Friday, December 14, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 14th

Image from Eros Adonis
Check out Eros Adonis on e-bay for a huge selection of incredible images and check back tomorrow for more!

Check out today's birthday boy HERE:

It's unwrapping day on FH, enjoy!

All I Want For Christmas is YOU!

With Christmas only a week and a half away, today's FH gives you some last minute gift idea's from some of the artists whose have contributed over the past year. For whoever is left on your list, I am sure there is something here to have you at attention! Even if your shopping is all done, enjoy the images and the artistry of the photographers featured. First off, Rick Rockaway whose work with Prairie Visions Photography I featured last month! Check out more HERE:

Amoré by flondo

'I am a man of few words...but
I show the world new ways to dream'

I first entered flondo's world this past January with my feature Circus Circus. This Christmas, enter flondo's magical and erotic world of Amoré with the Toronto artists collection of calendars, prints and books!

See my feature on flondo's Eye Music HERE:

Suntown Photography: The Bare Necessities

'All you young wild girls
You make a mess of me
Yeah you young wild girls
You'll be the death of me, the death of me
Yeah you young wild girls
I'll always come back to you, come back to you'
Bruno Mars

I am currently obsessed with Bruno Mars new album Unorthodox Jukebox and especially the song Young Wild Girls whose lyrics I quoted above. For some reason the song fit when I was on blurb previewing the vast selection of books from Suntown Photography. Substitute guys for girls and you have the men David, I and many other fans of the male form keep coming back to you.

I have featured Suntown's work several times this past year on FH and the guys Suntown shoots are most certainly young, but also wild. Suntown's images aren't manipulated to change or alter the person in front of his lens. Suntown considers his job to capture naturally the man as he appears every day of his life and not a fabricated studio version.

Suntown's focus is clear in the titles of his books; "Young Cubs", "Lads of the United Kingdom", "Country shoots II" and two editions of "Simon bares his essentials", many available in both print and down loadable versions on blurb HERE:

Both Jake (Above) and Simon (below), who I previously featured on the blog are exceptional examples of those young wild guys who we all keep coming back to.

Hand-off: SHU Rugby 2013

Forget Stade, there is another group of Rugby players taking it all off for your viewing enjoyment with both a calendar and behind the scenes DVD!

The calendar features the SHU Rugby lads posing naked in a variety of locations, including the changing rooms, the showers and the pub! The DVD follows the players through each of the photo shoots and also includes a photo gallery. Both are available from the club website HERE:

The calendar is being sold to raise much needed funds to maintain and extend the club's Development Scheme. SHU Rugby is committed to promoting interest, and widening participation, in rugby and sport in general for young people in Sheffield. SHU Rugby runs four teams and welcomes players of all ages and abilities, as well as encouraging involvement through volunteering and a supporters' network.