Saturday, October 20, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 20th

Jimmy by Pierre Simard
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Happy Birthday today October 20th

Happy 54th Viggo!

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The Boundary Balance: Jimmy by Pierre Simard

I first featured the work of Montreal artist Pierre Simard last year featuring his work with model Yohann Duval. In that piece, Yohann described his desire to do something different, to take a risk and do something outside his comfort zone, to push the boundaries which usually surround him. Playing with boundaries is intrinsic to Pierre's work and I love how he explores elements of risk both directly, yet skillfully subtle. Sometimes it seems many photographers who explore the world of fetish feel the need to tackle the subject with an almost 'in your face' attitude and I love how Pierre's work is more delicate, about the man more than the leather he is adorning.

Jimmy Esquiliano is Latino-Mexican hailing from Mérida, Yucatan. Jimmy arrived in Canada, alone in 2005 and moved to the small Quebec city of Rivière-Du-Loup. A few years later at the age of 30, and with a strong desire to find a 'new life' and explore new experiences, Jimmy decided to move to Montreal. Now, at 33, Jimmy's modeling career is just beginning, his first shoot took him to New York and work with a other professional photographers has quickly followed!

'I first met Pierre while shooting for a campaign for Fugues Magazine. I found him professional, liked the way that he works. Then I proposed myself to be a model for another project. I was really happy to participate to a second shooting with him. I explored something that I never done before. The moment was great and I loved the results of our collaboration'
Jimmy Esquiliano

'I met Jimmy for the first time in a shooting photo where he was a model for a specific project. The concept of his scene was “Healing”, so he was wearing clothes (too much clothes!) and he needed to be peaceful and calm in the arms of another model. The session was short because we got nice pictures in the first shots.'
Pierre Simard

When Jimmy contacted Pierre for a second shoot, he immediately said yes and began organizing a second shooting with him. Pierre felt this time however, it needed to be something totally different from the previous shooting. This led to a discussion about leather, fetish and various accessories that could compose the series.

'During the shooting, I decided to bring some colors in the pictures to give a certain energy, contrast and pop-up the eye sight on the model. The session was really cool, fun and distracting! A bit of oily too! Haha! I love when both I and the model could share ideas and poses, it makes a real collaboration to me, and this exactly what happened with Jimmy.'

Pierre Simard Official Site:
Pierre Simard On ModelMayhem

A Bomer Badonkadonk

Matthew Bomer: Magic Mike

Magic Mike finally hits the DVD market this Tuesday! I know many are hoping for some DVD surprises, but I think most of the good stuff has hit the net already. An early nice surprise was an addition strip scene by Matthew Bomer. (below) I think Matthew was the guy I most anticipated seeing in the movie.

I am not sure the actor would have done this role prior to officially coming out, and may have shied away from the role. Bomer seems empowered even in his small role and there is an additional touch of excitement watching him dance in his g-string surrounded by Channing, Alex, Adam and Joe!

Magic Mike caps from the phenomenal!

If A Picture Paints....

There are many reasons to support one candidate or another. The big issue is of course the economy but firing policy is equally important and tied to the economy as with each war, more and more money is required.

Although I see a clear difference between Romney and Obama with both of these issues, the place the difference seems especially clear, and wide, are without a doubt, with social issues.

Women's issues (especially abortion) and gay issues(especially marriage) are far too often used in elections, a place they so don't belong. The division between Church and State seems to be left at the door when these issues can be used to further either candidate. Both abortion and gay marriage are important issues, but are so closely linked to religion and bible interpretations. People use one passage, one section of the bible, ignoring all the thousands of other sections about loving and caring, to further the agenda of another.

Romney got a lot of heat for his binder comment this week. Although I am sure he regrets it, I don't believe there was anything harmful intent when using this word. It was a poorly chosen clearly, but not as big a deal as many are making it.

Myself, I was quite surprised that people did not pick up on another word he used. A smaller word yes, but one much more powerful, and telling, in my opinion. A few sentences after the binder comment, Romney followed up with this:

'But number two, because I recognized that if you're going to have women in the workforce that sometimes you need to be more flexible. My chief of staff, for instance, had two kids that were still in school.'

Now maybe I am making too much of the word if, but... it struck me as a far better example of the Republicans ticket's feelings on women's rights than the word binder. Binder was a dumb mistake, if indicates a way of thinking. Why not just say 'Women' are in the workforce, or simply 'With' women in the workforce. If indicates there is a question about it, a choice. If indicates maybe women should or shouldn't be in the work place. Maybe... (if) we should go back to traditional family roles where the women had no choices, then dinner could get on that table no later than 6pm.

Traditional used to be a sweet word, one that was comforting and worthy of respect. When connected to values, traditional often means denying rights which in turn as we know, usually helps promote hate. Traditional is quickly becoming a rather frightening thought. It was once tradition for Americans to own slaves and women to have little to no rights....traditional like family picnics and apple pie, good times!