one would have after waking up from a 4000 year nap!

Our mummy woke up ready and eager.  Eager to unwrap his tight bandages and let it all hang out, fellow tomb dwellers be damned!  In many cultures, men were mummified for one of two reasons.  They were royalty, or they did something incredibly naughty.  Given the way our mummy is slowing stripping off his bandages, I'm guessing for him, it was the latter.

FH readers know that the work of Lights On Studio's Tom Nakielski has been a part of many holidays on the site.  I never ceased to be amazed at the time, and the creativity, that Tom puts into his work, especially his holiday shoots. Tom had never done a mummy wrap before, and was up late the night before dying strips of cloth in tea to create an aged look.  Tom wishes he'd had a few more strips, but given the point was unwrap and reveal, I think he had just the right amount.

'I originally was going to go with a scary mummy with blackened eyes and ghoulish makeup. Instead, I decided to go with something leaning towards a bit more sexuality. '

'About 1300 B.C. a young Egyptian who happened to be kind of a sex idol in his time died a sudden unexpected death. Perhaps from an intense sexual escapade...LOL. So 4000 years later his mummy is discovered and he awakens after eons of no sex. Upon his waking.... he rediscovers his sexual desires.'

I was also thrilled Tom brought model Hansel Wellington in for the shoot.  Hansel was a part of the first holiday shoot of Tom's that I featured, and has posed naked for FH holiday shoots with candy canes, pumpkins and even bunnies at Easter.  Not only does Hansel skillfully, and erotically, inhabit whatever character or holiday required, Tom shares that Hansel always gets into the theme of the session and becomes an important part of the process.

'Tom and I had another successful and exciting shoot. I loved the idea of the stripping mummy, getting wrapped up and teasing the camera with each falling bandage. I thought the backgrounds were spectacular for capturing the theme of ancient times. Being a mummy for Halloween is a classic, but who would have thought rigor mortis could be so exciting -it got me rock hard for part of the shoot! '

'It wasn't just all about getting stiff in the dick, standing up and sitting down had its difficulties with that much wrapping around most of my body. But with Tom at Lights On Studio, the images are always going to be worth every effort to create more totally amazing images. It was interesting to see what I would look like buried in a pyramid from thousands of years ago. I eagerly want to work with Tom at Lights On Studio again and I hope we can have more photos in the future for Favorite Hunks!

Favorite Pic of the Day (2) for October 29th

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Riveting Reads

Horror Hunks: Leo Rossi in Halloween II

'Just when you thought it was safe to go trick or treating...'

Not sure how I missed this one.... Over the last few years, I thought I'd uncovered all the nude scenes from the original Halloween series.  Last year, when I featured Tom Atkins from Halloween III, (HERE) I thought that was it.  I think it's because I've watched much of the films on AMC, a channel that regularly censors out the nudity.  This year, I caught some of Halloween II on a channel that didn't. 

The Accused (1988)

Now if I had to pick a hunk from the film I would have hoped to see naked, my first choice would have been Lance Guest. (left below).  But... Lance hasn't done any nudity that I know of and I ended up being pleasantly surprised at how hot actor Leo Rossi's wet butt looked getting out of that hot tub.

If you didn't know his name, I'm guessing most of you know his face.  Leo Rossi has been a fixture, especially as the bad guy, on TV and on film since the mid seventies.  I'll never forget how much I loathed him as one of guys hassling Jodie Foster in The Accused.  Rossi's resume is too long to list, but I'm guessing it would be impossible not to have seen one of his many roles and projects.

Final Rinse:

'Mother! Oh, God, Mother! Blood! Blood!!'
Norman Bates

FH readers may remember that it took me awhile (too long) to embrace classic black and white films.  This meant I was well into adulthood before seeing Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 masterpiece Psycho. Although I've featured actor John Gavin, and Viggo Mortensen' disappearing ass from the 1990 re-make, (HERE:) I've never paid tribute to the original classic.

Original Artwork from Classic Configuration

This year, my inspiration was Entertain Me's Michael, who sent me a hot shower shot. (below). Though the original image wasn't meant to pay tribute to Psycho, the mysterious man standing just outside the shower had me thinking of the classic thriller.


The red shirt wearing stranger beside Michael in the shower ended up being model David Pevsner, (who I've previously featured HERE:) who Michael says is as good behind the camera, as he is in front of it.  With Michael's permission, I add a little blood rain to the image, to match David's shirt, and the murderous Halloween theme.

Image by Suntown Photo

There is a reason shower scenes in movies tend to be so memorable, Psycho being one of the greatest examples. The shower scene is not just remembered because of it's depiction of Marion Crane's grizzly end, it is also remembered because of the violent interruption of erotically intimate moment.

This interruption of intimacy, is one of the reasons shower scenes are so memorable. It is interesting to me how showers can bring on an added layer of exposure and intimacy. I have featured many shoots in which a model is first shot in a studio or location, totally nude, but also totally dry. Even without a stitch of clothing, they don't seem as naked or as vulnerable as they do, wet, and totally alone in the shower.

Image by Mike Tossy

Most showers don't provide an escape.  If there's a butcher knife wielding killer on the other side of the curtain, you either attack, or back into the shower tiles behind you.  You're trapped, wet, naked and defenseless against the blade of steel heading towards your exposed skin and extremities.

This erotically charged method of gutting a character has been a staple on screen since Janet Leigh slumped over the tub in 1960.  Anne Heche (above) backed into the tiles in the 1998 shot by shot remake Psycho.  Mel Brooks, (below) was attacked by Barry Levinson and a newspaper in 1977's High Anxiety, and even Charlene Tilton, (above) TV's  Lucy Ewing fought back to no avail in the 1994 parody, The Silence of the Hams.

High Anxiety (1977)

Many famous celebrities copied Leigh's famous shower scream for Instagram including her daughter Jamie Lee Curtis.  Curtis' copy was then copied by late night host James Corden.

Of course some of the best shots celebrating Leigh's last shower are done by non-celebrities, my favorites being from hot steamy hunks like Canada_Bry. (below)

Canada Bry

Bates Motel re-worked the scene in it's final season, faking out audiences members by first, making us think it would be Rihanna was destined for the knife.  It ended up being Austin Nichols who slumped over the tub for a bloody end.  Below, Austin shows us his flesh colored modesty undies in a behind the scenes shot.

Austin Nichols in Bate Motel

Of course no movie worth it's salt can be considered iconic without a porn parody.  There were several straight porn parody, but Dominic Ford's Boyfriends is the only gay porn parody that I could find.  As you can guess, it wasn't a butcher knife that penetrated this particular shower taker.

Let's end with one of my favorite tributes the the classic shower scene, this one by Instagram, and FH favorites, Rick n Griff.  No mother may I was requested or required.

Rick n Griff

FH Costume Parade:

As is tradition here at FH, this past Saturday, we had our annual Halloween gala and costume contest. If you missed out on highlights from our past parties, you can check out the winners HERE HERE & HERE


Now.. no matter how many times we say coming as Adam, (minus the fig leaf) doesn't qualify as a costume, there were still plenty of Adams (and a couple of Eve's) in the crowd. In addition to a few Maleficent's and other spandex wearing super hero's, as well as that familiar smell of newly purchased leather thick in the air. Here are some of this year's highlights which the judges narrowed down the top three winners.

Business on the top, party on the  bottom

The end of Game of Thrones brought on a slew of costumes related to the show, but the glutey member of the King's guard was tops, and bottoms.

My personal favorite was this hunky lumberjack.  Sadly, when it was his time on stage he struggled with his axe and wood.  Maybe next year Bob!

Captain Caveman

Although this little pussy had his fans, he didn't do his research.  Although adorable, hairless kitty's  are one o the least popular breeds with most in attendance.

These busy bunnies weren't that original, but their energizer like enthusiasm tripled their votes.

Although this Zombie Apocalypse victim wore nothing but a terrified look, he did bring along three blood thirsty pals to complete the look.

I thought our bulked up red devil might take the crown, but he walked out mid context after a hot long haired Jesus won Mr. Congeniality.

Red Devil  by Stanley Stellar

Sadly, two contestants had to be disqualified..   Organizers asks all those who enter to clearly identify their costume and character.  Although very much appreciated, all the guy below wrote on his entry form was 'big dick.'  Appropriate for sure, but not technically a character...

The hottie who came as 'ER patient' seemed a shoe in for the finals.  Unfortunately he lit up in the non-smoking venue.  Although he did go outside, security still choose to remove him, (and his robe) before the end of the contest.

We had several Star Wars themed entries again this year.  Although Han's refusal to raise his light saber kept him from winning, Han's heinie did ensure a third place finish.

Gold Bikini Leia

Out gold bikini clad Leia sadly had to settle for second runner up.  Dove would been first runner up, but finalists were all told they had to come and enter solo. (Bringing along a Solo was a no no!)

Our first runner up pulled out the big guns, and the beat cop open to any and everyone who wanted a squeeze of his hot fuzz.

Coming as Friday the 13th's Jason Voorhees certainly isn't an original concept, when he got onstage, and wielded his machete, a winner was crowned! 👑