Sunday, December 29, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 29th

Viktor by Rawle B
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Happy Birthday today December 29th

Hey Jude!

Happy 41st to Jude Law!
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Photographer Mikel Marton always inspires but his new series Citrus Solstice was a wonderful after Christmas gift. Check out the entire series, Lover In Lemon on Mikel's tumblr HERE:

In A Rush

It's official, the Hemsworth brothers need their own FH category. Will have to put that together soon. Not everyone can (or should) pull off this style and length of hair, but on Chris Hemsworth it works. It is especially hot during his far to few sex scenes in Rush.

Tight: Viktor by Rawle B

It used to be common, especially with young actress's, to ensure within their portfolio was a least one shot of them in a tight shirt or sweater. In the late 1940's and 1950's, the term 'sweater girls' was coined for the women, whose chest, heaving just below the shirt or sweater, was really the star (s) of the show. Since then men have continued to find ways to ensure almost every piece of clothing for women, (including the still popular wet t-shirt contests)show off their chest and breasts.

Although not as frequently talked about, we men know a tight t-shirt can be our best friend or our worst enemy. For those of us with just the right physique, there is nothing like the right shirt to show off all those hours in the gym. We all wear t-shirts, but in order to obtain that perfect look you have to ensure your wearing the one that best suits your frame. If your too muscular, your shirt can look like it is straining to stay in place, if your too thin, it can look almost bored, just hanging there like it has nothing really to do.

But the perfect shirt, color and fit, along with the perfect chest can be spectacular to behold. 21 year old model Viktor Jay has an incredible body and chest, and his shirts look like they were tailor made to best show it off. The blue, black, and especially the grey one look as if they were made specifically to highlight Viktor's chest, stomach, neck and arms.

In addition to his incredible body, Viktor also has a great face, with an almost European look, including his beautiful blue eyes, nose and lips that are all highlighted in these images from New York photographer Rawle B. Although some photographers would have quickly worked to have the shirt on the floor, Rawle B. wisely choose to keep his shirt on, tightly, for a large part of the shoot.

Rawle contacted Viktor though Model Mayhem about setting up a shoot, but initially didn't hear anything back. Then, one day out of the blue Viktor shot Rawle and e-mail and photographer and model agreed on a date, place and time. Because Viktor was in college, Rawle decided to make the 2hrs and 45 minute drive to him and book a hotel for shoot. Winter weather was not on his side however, and the drive ended up taking quite a bit longer than usual. Rawle did not have Viktor's cell number and worried he might lose the opportunity to shoot. Thankfully Viktor called him to confirm just about the time Rawle was pulling into his final destination on the journey.

'When I got to the house, a house that he shares with roommates near campus, there was a big sign written up in paper on the glass door "Welcome Rawle". I was surprised and it made all the driving in the bad weather worthwhile with such a warm welcome. Viktor turned out to be really humble, down to earth and very beautiful, even more so than the pics I had seen of him on his MM profile.'

During the shoot Viktor confessed to Rawle was he was actually the first photographer to shoot him, outside of having his friends take a few snapshots of him. Rawle says the new model was very comfortable in front of the camera and great at taking direction as well as being very comfortable in his own skin. By the time the shoot was finished Viktor and Rawle were both hungry so grabbed a bite to eat before heading back to Viktor's house. There, they downloaded the images and both were exited and very happy with the results of their collaboration. When I was going through Rawle's portfolio there were a lot of images I loved, but there was something about his work with Viktor, especially the images of Viktor in (and out of) the tight t-shirt, that had me wanting to use Viktor's images to introduce Rawle's work.

I had never heard the name Rawle as a first name before and really loved it so was curious about it's origin. Rawle was born in Trinidad and Tobago in an Olympic year and his father named him after an Olympic athlete that went to the games and participated in sailing. Rawle spent much of his regular working life in the healthcare industry but it was when he was traveling for work that he developed a stronger interest and love for photography. Rawle's entry into shooting was a unique one as his first shoot came from responding to an ad by someone who wanted to be erotically photographed by a stranger. Rawle found the experience fascinating and began setting up shoots of his own as a way to give himself an outlet for his own creativity, especially while traveling. 'Working long hours and spending countless nights in a hotel room can get to you sometimes if you don't do something to make it be more exciting.'