Sunday, March 5, 2017

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 5th

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Door Jamb

Men: May 1999

It's been over a month since I posted on The Over-Flow and I thought it was time to remedy that. When I was going through some old files with 'blog idea's in them, I knew I found just the right model for the Over-Flow. Some of you might might remember Men Magazine, a magazine that although I don't really remember, have learned about thanks to the net. 1999 May cover boy Nick Russell had me inspired to seek out more of his images to share.

Jack Sexsmith: Signature Move

I am certainly not an expert on wresting, especially it's history, but sometimes an image can inspire a little history lesson. The image in this case, was an image of British wrestler Jack Sexsmith, and the history professor... DC poster Davidid. Before we get to Jack, let's go back just a bit. Some of you who follow wrestling know of Rikishi, the Samoan American wrestler who became famous for some of his signature moves throughout wresting rings in the 1990's.

One of Rikishi's most famous moves was called...wait for it, the stinkface. To complete the move, Rikishi wave his ginormous gluteus maximus in the face of his opponent. Since most wrestlers wouldn't sit there quietly awaiting the stinkface, Rikishi waited until they were down and dizzy and, like The Rock in the video below, unable to resist the rump.

That brings us back to the self described sexually frivolous and morally ambiguous, Jack Sexsmith. The gender neutral and plural wrestler has put his own spin on Rikishi's signature move, doing the ass waving with his wresting gear pulled down, and butt bare.

Thankfully for his opponents, Rikishi never tried this method, but Jack manages to pull it off beautifully. First off Jack's ass is perfectly shaped for face waving, and unlike his predecessor's opponents, I am guessing some of Sexsmith ring rivals might might just go down on purpose and await the up close and personal coming their way.

Rope Ballet: Bond by New Manhattan Studios

'Bond does not disappoint his fans as he turns up the heat in a series of casual, lifestyle essays to complement the more formal art nude studies. As he matures as a model, the confidence and command that he brings to his work is palpable. This is Bond as you've never seen him: bold, wet and steamy.'

At the end of January, I did a piece about Bond: Private Portfolio 2, New Manhattan Studio's new uncensored look at one of their, and FH's, favorite subjects, Bond! At the time of that posting however, only the hard cover edition was available for purchase. As of the week however, you can also get your hands on the soft cover, and low priced digital download editions. Although not technically 'hard' covers, the soft cover, and digital editions have their own unique hardening appeal.

The Private Portfolio series features the uncensored work of New Manhattan Studios. This book has 62 pages of art nude and physique art studies taken in both New York and California during our second year of working with the man who has turned out to be the studio's most popular model. Most of the images (the work of three staff photographers, Alex Corso, Wm Weyeneth and Wes Triplett) have never been published. Together, they represent a definitive collection of the best of our most recent work with Bond. Captured over the course of six months, the collection is a fitting sequel to his first private portfolio, featuring our work during the first year of his modeling career.

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