Friday, March 19, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 19th

Stunning shot of a favorite model of mine Tommy Cupples. See my previous post on Tommy HERE:

The Blind Side

I love me some Jesse James and I try not to judge...
But... on the heels of the past few weeks when the truly wonderful Sandra Bullock was on stage after stage, and in interview after interview. And each of these times, she spoke of her love for this man and how her marriage changed her life, this story, and the timing of it, are truly quite sad.

We don't know the details, possibly there is more to the story. People make mistakes, many of them.

But to Jesse, Tiger anyone else who does not feel they can live a life of monogamy I understand. Just stop marrying. Most marriages require you to take a vow. If the vow does not fit for you, skip the ceremony. Monogamy is not for everyone. To me personally, especially with gay marriage still not legal...when you chose to marry, monogamy should be. Otherwise simply stay single.

Kudos to Ugly Betty

Kudos to the writers and producers of Ugly Betty for giving us one of prime times first gay teen romances with a beautifully written and beautifully acted first kiss from Mark and Austin (Mark Indelicato and Ryan McGinnis). Other tv shows did have gay kisses (Dawson's Creek for one) but in Ugly Betty's case the scene was shot more directly with actors actually in their teens.

More of Ace Young in Hair

Thanks to The New York post we get to see 'a little more' of Ace Young's performance in Hair.