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Favorite Pic of the Day for August 25th

Malyk by Tom Nakielski
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Love the silky throw brought into the tent.  When camping, any bit of comfort is always welcome.

FaVorites: Florian Pohl

I've always felt that dancers make the best models.  They not only know their bodies on level most of us never will, and as performers, they know how best to display it. Ballet danseurs in particular form a natural nexus between their mind and their body. They understand angles, curves, movement and motion.  

Given the highly theatrical ballets they so frequently perform, they also know how to express tension and emotion through their movement and poses.  One of the best is danseur Florian Pohl.  Florian studied with the Hamburg Ballet school going on to dance with the Hamburg Ballet company in 2009. He has been performing and a Soloist since 2019  and has also taken on the role of choreographer for several productions since 2012. 

Florian by The Schmidt Photo

As you can see in this series of images, my theory about dancers and modeling are beautifully evident in Florian's work in front of the camera.  Florian has worked with some incredible photographers, creating a impressive body of art and work. 

Next 2 images by pauliosovari

2 image below by Alex Rutz

Florian by Carmen Frieda 

Last 2 images by The Schmidt Photo

John Daniels in Black Shampoo

'Oh my God! Mr. Jonathan, it IS bigger and better!'

I love looking back at nudity in cinema, and as FH readers know, one of my favorite decades to explore is the 70's.  I love the way nudity is so casually displayed in so many softcore films from the decade. In the 80's, 90's and beyond, nudity seemed more contrived, and set up.  So often, it appeared designed to tease viewers and simply added to grab attention.  A few fleeting seconds of skin was pushed in promotion and ads and movie goers were ultimately left disappointed when viewing the film.

It's been difficult to find many scenes featuring actors of color. They were sometimes there, but not usually in the nude scenes, and not cast as the hero and lead.  Thanks to KC at DC, I was introduced to actor John Daniels, the hunky lead in 1976's Black Shampoo.

According to wiki, Black Shampoo, (later released as Sex at the Salon), is described as an American blaxploitation drama film. The movie, directed by Greydon Clark is said to be based on the film Shampoo with Daniels taking on the Warren Beatty role.  Black Shampoo must have been put together quickly as it was released just one year after the original was released in 1975.

Daniels plays Jonathan Knight, (Mr. Jonathan) the owner the most successful hair salon for women on the Sunset Strip. Mr. Jonathan is extremely popular with his clients, especially the white women who come in to have more than their hair blown out.  Things take a turn when Jonathan gets involved with his receptionist Brenda. (Tanya Boyd from Days of our Lives)  I didn't watch Miss. Boyd on Days, but she is incredibly beautiful in this film, and it's understandable why Jonathan would be so infatuated, I certainly was.

The movie transitions from a sexy romance to an action film with he needs to protect Brenda from her former boss whose connected to the mob. I personally liked the films first half over the last, preferring to watch the beautiful beefy Daniels having sex and not running around with a chainsaw in his hands.  All in all though, it's a fun film with several opportunities to enjoy Daniels wearing very little to nothing.  There is even a very quick frontal after Mr. Jonathan gets up from the couch after his night with Brenda.

As with many movies from the 70's, negative stereotypes are often on display.  Maybe the most obvious were the other two Hairstylists who work with Jonathan at the salon.  They are depicted as incredibly flamboyant, which I'm  guessing was pretty par for the course at the time.  If there was a plus side, our lead and hero Mr. Jonathan interacted respectfully with his gay employee's.  They're over the top behavior was mostly 'filler', almost like the court jesters, providing a bit of what must have been considered 'comedy' in between the romantic and action scenes. 

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Tom Nakielski: A Fervent Fifteen!


''Tom's interest in photography was sparked by Life magazine in the '50s. Fascinated by all the spectacular images, he never missed an issue.  When serving in Viet Nam he ditched his gas mask and carried his Minolta everywhere.'


FH readers know how much I love the work of photographer Tom Nakielski. (Lights On Studio)  Tom's work has been part of the site for over seven years now and his holiday imagery has become a both a tradition and a highlight for me to feature.  If you have read my last few pieces spotlighting Tom's work, you might remember he's been struggling physically, and capturing all those cocks and candy canes has been getting more difficult. 


Last month, Tom ended back in the hospital, and is currently out of commission,  recovering in rehab.  I was worried about my friend when he went radio silent at the end of last month.  We'd been discussing two possible future posts and of course I was bugging him about my idea's for the slew of Autumn holidays, no turkey's involved this time!   Thankfully, with the assist of a microphone, he was able to message me that he was alive, but unfortunately, not so well.

Tom is currently in rehab and his recovery has been steady, but very slow. He's also unsure of when, or even if, he'll be able to pick up his camera again.  Of course I tried to motivate him with a few ideas that I had, and all the hot models awaiting working with him.  I'm not sure how much that helped, but right now, my fingers are crossed that by the time December rolls around, Tom might be home and ready to shoot again.


Until then, I wanted to send him a public 'get well soon' card via FH.  Tom's work has been such an important part of the site, and I know so many of you look forward to seeing who he's going to strip down, and decorate up for the holidays.  

I looked back and chose 15 of my favorite shots that I've previously featured on the site.  I deliberately chose not to include holiday pics or else this piece would full of pumpkins, Santa hats, fireworks and flags.  This collection of images include a selection of shots that I love, some of my favorite models, and some from pieces that I especially enjoyed working on.


One of my favorite stories featuring Tom's work was the 2020 piece Draped & Disrobed.  In the piece, I bugged Tom for an interview about his early photography beginnings, and journey.   Hoping before too long, Tom will be back on his feet and shooting new work for me to bug him to share.


🎈 Get Well Soon Tom!!!! 🎈





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