Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 26th

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Happy Birthday today December 26th

Happy 31st to actor Kit Harington!

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Instagrams That Inspire

'Anything your heart desires will come to you!'

I know some FH readers but be a bit tired of my multitude of merriment themed holiday posts, but bear with me. For me Christmas is more than just one day, it has to be, that one day hasn't always been that great. The holiday for me is the lead up, the anticipation, and the enjoyment and reflection in the days after.

My  parade of sexy Santa;s is coming though coming (slowly) to it's yearly end, but not without reflecting and thanking all those who helped spread visual, and virtual Christmas cheer to FH viewers. And... for those tired of my Kris Kringle's, enjoy them. This is FH, and if the site is still around at Easter, herds of bunnies will be on their way...

There is not time of year, not perfect for spending some time with Rick n Griff, and their Instagram, Adventure Time w Rick n Griff. Christmas however, is especially special. Even though the temperatures are colder, Rick and Griff still manage to find plenty of opportunities to peel off their onesies and find creative ways to shoot unique and sexy holiday images showing off two of their most amazing assets.

Rick n Griff's tag line on their page is a visual salute to the misadventures and comedic stylings of two newlywed (and often nude) nerds from Atlanta. Although they each have individual Instagram pages, (both also work a look) their page together is my favorite and I am a huge lover of the many ways they find to create such great imagery. I have yet to press 'join' but every image has be wanting to explore that OnlyFans link they have at the top of their page. Maybe a late Christmas gift to myself?

'Lit AF...just don’t ask where we stuck the battery packs....'

Rick n Griff on Instagram

12 Days: Jesse Hutch in Snowmance

First 3 images by Yinger Wong

I first noticed the high hotness factor of actor Jesse Hutch when we appeared in a few episodes of Smallville back in the early 90's. I really noticed however, in his one episode appearance as Peter in Red-Handed, an episode of Once Upon A Time in 2012. The episode was significant, as I had never watched Once Upon A Time, and although I enjoyed the episode, did not continue to watch after.

I think I watched after seeing Jesse in a promo commercial for the episode. There something about that face, that had me DVR and watch. I quickly found out, others shared my fascination with the Alberta born actor. I did a small piece on FH about Jesse after watching, (Red-Handed) which blew up the sites hits that week. When I saw Jesse credited in the new holiday film Snowmance, I knew Jesse was once again going to spend some time on my DVR.

Now I don't think it's a spoiler to say that Jesse doesn't play the guy the girl ends up with in Snowmance, in fact he doesn't actually play a guy at all. His charater Cole is more the winter inspired and snow built impetus that brings the main couple together. The guy who ends up with the girl is Nick, played by the talented and adorable actor Adam Hurtig.

Now I'm a little embarrassed to say, that I initially stereotyped 'Nick' as the 'gay best friend', but then remembered that TV Christmas movies don't have many 'gay best friends'. It was sort of a nice twist that Nick ended up being the guy and that Jesse was just a hunk of snow eye candy to enjoy and help take us along for the sleigh ride.

Cole & Nick

Playing a snowman means that Cole needs it to always be cold. cold, so.... thankfully when the fire heats up, his shirt has to come off.

BoXed In: Danny by Photography By Hugh

'The original intention of Boxing Day was to 'box' up the excess of the abundance of the holidays, and give it to the poor.'
B. Leekley

Like most traditions, Boxing Day lore tells us that 'reflection' and 'giving' were at the core of the day's beginnings. Thought to have started in the UK, where instead of using the words 'Christmas present', the term 'Christmas-box' was used. Traditionally, servants worked on the 25th, serving the goose and plum pudding to the rich, over stuffed families they worked for. On the 26th though, help were given 'Christmas-boxes' by their employers, and given time off to visit with their own families.

The day became one to rest, relax and reflect upon the festivities of the previous day, and the previous year. A time to appreciate the wealth and advantages they had, and give back to others not as lucky or blessed. In many parts of the world, this is still the tradition. In many countries in the UK, in Canada and Australia, boxing day is still a day of rest, a long standing statutory holiday making Christmas longer, and providing an extra 24 hours for people, and the world, to relax and enjoy the holiday.

Of course times, and traditions have changed. Although the 26th remains a holiday, some countries who celebrate have succumbed to pressure to open malls and stores. Although many countries and provinces continue to delay Boxing Day sales until the 27th, every year there is a debate whether stores should be allowed to open or not. In the States, we know commercialism has already triumphed. Holidays seem to be getting shorter and shorter with even the one day Thanksgiving holiday, being shortened to just a few hours so stores can open.

I guess it's inevitable the world will eventually follow suit, but is sad to me that rest and relaxation is now something that has to be fought for and forced upon us. It says so much about how the addiction of constant stimulation has risen over the last few decades. I am old enough enough to remember when towns and cities stood beautifully, and a little eerily still. Nothing was opened but one gas station and restaurant, and if you didn't get the bank or the liquor store you were shit out of luck.

We all need this time, especially with how crazy the world has become. No one knows this better than Santa, who works most of the year, increasing his energy and stamina throughout December until exploding into the sky for a climatic ride on Christmas Eve. Santa wisely knows that after exerting that much energy, that after shooting across the planet sharing a explosive burst of his Christmas spirit, the only thing to do after, is take a well deserved collapse.

When I received these shots of Santa Danny from Photography by Hugh, there was the feel, and radiant look of a Santa in afterglow. A Santa  who is taking a well deserved siesta after expending every bit of energy while spreading his spirit. Many of you remember by last piece featuring Hugh's work with the delectable Danny. (Hide & Hair)  As I was putting together this series of shots, I was again reminded how of how much Danny resembles today's birthday boy, especially with his beautiful long and curly locks.

Somehow, the Santa hat has Danny looking even more delectable.  It helps bring out the warmth and twinkle in the Florida models beautiful brown eyes. I hope, like Danny in this series of images, you get some time to chill and take it easy before life rudely starts up again. I know not everyone will get the present or 'box' of time, but take the moments when you can.