Sunday, February 20, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 20th

Love this shot of Goodie G by Ashland Thomas Photography

Happy Birthday today February 20th

Happy Birthday today to Andrew Shue (pictured) who turns 44 today! Check out last years birthday post including Andrew, Jay Hernandez, James Wilby and Anthony Head HERE:

Recommended: Dog Tags (2008)

Recently I had the pleasure of watching 2008's Dog Tags from writer and director Damion Dietz. Dietz, who I knew mostly from his work in comedies has created a truly unique and beautiful relationship based dramatic film.

Above: Paul Preiss

Above: Bart Fletcher

Dietz creates two very unique and intriguing men in characters Nate and Andy (actors Paul Preiss and Bart Fletcher). Both characters are searching, for belonging, and their place in the world. Both characters are not only interesting, but flawed and lovable. Preiss and Fletcher creating heartbreaking moments as two people who meet up and for a brief time, deeply impact each others lives. Through their interactions, one journey completes and another begins.

The journey both Nate and Andy travel through is beautifully told. Through his writing and exceptional directing, Dietz creates a film I really enjoyed and highly recommend. I love how Dietz leaves so much unexplained, including his main characters sexuality. The film remained my thoughts long after the credits rolled. There is enough nudity to satisfy but it is the relationship between Nate and Andy which is truly fulfilling.

Dog Tags

Written & Directed by Damion Dietz

Paul Preiss...........Nate Merritt
Bart Fletcher.........Andy Forte
Diane Davisson........Louise Forte
Candy Clark...........Deb Merritt
Amy Lindsay...........Trish Huddle
Hoyt Richards.........Gene

Just Because: Moretti Jr.

Just Because:
If you did not head over to Marlen Boro's site to check out Moretti Jr's explosive Valentine slide show the only question is why?

If you need further prodding check out my Valentines Post HERE:

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Thumbs Down....

As if I could not loath what he represents even more....

INKED -Part 3- by Hans Fahrmeyer

-Sunday's With Hans-
-Inked (Part 3)-

The word addiction is often thrown out there when discussing those who acquire tattoo after tattoo. Collecting anything to an extreme can become an addiction but none come with quite the same balance of pleasure and pain mixed with personal artistic expression.

There is without a doubt a rush of adrenaline, especially for first timers, most acute just prior to getting your tattoo. The anticipation of the end result, the process the pain. Thoughts of fleeing arise, many do, and there is a danger and risk that can be very attractive.

Endorphins flood the body in response to the pain of the needles, this effect can be powerful and like the high from orgasms is one many wish to repeat. Add to all of this the attention, both positive as well as disapproval (sought by many) and you can connect with the appeal.

Adrenaline and endorphins can also be a part of viewing an exceptional photograph. Hans Fahrmeyer's shots of men with tattoo's are just that. Generally bodies are his focus, but in this series (Part 1 HERE: Part 2 HERE:) bodies are not the focus, but instead the canvas for the art, the colors the message.

Be sure to check out the accompanying video below, as well as Hans official site HERE:

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