Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 19th

Filip by Bodytorium
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Happy Birthday today March 19th

Something about a Wet Willis....

Happy 65th to actor Bruce Willis!

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A Sprint in the Snow

Gyms Closed...  What's one to do?

Instagrams that Inspire: Carson McCalley

I first noticed images of actor Carson McCalley after reading about premiere of The Inheritance last year. The play by Matthew Lopez was originally inspired by E. M. Forster's novel Howards End. The play's focus was on a group of gay men in New York a generation after the AIDS epidemic. The play was staged in two parts of over three hours each, intended to be viewed sequentially.

Several actors from the London production, including actor John Benjamin Hickey, followed the show to Broadway with actress Lois Smith taking over Vanessa Redgrave's role of Margaret. Tony Goldwyn also took over John Benjamin Hickey role of Henry in January when Hickey left to direct another project. 

Unfortunately, Hickey never got to return as the play's run ended this month. Although it was due to end in the middle of the month anyway, the cast lost out on their last few performances after Broadway, and all mass gatherings were recently banned in New York. The gorgeous McCalley played the young Henry in the play, and after reading about the play's closure, thought it a good time to shine the spotlight on the talented and beautiful McCalley.

The cast of The Inheritance 

I had actually hoped to see the play myself, and was hoping it might still be running if I was able to make a trip to NY in the summer. Given all that's going on, that doesn't seem likely, but fingers crossed my trip might still occur in the late Autumn or maybe early next year.

Last 2 shots by JJ Geiger

I Heard You Were A Wild One: Filip by Bodytorium

'When he parties, he parties hard.'

At one time, I think I assumed anyone who chose to try nude modeling had a free spirit and a wild side.  I've since learned that's not always the case, sometimes just the opposite.  When you think of depictions of nudity in the media, even just a few decades ago, the images and models seemed different.  Although art may have been the focus, there was a greater degree of risk, and a higher probability of repercussions than are today.

In the information age upon us, and so many people sharing on-line, the risks and rules about those who shoot nudes has been thrown out the window.   Many models, beyond just wild risk takers are taking it all off. The fitness focused, religious individuals, even introverts have realized the potential financial and transformation opportunities to taking it all off.

That doesn't mean there aren't still many free spirits who take the opportunity to express creatively, and sensually in front of the lens.  I can usually spot a wild child when I see one, and the incredibly hot Filip certainly certainly exudes an adventurous vibe, especially from his beautiful eyes.

18 year old  Filip lives in a small town in central Slovakia and is currently finishing off his last year in high school.  When not in school, Filip works as a part-time bartender and helps out on caring for the horses and other animals on his family's ranch.  Bodytorium's  Phil shares that Filip appears to take everything on his plate in stride and takes things one step at a time.  Filip's busy schedule however, did make planning a shoot difficult in the beginning.

'It took a long time for us to get together. He canceled several of our planned meetups and sometimes he wouldn't answer his messages for a few days. I had to be really patient and I was on the verge of giving up on his photoshoot. When he parties, he parties hard. I think this was the likely reason for the cancellations.'

'We met up in Bratislava a couple of weeks prior to the photoshoot to see each other in person and get to know each other a bit. This is something I do with almost every potential model who I don’t know personally. It improves the comfort level during photoshoots and people often appear different in person than in the pictures they have on social media.  He's very comfortable posing nude. He was greate to work with once he finally showed up'

'Filip likes adventure, trying new things and he said that he is completely comfortable with nudity and that he really doesn’t care what some people think. He looks up to a friend who is a competitive bodybuilder and is just at the start of getting into bodybuilding himself.'

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