Thursday, June 18, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 19th

Andrey by Bodytorium
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Happy Birthday today June 19th

Happy 37th to actor Aidan Turner!

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Sway Me Now

Even with the pandemic, I somehow missed out on finding out about the Sway House, and the Sway Boys, until last month.  Although it began in January, it was the arrest of two of it's members last month that enlightened me on the TikTok Collective.

Bryce Hall

The Sway house, a Bel Air mansion houses some of the most popular teen hotties from TikTok. Josh Richards, Anthony Reeves, Kio Cyr, Griffin Johnson, Bryce Hall and Jaden Hossler live together, frat house style, with a focus on creating videos and content for the platform.

Hall & Jaden Hossler

It was the two shirtless  Sway boys above, Bryce and Jaden, who were arrested after heading out for a Memorial Day Weekend road trip.  They made it all the way to Giddings, Texas, when they were arrested and charged with drug possession.  Like any reality show, the drama only brought more attention to the house and the boys.  It certainly grabbed my attention, for a brief moment anyway...

A Strip-tease of the Soul

'An unlikely place, a club from the imagination, a cabaret steamy with liberty.'

 Welcome to Giovanni’s club, a creation for seven performers surrounding the mythical figures of Casanova and Don Giovanni.  Through the club's power of seduction, the pains and weaknesses of the men who enter are revealed.  Although the play, staged at the Company As Palavras closed a few years ago, visuals and video remain!

Ezra Fieremans with Vincent Clavaguera.

The performance,  nominated to the Belgian Critics Prize 2017, was highlighted by the beauty and movement of Belgium actor Ezra Fieremans,  Due to the erotically intensity the club goers experience, fewer men go into the club, than ever come out...

At the End of a Walk: Andrey by Bodytorium

'Andrey loves everything to do with travel and outdoors - hiking, cycling, road trips and especially taking his motorbike out for a spin.'

When Phil from Bodytorium decided to broach the possibility of Andrey modeling nude, Phil wisely decided an outdoor activity might be helpful.  Andrey had never modeled before, let alone nude.  Phil knew from experience that asking an almost complete stranger to take off their clothes,so you can take hundreds of pictures of them naked,  requires both being thoughtful, and careful planning....

Andrey lives in a town near Bratislava, and by day, works as a network hardware technician. In addition to his passion for all outside activities,  Andrey also dabbles in calisthenics, and  occasionally worked out with a model Phil had previously worked with.  It was this model who suggested to Phil that Andrey might be a great future model for Bodytorium.

Given the pandemic was just starting, meeting at Phil's home or in a coffee shop were not possibilities.  Not to be deterred,  Phil suggested to Andrey they go for a walk to get to know each other and discuss the possibility of a photoshoot.  When the met up, even with masks on and with socially distancing in place, Phil could tell right away, his former model's suggestion was a great one.

'I  immediately noticed he had a sexy body (especially great legs and ass) when we first met up for our walk. He radiated sexual energy. I also caught a glimpse of his bulge which looked promising.'

In addition to knowing Andrey would look great naked, Phil was also impressed with how trustworthy and uncomplicated he was.  Andrey discussed the importance of trust, and staying true to his word, and also his love and loyalty to both family and friends.  Andrey was also listener, something Phil knew was invaluable during a shoot.

'At some point during our walk, Andrey turned to me and asked, “Have you ever photographed a totally naked guy?” To which I replied “Yes, that’s what I do all the time.” I was surprised and a bit amused by his question. I thought he would have known, given that I explained the kind of photography I do on a call earlier. But some people interpret and visualize “male nudes” in different ways and It wasn’t the first time I needed to clarify.'

'Luckily, towards the end of our walk, Andrey smiled and said, “I’ve decided, I'll do it!”. He added that he makes up his mind quickly and that he doesn’t procrastinate or change his mind later. He said it helps him explore new things and move forward.  As you can see from these shots, Andrey was true to his word.'

If you regularly check out Bodytorium, you may have noticed that Andrey first appeared on the site in April.  Phil followed up with a second set of images in May, and a third set premieres on the site today.  Check out the hundreds of incredible views of every side of Andrew on Bodytorium HERE: