Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 11th

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Happy Birthday today December 11th

Happy 47th to model and actor Rusty Joiner!

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DJ Davids' No Pants Ride

'Work hard, play hard and wear purple!'

Ok, maybe they're light blue, but when I was closely inspecting, DJ Davids subway undies bulged and creased a beautiful light purple. Some of you may have seen these shots before, as DJ took this pant free subway ride a few years ago, but I just saw it last week.   It was a freezing cold winter day when DJ boarded the Times Square subway, I'm just glad he remembered to put on his winter coat!

12 Days: Ryan Paevey in Christmas at the Plaza

'With Christmas approaching in New York City, Jessica, an archival historian enmeshed in a declining romantic relationship, is hired to create an exhibition honoring the history of Christmas at The Plaza Hotel. There, she meets Nick, a handsome decorator who’s been commissioned to deck out the iconic landmark.'

I know, I featured actor Ryan Paevey in a 12 Days post before, (HERE:) but... he's only one of a handful of Hallmark Hunks, that actually has me sit down and pay attention when he's on the  screen.  Paevey is so naturally sexy, regardless of what he's doing, or wearing.  Although fully dressed (sigh) for the entire film, whether in his work clothes, or his cheesy Christmas sweater, Paevey's sex appeal remains intense.

I also sort of liked the story in this flick, especially the elements featuring the history of Christmas at the Plaza hotel.  Since I featured Paevey before, I thought this was a good opportunity for a few gratuitous shirtless shots from his time on General Hospital.  I also thought it was a great time to choose my FaVorite Paevey pics.  It was a difficult task, but you can see my choices on PAGE 2 HERE:

General Hospital

A Transformative Process: GW by msbimages

'It was exciting and challenging of course, getting completely naked in front of someone I had just met for them to take my photos seemed a bit “Titanic” to me'

As a story teller, I'm curious about more than just facts.  When I interview models and artists, I love to know how they felt before, during and after their shoot.  I'm particularly fascinated if it's a nude shoot, especially if it's one of their firsts.  Because 'firsts' are just that, new experiences, the feelings can't always be predicted.  Many models describe being relaxed until that last second before their clothes come off.  Others share that they tons of nerves, until that moment when the camera starts clicking.

I frequently ask models how they felt,  but I'm not sure any model has used a word quite as descriptive, not to mention relatable, as the one chosen by GW. Beyond being the name of the ill fated passenger liner, titanic is also an adjective, used to describe something enormous, gigantic, colossal.   Despite the many challenges doing a nude shoot, GW  was guided by a great captain, an artist who was both professional, and relaxed.  Michal Boothe's direction, and easy going demeanor eased GW's nerves, and avoided any unexpected protrusions along the journey.

Modeling, especially nude modeling, isn't something one can necessarily prepare for.  Working with msbimages can be an especially daunting experience. Michal's minimalist approach at capturing private, intimate moments, doesn't provide his subjects with fashion, props or any crutch to use as support.  It's them in quiet isolation with their black or white background.  This would be challenging for any model, but especially true for someone who never expected they'd be standing naked in front a camera.  GW never thought of being a model, in fact it was something he wasn't really interested in, at least not initially... 

GW grew up having many around him telling him he looked like a model and suggesting that he give it a try.  After all those years of hearing he should model, GW finally gave in and decided to give it a shot.  He wasn't expecting much, and decided to view it as a challenge, as something new to try and something to have a little fun with.  Even with a few shoots now under his belt, GW says that he still feels like it's a fun and exciting new adventure, and he hopes that never changes.

Although photographer Michal Boothe finds many of the models he shoots on Model Mayhem, he discovered GW on a local life drawing site.  Although Michal sensed some initial nerves, the shoot was a great success, so much so, that Michal encouraged GW create a profile on Model Mayhem and explore the possibilities.  GW embraced the idea, and since then has been shot by several other photographers.

'I was, of course, immediately drawn to those amazing blue eyes when I first contacted him. I had only seen his face on the other site so was also pleased that he had a naturally great body that only made the blue eyes better. And I also hope to shoot with him again after the craziness of the holidays are over.'

GW's shoot with Michal was his second shoot, it was his first time shooting professionally.  GW's shares that his goal was to get a foot in the industry, and get some genuine experience working with someone who knew what they were doing. GW could tell from his portfolio that he had both a good eye and a specific look that he was aiming for.  Although GW tarted out doing nude art modeling, shooting totally nude was a different and challenging experience.

'I felt up for the challenge and had a desire to expand my understanding and acceptance of a world I knew very little about.  Working with Michal was an absolute pleasure and much easier to grow from than I originally anticipated. He was very welcoming, offered water and had me fill out a model release.  We worked for the next three hours going through a series of poses from multiple angles working with different lighting and backgrounds. He was trying to capture similar poses in different lighting and backgrounds, for comparison I can only conclude.'

'He was a perfect gentleman, quiet, reserved and sure of what his goals were for the shoot. He was an excellent teacher and guided me through what was my first shoot ever.  I felt very sexy and free during the process, and remember thinking, “this is not something I would have done this time last year” and wondering what had changed inside me to allow myself to do something of this nature. Since I started modeling, I’ve become more confident and work harder at my own personal goals than I ever have.'