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Blast From The Past: Randy Hamilton

When I was little, I distinctly remember being from 2pm-3pm each day, my mother was busy. You didn't bug her, talk to her or ask her a question when Another World was on. For a brief time, the time went from 2pm to 4pm during the short run of Texas in the early eighties. A daytime copy of Dallas, Texas only last a few years, cancelled by NBC in 1982.

When I was home over Christmas, TV shows that we used to watch was brought up in conversation and I was reminded of my mothers love of Texas. I was too young to remember much about it, other than the opening credits, which was my cue to shut up, but I recently headed to Youtube to see what I could find.

There are a few episodes and video clips on Youtube, but I was most drawn to a few featuring actor Randy Hamilton. 'Randy Hamilton' sounds like a seventies porn name, but sadly, I don't think sexy Randy shed his clothing, except for a few soap scenes. Hamilton has a great face, with a strong jaw, that remains just as sexy thirty plus years later.

When I was looking for images of Randy, I found one speedo shot, which tells me there were probably more, but sadly households didn't have scanners at the time to save and scan images of the hot hunks of the day. Randy went on after his run on Texas to guest on TV shows such as Dynasty, The Dukes of Hazzard, Riptide and T.J Hooker.


Hamilton continued to act on film and on television through the late 90's appearing to move to doing more voice acting and stage work. Although not listed on his IMDB page, Randy's most recent appearance seems to be as part of the cast of the 2015 science fiction film, The Phoenix Incident.

Kids Are People Too

Still looking fine today!

Freakish Resuscitation: Calvin Cox by Chris Teel

'My dream scenario for a shoot would be working on something with Tim Burton, doing a shoot with Cirque Du Soleil artists or anything with gallons and gallons of blood!'

From the moment we enter the earth, we're thrown confusing and conflicting messages about conforming. We're told to 'do as we're told', and to listen to teachers, parents and our elders. We're supposed to follow the rules, follow society's norms, and color within the lines. At the same time, were're also sent messages to be our own person, to follow our own path and speak up when we're uncomfortable or see something we believe to be wrong or unjust.

Yet, depending on the circumstances, living one's truth is still often a risk. Society continues to punish those who don't conform, most frequently through exclusion, isolation and labeling. One of the labeling words often used is 'Freak', a word thrown at someone seen as different or abnormal. Many however, have taken back the word, using it as a powerful descriptor of passion and enthusiasm. To be a freak, whether it be a 'science fiction freak', an 'animal freak', or a 'freak in the sac' isn't a negative, but instead signifies a heightened and magnified devotion to a passion or love.

In a world with so much 'forced normality', 24 year old model and actor Calvin Cox would much rather be abnormal and not only embraces being a freak, has permanently, and physically, stamped himself with the label. Calvin's 'freak' tattoo runs along the top of his back and shoulders in the same areas where clothing manufacturers usually place their brand labels. Calvin has no interest in labels given to him by others and understands the only ones that matter, are the ones that we embrace to empower ourselves.

Embracing and taking control over his freakdom wasn't something that came easily for Calvin. For over a decade Calvin hid his body, not even taking his shirt off for his doctor. Calvin's metamorphosis was born of profound pain, extreme body insecurities and a suicide attempt in 2015. Calvin technically died after his attempt, but was resuscitated in the hospital. During his healing process, Calvin knew he needed something to work towards, a goal to reach and to be proud of. Instead of running from his fears, he headed straight at them, choosing modeling as a way to challenge his body insecurities with an art form where little can be hidden.

'I was extremely surprised how accepting I became of my body and how quickly my depression and suicide disappeared because of modeling.'

When photographer Chris Teel first sent on samples of his work with Calvin, even before knowing his story, I was impressed with Cavlin's ability to channel so much emotion and sensuality within his work. It was evident from Calvin's elegant poses, his soulful blue eyes, and his core. Many talented photographers can photograph 'sexy', but Chris went beyond, beautifully capturing the powerful blend of beauty and freak expressed by Calvin.

'I enjoyed working with Chris immensely, he was easy to work with, made me feel comfortable.. we had fun. Seeing the final images he created was great! Each photographer has their own unique look they capture and I was happy to have me be a part of his work!'

What part of your body are you most happy with? What part gets the most attention from others?

'My tattoos and my heart are what I’m most happy with! What gets the most attention though, it is something a little more sexual and hides tucked away in my underwear.'

I loved Calvin's response of his tattoo's and heart to my question above. One of the other questions that I often ask models is if they have any odd or strange stories from their experiences as a model. Calvin's involved a nude photo shoot from a couple of years ago. The Halloween themed shoot involved Calvin being covered in bright pink cobwebs, cobwebs that stubbornly didn't want to stay attached to Calvin's 'private areas'. Not only did the photographer have to continue reworking the webs,  Calvin was pulling cobwebs out odd areas for days!

For Calvin, all things odd and strange are not restricted to only the last week in October. Calvin's main form of income is Bizarro’s Factory Of Fear, a haunted attraction that Calvin owns. Located in Hamilton Ontario, the dark and eerie 64 acre property that the haunt is located on has a history of gangs, death, hauntings and creatures of all sizes. Calvin's warns the attraction has a dark history that will make even the bravest of humans question their visitation of the attraction... Check out the Bizarro site for events and the various attractions the Factory of Fear has to offer!

I detected more than a bit of a  'haunting' vibes when viewing this set of shots as well.  In some of the images, especially some of the shots of Calvin laying on the burgundy sofa.  The deep colors, the lighting, and the angle in which Chris shot, with the window above Calvin had me thinking a bit of Rapunzel locked away in her tower.  Calvin seems isolated and alone, looking longingly towards the window and the light and world outside.

Chris Teel on tumblr | ModelMayhem