Sunday, October 21, 2007

Favorite Runway Outfit of the Week:

OK, looking at the large version of the pic (just click on it) you get a nice outline of buddy's package, but whomever put this outfit in this show should be washing clothes not creating them....

From the Heatherette Fall 2007 runway show
You Can Watch the video here:

Favorite Hollywood Mysteries...

I have always wondered why with the thousands of talented actors in the world, why some make it. Below are three actress's I for some reason cannot stand. Their fame boggles me. If anyone feels differently, please share??? More actors to come...

Patricia Arquette: Was it the family name that got her work? I have thought her ok in a few of her early film roles, but really is she not a bad actress? Her Emmy win over some of televisions finest for Medium is still a head scratcher.

I could not even bother looking for an image of Emily Proctor, I simply went for a CSI shot. I have not gotten into CSI Miami and she is one of the main reasons, she is like nails on a chalkboard to me. I have seen a couple of interviews with her and she seems so full of herself and preoccupied with her appearance it was frightening. Any Emily fans out there?

Ok, I admit, she got me in Boys Don't Cry, deserved the Oscar win, but other than that role this girl bugs the shit out of me. No reason why, could be her voice, her acting, her looks, whatever it is, with the exception of a DVD viewing of Boys Don't Cry I have no interest in anything she does. She could not even lure me to Million Dollar Baby and I like Clint Eastwood and his work.

Favorite Underwear of the Day: Boxers

Feel like being a bit breezy today.

Favorite Boxer Boy: DAYTON SCHLOSSER

Wonder if Dayton is still teaching...This pic always got to me, the Abercrombie And Fitch model had some hot shots, wonder if he still models and why he is not working more...

Dayton Schlosser

More Dayton Schlosser

Roberth by John Andresen

When I first got my own computer in the early 2000's and starting scouring the internet for images of the male form, one of the first photographer's that I discovered was John Andresen. John's work, especially with dancers and athletes, grabbed my attention with his eye and skill at capturing incredible bodies in motion. I was especially taken with John's work with the incredibly beautiful Norwegian ballet start Roberth Refling. Roberth's poses were so sharp and sleek, and his images began my passion for images of dancers. I have said many times that a dancers connection with their bodies enables them to create some of the most incredible captured moments. Something at the heart of John Andresen's work.

John Andresen on Instagram

Pic Of The Day: Oct 21st

The Beautiful Alvaro Nates

Unconventional Hunk of the Day: Shia Labeouf

There is something about Shia Labeof...cannot put my finger on it, but there is.

Shia in Bobby

Favorite Photographer for Oct 2st: Troy Phillips

In The Barn

You can visit Troy's site here:

Favorite Birthdays for October 21st:

Happy Birthday to:

Matt Dallas Turns 25

Will Estes turns 29

Jeremy Miller From Growing Pains turns 31

The amazing Carrie Fisher turns 51 today.

I love Judge Judy Sheindlin, and it looks like she likes to party...Today she parties into her 65th year.