Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 7th

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It Always Feels Like...

Somebody's watchin me....

Multiple lessons about cell phone use in this shot, .#1 being if you're focused on your phone, someone else might be focused on you...

Are The Olympics Ready For.....

A Dude Duo?

In many ways it was shockingly that it was only this year that an openly gay skater was on the US Olympic team. Although we have always known that many figure skaters were gay, Olympian Adam Rippon made history being the first officially openly gay skater to not only compete, but to medal in the team event.

This made me wonder if, and when we might see a same sex couple competing in the pairs event. The pairs skate is my favorite to watch due to the incredible lifts and throws and element of risk and danger in some of the skaters moves. I can envision two women or two men taking the sport to all new levels of beauty and risk.

Same sex pair skating isn't really new, there a few pairs skating together in ice shows and exhibitions. One of the most famous, and most popular is The Ukraine's Aleksander Liubchenko and France's Jean-Denis Sanchis who have been skating together for the last five years. The pair describe themselves as an acrobatic duo and combine skating, performance and circus together in an act that has become wildly popular at Xtreme Skating Championships in Europe and Russia.

Although I sort of feel same sex pair skating may be down (way) down the road, I think it could be awhile before the judges allow them to do it shirtless.

Next two shots from Olivier Brajon

Bringing Saxy Back: Andrew by Gordon Nebeker

Some of you may remember Andrew, and his impressive instrument, when I featured his work with photographer Gordon Nebeker earlier this year. (Sans Sax) The Vermont model recently traveled to Florida, and these shots, hot off the press, come from his shoot with Gordon shot just yesterday.

Gordon will be releasing shots from the shoot soon on his Instagram, but I was excited that Gordon sent on a few so FH readers could get a sneak peak!  It was far too cold to dive into the pool when they worked together in Boston last Autumn, but the weather was perfect yesterday for Andrew, and his sax, to take a dip. I had a feeling Andrew would be take like a fish to water to Gordon's signature underwater work and I look forward to seeing more from the shot in the future.

Drae Axtell: FaVorite FiVe

I haven't seen Raw Latin Heat, Raw Threeway, Saluting Sergeant, or any of Drae Axtell's movies, but I did stumble upon some of his images last week which had me wanting to see more. When it comes to the male form, I tend to get more from images than film, but I can see why Drae is so popular in the genre.

If his charisma, and raw sex appeal in his images is any indication, I am sure he is a powerhouse performer. In his images, Drae can be fun and goofy or intensely sexual, sometimes even both. Regardless, his beautiful eyes, his lips and his rockin body were meant to be memorialised, both in captured moments, and in motion.