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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 22nd

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Costume Remover

Image via Studio1x

FH Readers Beware....

It's that time of year again! Some readers love it, others want to put a stake through their hearts...

It's HALLOWEEN on FH & starting this week, I'm removing the costumes from a deadly hot array of phantoms, mummy's and ghouls. 🧛

If Halloween's not your thing, BOO to you! 👻  I'll see you back after the first of November.

If you love All Hallow's Eve, I promise plenty of unwrapped treats to enjoy!

Poor Judd is Dead

Nothing Ever Ends...

Although my television is on most of the time, I don't really sit and watch many shows.  It's mostly background, the news, a music channel, old sit-coms running as I work around the house.  Most of the shows I covered feverishly when they first aired (American Idol, Big Brother, American Horror Story, Greys Anatomy) I barely watch, most have long since been deleted from my DVR.

I sat down, actually watched, and thoroughly enjoyed HBO's Watchmen on Sunday Night. I also never saw the film version, nor read the book,  but I think in this case, that may be an advantage. I almost didn't  watch as I both loved and hated aspects of creator Damon Lindelof's last show The Leftovers.  Some episodes were brilliant, others.... incredibly boring.  I was also frustrated at how much of the cast were off screen for long periods of time.  My love for Regina King however won out.  Like others, I was just a kid when first introduced to Regina on 227, and like many, have followed her career since. 

The Harrad Experiment (1973)

At almost seventy, Don Johnson has lost little of his sex appeal.  I regret it took me so long to see how hot he was.  I never got his appeal until a few years ago.  I did a birthday post and after seeing some young promotional shots, got to love the actor and much of his early film work. So much so, Johnson has become a favorite to write about on the site. (HERE:)

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II

The Watchmen has an incredible cast, many of whom, (Jean Smart, James Wolk) have yet to appear.  A stand out in the first episode was the ultra hot Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.  Yahya plays Angela (King's) husband in the series and gives us a brief flash of butt in the pilot.  I first noticed Yahya in an episode of The Black Mirror and am glad to be seeing more of him in a regular role.

The reviews I checked out today focus a lot on the shows themes, and how relevant they are.  Although true, I found myself getting into the show not so much due to story, but due to the characters, and relationships between them.  There is history is a mystery I look forward to watching play out in future episodes.

Horror Hunks: Sean Chapman in Hellraiser

'He'll tear your soul apart.'

I wasn't really familiar with the Hellraiser series until heading out on the hunt for this years crop of Horror Hunks. I had seen, and checked out a scene featuring actor Keven Bernhardt from Hellraiser III, but the sex scene offered little to no actual nudity.  A little digging though had me uncover a quick or you'll miss it frontal from the original 1987 film that launched the franchise.

'The film involves the resurrection of Frank (Sean Chapman), who had opened the door to an alternate dimension and had his body torn to pieces by creatures known as Cenobites. Years later, Frank's brother Larry (Andrew Robinson) moves into their late mother's abandoned house with new wife Julia (Clare Higgins). An accident causes some of Larry's blood to spill on the attic floor, which triggers Frank's resurrection.'

English actor Sean Chapman has starred on film and on television in both the UK and the US since the late 1970's. Some of his roles include stints on Emmerdale, Peak Practice, French & Saunders, Midsomer Murders and Casualty. Chapman's also appeared on stage include: Hamlet (Royal Exchange), Pride and Prejudice (Leicester Haymarket) in the 1980's and leading roles at the National Theatre productions of Angels in America (1992), Rutherford and Son (1995), Fair Ladies at a Game of Poem Cards (1999).

His frontal flash in Hellraiser occurs near the beginning of the film, and without the help of a pause button, would be easily missed. If you check out the clip below beware... There's no death or gore in the scene, but there is little blood when a hand hits a nail. It has me wince every time.

Instagrams That Inspire: Angelspins

'Most of those photos showcase my flexibility both physically and mentally. I’m ready for whatever the photographer throws my way and add my twist to it. Some are just photos at the beach taken by my partner because he knows I like to be artsy.'

One of the first things I do when featuring a model is head to their Instagram.  I like to get a feel for the model that I profiling before beginning.  A model's Instagram can give a glimpse into they are and often help me come up with questions to shoot back.  Although many models included professionally shot images, the images that give away the most are usually the ones taken by friends or the model themselves.

I first profiled San Francisco based model and dancer Angelspins last summer, (Capturing Angels) featuring his work with NICKET.  NICKET is one of my favorite photographers to feature, and loved his shots of Angel. Before beginning the piece, I headed to Angel's Instagram to help me put together the questions for the interview.  I spent far too much time scrolling through, and enjoying Angel's posts. 

Angel's Instagram had a mix professionally shot photos, as well as many selfies and images shot by his partner and friends.  Angel's images also solidified that Angel perfectly fits both his images and his personality.  I imagine Angels as quiet, but quick.  Flying through the sky with and a beautify and elegant ease that shines for the few fortunate it enough to see, and capture them.

Some of my favorite shots were from Mike Tossy and StudioMGPhotography, both sets, I was fortunate to be able to feature this past summer. (HERE:)  With Mike, Angel danced through the water, with StudioMG, he flew through the air. 

Marshall's Beach

'F*ck Sweater Weather! Let’s bring back Naked Weather!'

Next 3 Shots from August Images

There were so many other shots I loved, I had to focus a specific post on some of my favorites.  Angel's energy is definitely contagious!  Angel has an incredible body, athletic and flexible, but he shares that modeling has actually helped him get comfortable in his own skin.  This beautiful flows through in front of the camera.

It's always nice when models share images of their friends, especially when they also drop trou for a shot!