Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 19th

Beautiful shot by Fotograffix By Jake.

Dylan Rosser's 'RED'


(London, England – AUG 19, 2009) – The color red; the color of lust, the color of passion. Come this October, famed British photographer Dylan Rosser will explore the sensual nature of the color that has, for centuries, inspired emotions of love, pain and redemption in his new book entitled RED.

Following the success of his last book, X-Posed, and with the help of popular gay book publisher Bruno Gmunder, Rosser has set out to publish a collection of photographs that celebrate the nude male form, and which explore the deep emotions of the color red.

"After my debut book last year, I really wanted to focus on a theme," explains Rosser. "X-Posed was all about showcasing my work from over the past few years. So, this time I wanted to come up with a concept that would be visually pleasing. I had not seen a book of nudes based around a color theme, and what better color than red? It is all about sensuality and even danger! I had already started using the color in my work during the previous years, so once I had the book concept in my head I started to expand on what I had already done."

RED is a book more erotic and sexual in nature than Rosser's previous work. It includes a variety of male models from an array of diverse backgrounds and body types, while also including shots of the phallus in various states of arousal. There are some familiar faces (and bodies) in the book such as international aerial artist and performer Arian Levanael, models Jakub Stefano, Matthew Ludwinski and Rob Pacicca, along with adult film stars Marco Blaze, Turk Mason and Andy O'Neill. Many of the models in the book agreed to go nude exclusively for Rosser and RED, allowing him to utilize his signature element of elegant sophistication in ways and with models no one else can.

"Even though there is no clothing in the book, I have made use of fabric in many of the images," describes Rosser. "RED is definitely a bit more erotic than my last book. And whether that has been a subconscious result of the red theme or just a natural direction of my work, I cannot be sure. Though I think for this book it is appropriately suited."

The inclusion of the color red in Rosser's images exudes a natural aura of emotional intensity that can oftentimes be arousing. Through the use of this simple element, Rosser has discovered the perfect balance between subject and color, and has combined them all into a collection of timeless photographs that provide photography enthusiasts and male form admirers’ visual gratification that is both indulgent and artistic.

Dylan Rosser's work can be found online at and on bookshelves worldwide. He currently resides in London, England.

RED, is already available for pre-order on most book sites such as Amazon, Waterstones, 10percent, and TLA Video