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The Girl Around The Corner

Come around and talk awhile,
I need your smile

Like so many gay kids growing up in the 80's, my best friend was the girl around the corner.  We hung out after school, we played games, put on shows and watched hundreds of movies.  One of the movies on a loop at her house was Grease.  She had a copy on VHS and I'm sure eventually wore it out.  I knew the music as my mother had the soundtrack album, but it was my friend who really introduced me to the blonde beauty and the music of Olivia Newton-John

So much of the coverage of Olivia's death involves Grease and her biggest hit Physical.  I understand that, many know her from the film, and Physical was her biggest hit, and the song and video brought her a ton of attention.  Physical however, is not one of my favorites.  The video was boundary pushing for sure, but Olivia had so many other great songs in her catalogue.  Given this is FH however, images from the Physical video were certainly in order.

One of my favorites was 'Sam' a song I remember singing in one of those backyard variety shows we put on.  Because Sam was both a male a nd female name, I thought I was cleverly hiding when I sang it.  As simple as it's lyrics and melody are, I still love that song.  I also especially loved Please Mr. Please and for some reason was always drawn to The Promise. (The Dolphin Song)

R.I.P Olivia, it's been wonderful to hear how loved you were, and the kindness you exuded wasn't a persona, but who you really are.  Thanks also for helping me connect with that girl around the corner.  I haven't seen or heard from her in years, but today, I think I'll try to find her on-line and shoot her a message.

Who's Who in TV?

Most days, I hate those 'suggested topics' on Twitter.  I follow who I choose to follow and am not really that interested with being 'spammed' on my timeline by posts and photos of people that I didn't choose to follow.  Sometimes however, like with this post, they do inspire a story idea...   

A couple of weeks ago, one of my suggested topics included an image of actress Jessica Collins.  I didn't initially remember who she was, but certainly recognized Jessica's beautiful face.  A quick Google search had me remembering I may have seen her years ago on television, most likely, from her turn on The Young and the Restless.  That wasn't however, the only thing I discovered.

Jessica also used to star on the ABC television soap Loving.  I don't think I ever saw a single episode of Loving, but I did remember crushing over one of it's stars.  This particular soap star, also happened to be the ex-husband of actress Jessica Collins...  I've written before how much of a magazine lover I used to be.  When I was a kid, as soon as got my allowance, I'd walk to the drugstore near our home and by the latest celebrity magazine.

The late 80's and early 90's were heaven for those of us who loved magazines devoted television and movie stars.  One of my favorites was Modern Screen's Who's Who in TV.  I loved the magazine because it devoted an entire page to every show on television with bios of the main cast members.  The first three quarters of each issue were devoted to Prime-Time shows, but the last quarter was devoted to the stars of daytime soaps.

Even better that following the stars I watched and loved, was discovering hot hunks from shows I didn't watch.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who didn't watch Loving who remembers seeing images of the ultra sexy Robert Tyler who appeared on Loving.   Tyler was former model and in addition to his great body and facial structure, had the sultry and seductive expressions down pat.

Prior to acting, Tyler had a successful modeling career through much of the eighties under the credit of Barry Kaufman.  I didn't initially know this, but when searching for Tyler, kept coming up with images of Kaufman.  Eventually, I was able to confirm they were indeed the same person.  Those eyes, and that jaw should have told me right away!

If you weren't turned on by Robert's images, his character's name had the ability to get you heated without even seeing his face.  On Loving, his character's name was Trucker McKenzie...  Something about the name Trucker was enough to get one's engine revving.  


Although I still enjoy buying and reading a great magazine, since the internet, they're just not the same.  They don't have the ability to break news like they used to and the last magazine subscription that I had was to the still missed print edition of Entertainment Weekly.  I remember Modern Screen leaving the newsstands in the mid to late 90's but I'm sure that many who grew up in the 80's and 90's have fond memories of celebrity magazine. 

Nakedartisan: All Worked Up!

Won't you please, won't you please? 
Please, won't you be my neighbor?

Because I live in the country, my neighbours aren't really that close to me.  The ones that I do see regularly, and talk with when I'm working outside, are all lovely, but not necessarily people I long to see naked.  I think we'd all love to have a hot young nudist living next door. A neighbour who likes to work outside, mow the lawn and garden naked and help you fix your whipper snipper....

Nakedartisan shares that he hasn't really had any issues with his neighbours, He's fairly confident that his patio and backyard are private enough and that he's not being seen. If he is being watched, his neighbours must really mind, at least he hasn't heard any complaints...  Although I suspect that  he wouldn't mind if he was being seen, his love of nudism isn't really about others, or what they think.  For Nakedartisan, it's is all about creatively living the life he wants for himself, and a big part of that life, is  living it naked.

'My love of being naked came from running around outdoors. Growing up, I kept to myself a lot but was never really sad or lonely. There were no shortages of loved ones. I kept to myself because I liked my company the most. I could always do what I wanted to do. No arguments over controllers, nor having to share everything. I remember one day  asking myself “What would happen if I took my clothes off”? Well, I wanted to find out, stripped down, and I  haven’t looked back since. '

I first discovered Nakedartisan on Twitter and was really drawn to his images.  A big part of that draw was the joy he exuded while working around the house and completing daily chores and tasks. All of course, sans the confines of annoyingly restrictive clothing.  Some of my favorites shots were the many self-shots Nakedartisan took working outside in the yard cooking, and cleaning his house.  I don't  think I've ever been so captivated with someone cleaning a toilet....

What prompted you to share your images on-line? 
I was motivated to start posting by others who were doing the same. They seemed as if they were having fun and I wanted to be a part of that.  So far, the response has been great.

Did you have any concerns or issues beforehand or after? 
My biggest concern is how my message is being received and if I communicated it effectively. I'm not just naked, I’m an advocate for the lifestyle. I enjoy sexual content but do not want to just be known as an object. I’m still in a developmental stage with my brand. Every day it gets a little better but not before overthinking the process.

What inspired your name 'Nakedartisan
It combines two things I enjoy; living the life I want for myself and creativity. 

You shoot a lot of images doing everyday things around the house, do you do most things nude? 
Inside my home, yes. The outdoors has to make sense. Bugs are a factor and spray all over your body is awful. Yardwork can be dangerous! 

What is the craziest thing you've done naked? 
Post myself online. It's also been the most rewarding, freeing, and empowering thing I've ever done

What is your 'dream' scenario for a shoot? 
My dream scenario for a shoot is one where everything goes right.. The cameras are working right, lighting is perfect, and everything is falling into place.

Do you shoot all the images yourself?
Not all of them but most of them. 90% of my photos are self -portraits. I took them myself with a tripod, remote, phone, etc. There are times when I'm shooting that I come across someone who might be able to help.  I explain what I do and ask if they wouldn’t mind lending a hand. So far so good!  People are pretty relaxed and motivated to help. 

Have you ever shot in a public place where you worried about people passing by? 
Yes, any place that is not designated for nudity is a place to worry. Some places are more open and traveled, while others are more closed and quiet but the threat is always there. I really enjoy what I do and do not want to ruin it for myself or others. I do not intentionally put myself in such situations to be seen or caught. I do not look for encounters. 

Do you have a favorite shot or theme that you've shot? 
Not yet, I enjoy a few things I've shot but nothing that hits a list. I like trying new things and experimenting with known techniques. There's too much out there for me to determine a favorite.

Although Nakedartisan  may not have a favorite, one of my favorites is a series of shots that he shared on his Twitter.  It involved the framing and hanging of an incredibly beautiful piece of art.  I loved seeing the progress, the framing and the finished results.  I was also incredibly impressed that the painting was created and completed by Nakedartisan himself. 

'The painting was inspired by my first trip to a nudist beach; Wizard Beach (Isla Bastimentos) in Palma, Spain. The painting is titled Playa de Arena. '