Monday, April 26, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 27th

Domiano by CoverUp
(See more about CoverUp below).

Brandon Ruckdashel Update:

Above: Brandon by Tom Zuback.

One of my favorite actors, and favorite people Brandon Ruckdashel continues to be as busy as ever. Besides acting and singing, Brandon continues to focus on his passion for photography. You can check out Brandon's photography site HERE:

Brandon also just announced that season 4 of 'Coed Confidential' will be back for it's season premier on June 4th. Brandon is also getting ready for an upcoming project called 'Exposure' which I will update you on more as news comes out.

Brandon also has a starring role in screenwriter and director Rel Dowdell's new film 'Changing The Game'.

“When the game changes, so does everything you thought you had seen!”
“Changing The Game,” based on the screenplay by award-winning director Rel Dowdell, is the gripping story of two childhood friends from a gritty North Philadelphia neighborhood who choose divergent life paths but find themselves facing the same risks and, quite possibly, the same ending.

'Changing The Game' is set for release this fall. You can join the movies page on Facebook HERE: to find out more.

Jack Mackenroth by CoverUp

Readers of FH know that Jack Mackenroth, best known to some for his time on Project Runway is one of my favorite men and I have posted about Jack several times in the past. I want to call myself a fan, but at the same time the word 'fan' almost diminishes the immense respect and admiration I have for Jack. Jack's work and activism on behalf of HIV is not just speeches and fundraising. Jack lives a life so full, that it is an inspiration in itself, and far more powerful a statement than any speech that could be made.

In fact, when I contacted Jack about this post he was just about to jump on a plane to Florida for swim training camp, but in between everything he was doing still took the time to help me with everything I needed.

I first saw this series of shots by photographer CoverUp on Jack's facebook fan page. I encourage you all to go there now and 'like' Jack is looking to get 10,000 by his birthday this week and I know the FH readers can help him out. You can find his fb page HERE:

Jack says about his work with CoverUp:

I liked doing this shoot because it was more artistic and moody that my usual shoots. It was about capturing a moment or a subtle emotion. I was unshaven and my hair was messy so the images have a grittier more natural feel. Usually everything is uberslick and photoshopped which I also like but this had a different vibe. His direction was minimal but definitive and he really wanted to experiment with light and shadow.

It was exactly the natural feel to these shots that drew me to them. As a model Jack has a huge portfolio of great shots, but there was something special about this shoot that drew me in. Although obviously shot with intent, there was still something almost voyeuristic about them, almost as if you were capturing Jack in a quiet moment not meant for the camera.

Much of New York Photographer CoverUp's work has that feel. You can check out more of his work at his Flickr page HERE: His Expressions series is especially emotion filled.

As for other news in Jack's professional life, he just finished another shoot and I has 3 more planned next month. Jack is currently training for the US Swimming Masters Nationals in Atlanta and the Gay Games in Cologne this summer.

Jack filmed a pilot for a fashion game show called "Who Wore it Best" on the Oxygen network and still awaiting word of a pick-up. Jack is also producing a reality show about New York drag queens and is still designing since his appearance on Project Runway.

Jack continues to travel around the country and speak about fighting the stigma of HIV. For more information please visit Jack's official Site HERE: and follow him on Twitter HERE:

Male Model Of The Day: Fred Laatsch

Fred Laatsch got a lot of attention recently for his work with photographer Giampaolo Sgura for Her?cu?les Magazine. Fred who recently signed with Major is also represented by 40 Graus Models in Brazil. Fred is on the rise with his smokin body, beautiful face and of course that amazing head of hair. Certainly one to watch!

Fred Laatsch

Height: 182cm
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Light Brown
Chest: 93cm
Suit: 48Mcm

Below: Fred in Drops Magazine:
'Behind Blue Eyes'
Photographer: Lucio Luna

Below: Fred in Her?cu?les Magazine.
Photographer: Giam?pa?olo Sgura
Sty?list: David Vivir?dio

Below: Fred and other model from 40 graus in an editorial last year for Wish. See more HERE:

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 26th

My favorite shot of Leonardo Corredor by David Vance.
See more of their work together below.
Enjoy the start of your week all!!!

Happy Birthday today April 26th to:

Last year on April 26th I did long posts on each of the follow favorite guys blowing out candles today. Please click on their names to last years posts full of my favorite shots of Jake Wall, Channing Tatum, Damien Van Zyl and Tom Welling.

Jake Wall turns 27 today.

Channing Tatum turns 30 today.

Damien Van Zyl turns 32 today.

Tom Welling turns 33 today.

Have to add a special Happy Birthday to Carol Burnett who turns 77 today. I have seen so many old clips of The Carol Burnett Show and scenes on Youtube. I so hope one day this show gets a DVD Release. Happy Birthday Carol!

Favorite Clicks Of The Week:

A few clicks that had me pause and enjoy the past week:

I love model Richard Lima who I profiled on the blog last March. You can check out that post HERE: Major Models blog has some great new shots by photographer Tarrice Love whose work I have also showcased in the past. Check out Love's amazing blog with great behind the scene info about his shoots, HERE:

I love me some Nick Ayler, so hot. Nick has been crazy busy with work the past month or so and the results of some of his shoots are beginning to pop up. This series by FH Favorite Hans Fahrmeyer were showcased last week on OH LA LA. Great work! Check out my previous posts on Nick HERE:

And Last but certainly not least...
Casperfan, who introduced me to, and continues to fan the flames of my love for actor Elliott Tittensor from Shameless has a new clip up on his site. Elliott's scene from the movie 'Protect Me From What I Want'. If your not a fan of Elliott yet, go check out the caps and download the clips and you might just be.