Friday, November 18, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 19th

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Happy Birthday today November 19th

Happy 33rd to actor Adam Driver!

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Porch View

The Studly Sudser

Like many of you, I first took notice of actor Michael Roark, shirtless around the pool in 2011's Dolphin Tale. Many co-starring roles later, including several stops on the CW and a small role in Magic Mike, (which I don't remember...) Roark has landed on The Young & the Restless.

Roark has actually been on the show for awhile, but I just noticed after seeing some shirtless captures from his role of Travis. With is sexy smile and eyes, and 'hot and ready' body, Roark is perfectly suited to be a soap stud.   It might be time for a return visit to Genoa City...

The Young And The Restless

Dolphin Tale

The Glades

A Hanes Homage: Zach Clemens by NICKET

'Wait'll We Get Our Hanes Off You!'

When shooting men in their undies, many photographers and models choose popular and sexy brands like 2(x)ist, Calvin Klein, Timoteo or Andrew Christian to wrap their packages in. Although those are all great brands, many of us have a soft spot, or a hard one, for a good ole pair of Hanes. There are many reasons for this, cost just the beginning. Most of us, after graduating from our super hero underoos, remember getting our first, 3 or 6 pack of the multi-colored Hanes briefs, for many of us, under the Christmas tree each year.

Although we may not have appreciated those ole Hanes at first, they served many of us very well. They joined us through school dances, unplanned pop-up erections in history class, and many other memorable events during our transition through our teen years. For many of us, they were also excitedly removed the first time our penis made it's first public appearance during our first sexual encounter. We all had our favorite pair, usually a color. Most of us convinced ourselves that particular pair our color was lucky, and wore them whenever we thought we needed that extra boost of confidence.

As much as we groaned about getting our 6 pack of Hanes at 11 or 12, by the time we had to buy our own undies, they were a welcome delivery from Santa. That is why I was thrilled with Nicholas's (NICKET) choice to use so many pairs of Hanes in this shoot with FH Favorite Zach Clemens. I was doubly blessed when last month Nicholas sent on two recent shoots with Zach. I featured the first set, last month as part of FH's 10th. (10: Zach by NICKET)

In that first shoot, Zach was actually donning sexy pairs of Calvin's and Timoteo's but when on location, it was Hanes all the way. Zach looks amazing in his Hanes boxers, briefs and thongs and each of the colors, black, red, grey, blue or camo look perfect against his skin. Partly it may be his undies, but in or or out of underwear, Zach knows how to interact with the camera, and Nicholas knows that although Zach's body is hot, his personality and incredible smile are what makes him so special.

'It is always a pleasure working with Zach on a bright summer day. He is in his natural element in the outdoors enjoying the sun without any clothing to interfere. He definitely prefers the freedom of outdoor shoots and exploring his surroundings, it helps to make the photo shoot more natural as he explores the possibilities of a location. This was especially true for this shoot as we went to a new SF location for the shoot.'

Although I wear several brands of underwear, for my day to day work life, I still have a few pairs of Hanes. My favorites are, and have always been, my dark purple briefs. I know there is no logic to it, but it just seems my days go a little easier at work when I'm wearing the purple. I don't know if Zach has a favorite color, but I think I like him best in the black briefs.