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Favorite Pic of the Day for December 4th

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Happy Birthday today December 4th

Stephen by Branislav Jankic

Happy 25th to model Stephen James

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Interesting Angles: Felipe by Carlos Miranda Photography

'I look for interesting angles, how the light defines or obscures details, a small flaw that can provide insight, a hidden element....perhaps. I try to capture a stillness and a quiet moment, almost as if frozen.'

It was certainly an interesting, not to mention beautifully voluptuous, angle that inspired me to contact Montreal photographer Carlos Miranda about his steamy shoot with Felipe. I love how Carlos so enticingly captured Felipe in the shower. His captured angles are both erotic and sensually appetizing, leaving the viewer longing for more.

I love Felipe's body and look, and the 24 year old Montreal models beautifully moves into such graceful and seductive poses. Felipe completes his seduction of the viewer with his great lips and piercing brown eyes. Carlos did an incredible job pulling all of Felipe's most appealing assets into their shoot with not only those angles, but through the location, lighting and Felipe's elegant poses.

Photographer and model connected through Model Mayhem after Felipe responded to a casting Carlos had posted. They chatted a few times before the shoot, to decide what type of images Felipe was both interested, and comfortable doing. They decided in the end to do a few different shoots and locations, both indoor and out and both clothed and semi and implied nudes. After choosing a date and time, Carlos picked Felipe up at the closest metro station and they headed to Carlos' condo to get to work.

'I'm privileged to live along the Lachine Canal, with a southern exposure; the light is perfect throughout most of the day. Our first shoot was outside by the canal; Felipe was a bit shy in public and was not too comfortable wearing speedos and shorts without his shirt. There were not that many people out that day, but I respected his comfort level and didn't push him further than he wanted. When we got back inside, however, he was much less shy. Even though we had discussed that he would only do implied nudity and not full nudity, almost immediately he had no problems posing completely naked and was even coming up with poses that he thought would work to show off his assets :).'

'Felipe had done a few shoots before and was very comfortable in front of the camera. He knew his angles well and was very receptive to direction. The shower shoot was entirely his idea. I had done self portraits in the shower before, but had not had the opportunity to shoot anyone else, so I found it was a fun experience to try. There were a few technical issues that I was not too happy about, but overall, I'm pleased with the way the photos turned out. Felipe and I are both from Latin America, and it was immediately comforting for him that we shared that commonality. Even though, he moved to Canada when he was young, his Spanish is perfect. In between shoots, we sat on the balcony and chatted about his life and experiences, his studies, relationships, etc. The whole time we spent together was very fun and relaxing, which is how I generally like to conduct my photo shoots.'

Although Carlos has been a photographer for many years, he only recently decided to re-familiarize himself with portrait photography. He had shot portraits before, while studying architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design, but had shifted his focus away from the human form once he began practising architecture and interior design. Carlos decided to do a few portrait shoots to challenge himself and gain some practice in the field. His inspiration include some of the many great photographers of the human inform including; Bruce Weber, Mario Testino, Jack Peirson and Herb Ritts to name a few. Having spent so much time shooting spaces, architecture, landscapes and cityscapes, Carlos says it has been quite different and refreshing. 'Even though they are quite different, I try to approach the subjects in the same manner.'

Working in Montreal, a city renowned for it's sexy population, Carlos says there are plenty of sexy people running around that would make amazing subjects. Although not shy in most situations, Carlos confesses being very timid when it comes to approaching people out about posing on the streets, while riding the metro or out at restaurants. 'I feel it comes across as a bit sketchy/seedy to ask random strangers if they would like to pose for photos. One of my goals for 2016 is to be a bit more bold and not be so scared to chat with people.' Given the results of his work with Felipe, I anxiously await seeing who Carlos chats up and the images that follow!

Nick Nolte: Undiscovered Treasure

Sadly, when you think of actor Nick Nolte today, often it is the images of his 2002 mugshot for DUI that comes to mind. If Nick had to be remembered for a mugshot, it's too bad it's not his 1961 mugshot (below) following his arrest for selling phony draft cards.

It's too bad, I have recently dived into Nolte's film archive and have been impressed with his body of work. Up until recently, I really didn't pay too much attention to Nolte as an actor, or as the sex symbol he most certainly was. I don't even remember seeing much of his work growing up except for Cape Fear, which I went to the theatre to see when I was just 14 or 15. I remember the film scared the shit out of me, mostly due to Robert De Niro's terrifying and relentless portrayal of Max Cady. When recently catching the movie on TV, De Niro was still brilliant, but for the first time gained an appreciation for the difficult role Nolte pulled off in the film.

My decision to put together a piece on Nolte started with that repeat airing of Cape Fear, but was followed by recently watching Nolte in The Prince Of Tides, as well as a recent TCM airing of The Deep. The Deep, except for Nolte's tight shorts, was pretty forgettable, but his turn in Barbra Streisand's The Prince Of Tide was hauntingly memorable. Nolte was incredible as Tom Wingo, and I was glad to find out he was nominated for an Academy Award for the role.

Nolte attended university on a football scholarship, but eventually left to pursue his passion for theatre. To make a living, Nolte began modeling in the 60's, but eventually started getting roles on television and in movies. Nolte's acting career really got a boost from the attention he received for his work in the 1976 mini-series Rich Man Poor Man.

The Deep (1977)

Ack! Notle is one of Bisset's Men...

Finding some of Nolte's early movies wasn't easy, many have yet to make it to DVD. Youtube was helpful and I managed to find copies of several of films including 1979's North Dallas Forty. I loved Nolte in this film, flawed and sexy and he certainly committed to the role. I think when looking back, Nolte was at his hottest in the 70's. Check out caps from the film in the post below.

The Prince Of Tides (1991)

Nolte at his 1970's finest

Nick Nolte: Actors & Skin

I believe my research turned up most, if not all of Nolte's nude scenes over the years. I think Nolte first skinned, in a sex scene in the 1975 flick Return to Macon County. Nolte's co-stars in the film were Robin Mattson and an equally gorgeous Don Johnson. There is a scene with Nolte and Mattson in bed having sex, but although he was clearly naked, it was filmed as many nude scenes are, so that nothing really can be seen. If you're interested in checking out the film, the entire movie has been uploaded on Youtube.

Return to Macon County (1975)

Nick 'appears' to have a frontal scene early in 1798's Who'll Stop The Rain. As get getting out of a shower and toweling off, the camera moves down, but Nolte's junk is darkened to the point that nothing really can be seen.

Who'll Stop The Rain (1978)

Weeds (1987)

Weeds may be one of Nolte's least seen movies, but it also included, what I believe to be, is his biggest nude scene exposure. The caps, including the very brief frontal are not clear as this movie has never had a DVD release. The only copies, including the one I found, are all from the VHS release.

Down and Out in Beverly Hills (1986)

North Dallas Forty (1979)

Given the character and his struggles Nolte played in North Dallas Forty he may not have been at his fittest, but he is certainly at his hottest.

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