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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 19th

Victor by Alpha Boy
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Seasonal Sightings

The Mandate Man:

'With handsome New Yorker Ron Baxter, Mandate inaugurates its monthly discovery, uncovering both his personality and his physicality. Just for you.'

Mandate Magazine:
The International Magazine of Entertainment & Eros
June, 1975
Cover Model: Ron Baxter
Photographed by Ron Larson 

I'm not a huge fan of using fur in photo-shoots, but given this series was shot in 1975, I'll cut it some slack.  I am a huge fan of fur however, when it's on the chest of a hot model like Ron Baxter.  When I saw the cover for this magazine, I had to see more.  Not only did it scream the 70's, Ron has such an incredibly beautiful face, I wanted to see more.

'If Mandate discovery Ron Baxter has an all-American vitality, it's because he's an outdoorsman.  Surfing and sail boating keeps this 21-year-old ew Yorker in enviable shape. Combining intelligence, warmth and a personal charm that radiates, mesmerizing everyone who meets him. '

'Ron is a house-painter studying oceanography at a Long Island college.  He'll soon be West Coast-bound, diving his time between modeling and television commercial assignments and his planned career as a marine biologist. '

Horror Hunks: Eden Classens in Slumber Party Massacre

'You Know the Drill...'

 In 1982's original Slumber Party Massacre, the focus was definitely on exploiting the female form.  About half a dozen female characters were stripped down in the slasher.  In the 2021 version, director Danishka Esterhazy ensure her male characters are given equal time.

In the new reimagining of Roger Corman's 1982 slasher film, there is not only a shirtless male pillow fight, one of the male characters, Matt, has a long, lingering shower scene.  You can't blame Esterhazy, or the audience, from wanting to linger viewing Matt's beautiful behind, especially given Matt is played by South African model and actor Eden Classens.  

Eden's ass was obviously a bit too much for some of the censors working for the US SYFY channel.  While Canadian viewers got to enjoy the view, US viewers saw Eden's butt blurred and extra steam added to the shower scene.  Not exactly sure why they would bother, or be so cruel to US viewers!

Pillow Fight!

 SPOILER ALERT: I don't want to spoil anything for anyone, but as beautiful as Eden's ass is, the clip also contains a rather big plot spoiler.

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Progressive Journey: Victor by Alpha Boy

'Celebrating the uniqueness and individuality of the male model as an object of desire.'

For those readers who've been checking out FH for awhile, you know there are several themes I love exploring.  Although I love spotlighting models of all ages, both professional and amateur, I especially love featuring new models posing fully nude for the first time.  I enjoy hearing about their experience taking it all off for that first shoot, and the thought process that went into making the decision to do so.

I love also love exploring the theme of undressed and dressed.  FH readers know that I love to start posts with a fully clothed model, then slowly reveal what lies beneath.  I do this with intent.  For starters, I like the models that I feature to be seen as full human beings, not just a series of body parts.  I find starting a story with clothed and portrait shots help introduce a model to viewers in the same way most of us meet other people, fully clothed.

I also tend to believe that you can't truly desire someone unless you first see them clothed.  I understand that many might argue with this point, and I certainly believe you can want, and lust for a body when seeing a nude shot.  To go beyond though, requires imagination.  One of the hottest parts of desire is meeting someone dressed, and longing to see them undressed.  It's part of the process of desire to have a period of longing before finally being rewarded and satisfied.  

Both of these themes are front and center in the new digital publication Alpha Boy Magazine. The artist behind the project is James, the photographer behind  Fit Aussie Guys.  I was fortunate to have featured a few of those fit Aussie's previously on the site. (HERE:) Although the website Fit Aussie Guys is no more, James has continued shooting and creating with his latest project being Alpha Boy Magazine

James just finished his 15 issue of the magazine, meaning he has focused his lens on 15 incredible men, most stepping in front of a professional lens naked, for the very first time.  We decided to go back to the beginning and feature Victor, the cover-boy and focus of issue #1.  Victor is a first-time model who took it all of for the magazine's premiere issue.  I asked James how the magazine came to be and how he came to choose Victor to launch the project. 

What inspired you to start a digital magazine? 
I have been a photographer for around 15 years, mostly freelance work. I've worked and photographed for fitness brands, modelling agencies, and always had an appreciation of nude male photography. I've even modelled myself a few times. I wanted a way to showcase some of my work, whilst also collaborating with other models and photographers from around the world. So Alpha Boy was born. 

What inspired the dressed/undressed theme? 
The mission statement of the magazine is "Celebrating the uniqueness and individuality of the male model as an object of desire." The idea is to showcase one male model across each issue; allowing each model the opportunity to to model a range of different styles including fashion and catalogue-style images, fitness photography if that suits the models aesthetic, and then underwear and artistic nudes. 

I believe by showing a progressive journey through the various styles of modelling the viewer can better understand the model. It's not just a porn shoot where a guy gets his dick out. But for a model to trust and collaborate with a photographer to create a story, a journey. I add things like the model's measurements, and small snippets of background and personal information about each model within the pages of the magazine, to accompany the reader on that journey.. 

What made you choose Victor as your first model? 
In my opinion, Victor is exactly what I wanted to showcase in the magazine. Physically, Victor is naturally fit. Meaning he doesn't spend six-days a week at the gym pumping iron. I believe male models should be fit and healthy, but who don't necessarily need to look like a bodybuilder either. Especially when shooting an editorial fashion spread. Victor is a first-time model too. I really love working with a model that has never been before the camera, professionally, before. He also brought along a range of very appropriate clothing for a first photoshoot to launch the magazine.  

I put out a call for models and received about five or six replies at first. I went about photographing all six models that applied over about two weeks. Victor was one of those models. Victor was lean and fit. He has a natural, friendly face and his ponytail and facial hair was very 'of the moment' in my opinion. 

What was Victor like to work with? 
My process when a model arrives is to first sit down and talk through the photoshoot. Allow them to ask any questions. I find that sometimes if/when a model is very experienced they come with preconceived ideas about how a shoot should be or what they should do. First-time models are great to work with as they don't come with expectations, but you have to earn they're trust too. Victor wasn't at all nervous, he was confident. He had no issues posing in his underwear and showing off his body. It was probably half-an-hour into the shoot that I asked Victor to remove his underwear, and I think by that stage Victor knew he would be modelling nude and was comfortable enough to get nude in the studio. It was just the two of us. Victor was totally professional, executing the same great poses and taking my direction just as well without clothes as he did with clothes. At the end of the shoot, he thanked me and said I had made the whole process easy for him.

You have a diverse collection of cover subjects. What do you look for in a model for the magazine?
I don't feel there is one type of 'perfect model'. I don't discriminate. A good photographer should be able to take just about anyone and create good images. A great body might be important, but the one thing I appreciate in any model is confidence. That, and a unique, individual style.